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  1. I think Taylor Hall is playing like Taylor Hall this season. Some great plays, some awful turnovers, and a point per game pace as a bonafide top-10 winger in the NHL. its frustrating that we’re losing and it’s frustrating that he’s blaming the fvcking fans for some of those losses, but I have no complaints about his on-ice effort this season. He’s hit like 5 crossbars, too.
  2. It wasn’t, you are mistaken. Sami was falling while Chiasson was already turning around bracing for contact. If Sami doesn’t fall, he gets shouldered in the chest.
  3. Unless the “++” stands for “nico Hischier” the blues laugh until they vomit on the other end of the phone hall is now a rental boys. First and a prospect is about the best we’ll do.
  4. Truly don’t think maroon would come here. He cares about winning, and we don’t.
  5. Yes this game is literally the only reason we want Hynes fired. You have cracked the case my good friend, you have proven to the website that you are way smarter than us crazy reactionary people and we all silently hope and pray for your approval.
  6. Remember when we had a 4-0 lead in the first game lmaoooooo
  7. I think we might be fvcked regardless my mans
  8. Game 82 well take 50 timeouts in a row in a 4-3 loss
  9. Anyone have an uno reverse card handy? Think we can still get Hovart for Schneider.
  10. “The devils need to give PK Subban some run support here” - a supposedly sober Ken Daneyko. He’s insufferable
  11. Thought process of a devils power play forward, an interpretative description by MB3: ”they are close to me. Time for a 360 behind the back pass. Oh no, it has been intercepted.” ~fin~
  12. Gusev has been especially strong today.
  13. 11 x 2 = anywhere between 44 and 46 depending on the day.
  14. Yeah I am shocked they haven’t scored a goal in the whole (checks notes) three minutes they’ve played so far. Literally on the edge of my seat how you figure 11 shots through 1.5 periods is a 44 shot pace. Because you very much cannot “make that sh!t up”
  15. I can’t be the only one who think Gusev looks really good out there? No, but you missed Daneyko calling Gretzky “one of the greats”
  16. Oh — I don’t mind the signing. He was injured and we were banking on him returning back to his healthy ways. It’s just that now we see how absolutely brutal he is and his contract shouldn’t make him a stranger to the press box.
  17. I flat out cannot fvcking stand Wayne Simmonds game. Seems like a good guy but holy fvck go away.
  18. It’s no longer a man advantage when Wayne Simmonds is on the ice. its just even strength Nurse two handed slash of wood. Nasty play
  19. Ken Daneyko: “there’s Wayne Gretzky, one of the great ones”.... ....
  20. For the record, there isn’t a single major-market hockey team in the universe who would be called for the first penalty of the game a few minutes after the officiating literally stole a goal. none.
  21. Haha. I can’t stand the Edmonton announcers so I am not. The way other teams rag doll our players after every whistle, I’d like to see Wood take a penalty or two trying to break a wrist
  22. He was turning and vats caught an edge. He was already falling by the time the accidental contact was made. Except that’s a different rule. Accidental high sticks are supposed to be called. It’s not the Oiler’s fault vatanen caught an edge and tried to eat his elbow for a quick dinner.
  23. I rewatched it. Elbow, yeah. Not intentional at all though
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