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  1. “If you include the shootout” lmao dude any point you’re trying to make disappeared quickly when you want to include shootout fvcking goals in a player comparison. this is coming from the guy that’s been pimping Boqvist’s tires since halfway through season.
  2. It's more complicated than you're making it. For starters: Palmieri, Coleman, Gusev, Simmonds, Vatanen will all be unrestricted Free Agents between now and then. If some of them re-sign that changes things, but I doubt very much the Devils will be in the business of protecting 33-year-old Wayne Simmonds at any draft ever. Second; Cory Schnieder must be protected unless he retires / is LTIRed between now and then. That puts us into the precarious situation of Blackwood being wide open to getting poached. I'm assuming the Devils will need to make some sort of trade to protect him --
  3. Zajac will be a UFA after next season, when the expansion draft is.
  4. ....I think they’re pretty sweet haha
  5. So hockey wise they’ve both gotten 12 points since the trade. Wouldn’t consider that to be “Taylor hall having fun!!!!!!!!!l
  6. Haven’t the devils had a better record than Phoenix since Hall was traded?
  7. Don’t care what happened, hope Sami Varanen steps on a fvcking LEGO tonight. 3-1 you have to at least GET A PUCK IN THE VICINITY OF THE GODDAMNED NET
  8. vatanen With a 3 on 1 and can’t even get a pass or shot off. The fvcking fvck are you doing you fvck stick
  9. We trailed for like 53% of the game and had a lead with 5 minutes to go, not like we were down the whole time.
  10. Only this forum can blame severson for that third goal. Turnover by two other devils lead to it.
  11. Andy Greene is so goddamned terrible at hockey.
  12. So many players on this team get worse entering their prime seasons, like Severson, and I refuse to put that on anyone but the coaches.
  13. Street-Rooney-Hayden ah, yes, the "who the fvck is that guy?" part of the season.
  14. Wearing the white retros? Here comes a slaughter.
  15. I don’t think Jack had that much crazy hype. Barely any preseason lists had him on Calder watch. He was always the guy that was gonna “take longer” than Kakko to get going. Kakko was supposed to step in and pot 40 goals, though. So — lol.
  16. If you believe the NHL that the lotto balls aren’t rigged — and I do — the fact that we’ve won 2 lottery’s in the past three years has no bearing on this season. i still stand by “I want to see this team put some dubs on the board and feel good about themselves.”
  17. Last year I was in the “we desperately need to lose and get better picks” Camp. this year in firmly in the “the core we have right now needs to feel what it’s like to not be a doormat for the first time in their NHL career.” I’ll be happy with a ~10th overall pick if it means a second half resurgence and momentum heading into next season.
  18. For the Devils to make the playoffs, realistically they’d need to go 30-13 or a combination of that (28-9-4, etc). That would mean playing the rest of the season at a 114-point pace. its just not happening. But it’s a real blast watching good hockey again.
  19. No. But this is turning into a Watchable hockey team. Which says a lot.
  20. Instead of shooting the puck, Komarov took that 2-1 and looked for another opportunity to throw a late cross check.
  21. The fact that nico got cross checked like that after the play with no retaliation makes me want Bahl here now. Make a fvcker BLEED.
  22. A few years ago the Devils posted a photo of myself and my wife -- I dressed up as a Devils player and she was the Stanley Cup for Halloween. I held her up in the air. Someone commented "this is unoriginal as this is what players do when they win the stanley cup" ok
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