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  1. Second goal of the season the devils have gotten wiped out because of a SHOCKINGLY quick whistle. absolute fvcking nonsense
  2. Coleman had a dumb penalty. Hall’s stick rode up a Flames stick. It’s bad luck and it happens.
  3. Taylor hall has one bad turnover after a great first period and unreal primary assist. yall need to re-evaluate what “complete sh!t” looks like.
  4. Yea. The initial contact was Coleman fvcking checking someone without the puck. It was a stupid penalty and if Pavel Zacha made that play he sits on the bench for the entire third period. lol, wut
  5. That’s just not what happened.
  6. Well that’ll make my night easier.
  7. Blake not happy with it? Then don’t check the fvcking guy without the puck you fvcking moron. Yes
  8. Players who had a good second period: Jesper Boqvist, Jack Hughes everyone else go fvck yourself
  9. hayden has always been a fvcking scrub of a hockey player but he looks especially beer-league-ish tonight. He’s good at fvcking nothing lol
  10. Greene’s been fine this season but that’s the worst own goal I think I’ve ever seen in my life. i fvcking hate this team defense
  11. So Brian Little suffered a brain-bleed stemming from that horrific slap-shot to the noggin. According to google that has a 44% mortality rate.... at the very least it's a possible career-ender. Say a prayer for him tonight ladies and gents.
  12. Harrold definitely wasn’t on our top PP unit but he did dress for most of the SCF that year.
  13. It’s 2019, your aunt can have balls. while we’re on the topic of balls, who’s the worst Devils forward you’ve ever seen? I can’t decide between Zach Parise and Ilya Kovalchuk.
  14. By the way I googled kidney stones and I am now drinking enough water to drown a smal child so thanks guys
  15. Damn you had to cut out soda, sugary drinks AND soda again?!
  16. Taylor Hall played like a man who really fvcking wants to win, tonight. And nico is just... nico is a fvcking stud.
  17. I am happy. I said it was mostly tongue in cheek ya weirdo. You seem like you mind quite a bit.
  18. I’m saying it mostly tongue-in-cheek. mostly
  19. By the way @SterioDesign, you ever considered moving to Winnipeg? They booed Subban every single time he touched the puck in an apparent “wink wink nudge nudge this has nothing to do with his race”, that seems like your peoples.
  20. Quoting this so that it is recorded that I watched CR lob the ball up to mfitz
  21. Been telling you ladyboys that Boqvist is that dude since the summer. Guy is going to be a fvcking PLAYER for us
  22. Me, before the game: “ugh I don’t even know if I can force myself to care about this team” me, after Boqvist’s shootout goal: “YES fvck YES LETS fvckING GO NOW WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”
  23. Nico hasn’t been out for a shift in a while. Not good
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