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  2. Immediately cringed when that happened.
  3. So how is the ice in Winnipeg this bad? Hockey is quite literally the only thing to do in that frozen hellhole.
  4. Winnipeg is hitting everything that moves. make someone bleed, devils.
  5. Ok. Gonna give you guys a scenario. A genie can promise you that the Devils win 5-4 in overtime, but it comes with the caveat that the Devils blew a 4-0 third period lead. Do you say yes or no?
  6. ok google how do i delete someone elses post
  7. I know you! There are just so many people who have VERY similar names; "NJDevils-random number sequence" that it's hard to keep track.
  8. Mike Brown offers up contradictory bullet-points, mfitz interrupts him to make a weiner joke, SD tells him that he isn't racist he just thinks PK should use a different water fountain, Neb00rs flies in out of nowhere screaming that Gusev is terrible at defense, MB3 starts yelling at SD, RWTD asks MB3 why he's being an idiot and chirping SD, Nicomo starts giving actual constructive criticism but is quickly interrupted by a well-timed meme from mfitz which elicits a Ray Liotta laugh meme from Mad Dog. CR asks Nicomo to continue his actual constructive criticism but that's again quickly shut down when Daniel shows up and tells Jesper it all doesn't matter, the ownership doesn't care about winning anyway. Jesper's response:
  9. MB3

    Steve Cs micro stats

    Laughlin on the radio is worse than a local high school football play by play guy who works at a car dealership.
  10. “I thought I heard.. I thought I was getting booed in the second period there” Hall said.
  11. Are you surprised that there’s less to talk about in a 5-3 win than there is to talk about in the fourth 2+ goal lead home game blown already this season?
  12. Was my post about nico’s goal really that vulgar that it needed to be deleted?
  13. You’ve got no idea how much my tune would change if he put pen to paper soon.
  14. Ok that meme is legendary. Did you think that one up yourself?
  15. MB3

    Steve Cs micro stats

    Everyone trust him, he’s a CPA he would know.
  16. Big brain time: can’t blow a home lead if you’re losing the whole time on the road. *taps forehead*
  17. I mean... that team finished 3 games over .500 and needed the single greatest season in team history just to win a whole playoff game. if that’s our definition of a “winning” team we’re worse off than I thought.
  18. Of all the things that disappoint me about this season, none of them come close to the slow, ever-evolving realization that my favorite hockey player is a mental midget.
  19. Yuck. Advanced statistics are perfectly fine way of aiding your analysis about a player but the second you view “expected goals for” as a statistic more important than “goals” you’re letting them tell too much of the story.
  20. On a terrible, non competitive team isn’t it worthwhile to get Gusev enough shifts to get comfortable with this brand now smaller sheet of ice than he’s played the sport for his entire career? John Hayden isn’t a part of this team’s future. Gusev and Boqvist might be. If we’re going to give up 5 goals a game shouldn’t we hope to reasonably score that many?
  21. Jesus fvcking Christ I hope you don’t go out in public without a chaperone.
  22. ya know the more I think about it the less I think an NJDevs meetup would be fun.
  23. MB3

    Devils = NY Jets

    I wasn't quoting you! Haha. It seemed like you did think so. But, if you don't, you can disregard my message. There are without a doubt people who do feel that way.
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