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  1. Street-Rooney-Hayden ah, yes, the "who the fvck is that guy?" part of the season.
  2. Wearing the white retros? Here comes a slaughter.
  3. I don’t think Jack had that much crazy hype. Barely any preseason lists had him on Calder watch. He was always the guy that was gonna “take longer” than Kakko to get going. Kakko was supposed to step in and pot 40 goals, though. So — lol.
  4. If you believe the NHL that the lotto balls aren’t rigged — and I do — the fact that we’ve won 2 lottery’s in the past three years has no bearing on this season. i still stand by “I want to see this team put some dubs on the board and feel good about themselves.”
  5. Last year I was in the “we desperately need to lose and get better picks” Camp. this year in firmly in the “the core we have right now needs to feel what it’s like to not be a doormat for the first time in their NHL career.” I’ll be happy with a ~10th overall pick if it means a second half resurgence and momentum heading into next season.
  6. For the Devils to make the playoffs, realistically they’d need to go 30-13 or a combination of that (28-9-4, etc). That would mean playing the rest of the season at a 114-point pace. its just not happening. But it’s a real blast watching good hockey again.
  7. No. But this is turning into a Watchable hockey team. Which says a lot.
  8. Instead of shooting the puck, Komarov took that 2-1 and looked for another opportunity to throw a late cross check.
  9. The fact that nico got cross checked like that after the play with no retaliation makes me want Bahl here now. Make a fvcker BLEED.
  10. A few years ago the Devils posted a photo of myself and my wife -- I dressed up as a Devils player and she was the Stanley Cup for Halloween. I held her up in the air. Someone commented "this is unoriginal as this is what players do when they win the stanley cup" ok
  11. Definitely the first time I’ve heard of the 3-first-ballot-Hall-of-fame 95-2000 devils referred to as “a bunch of scrubs”, so that’s new.
  12. Was that you with the happy new year 2020 jerseys??
  13. Gusev is reminding me of 2006 Gomez in the way that every time he pulls back and loads up a pass I’m standing up to see who’s going to score. Guy has found his game and I love it.
  14. We’re not going to make the playoffs or win a ton of hockey games, but this team is actually worth watching again and that’s a goddamned Christmas miracle.
  15. The devils were down 3-2 in the series at that point. The turning point had already happened.
  16. Weird. NYE isn't a national holiday. Many (me included) still have work. Now I'll have to decide whether I want to watch my favorite hockey team get raped by my least favorite sports city in the fvcking universe, or (ew) do actual work.
  17. As #1? Your least favorite thing about the Devils this decade was 3.5 seasons of "league average" Martin Brodeur, including a pretty great playoff run that would've likely ended with a cup if Mark fvcking Fayne doesn't shank that shot? Oh. Mark Fayne. forgot to put him on my list. fvck that guy.
  18. There's insanity, and then there's "Martin Brodeur was my least favorite Devils player this decade." This fvcking forum sometimes, lmao.
  19. Devils win 5-2. Severson with 2 goals. @ the haters
  20. I feel awful for severson. He’s had a tough year, but he’s clearly one of the 3 best defenseman on the team. He’s called “minus man” by the dinguses on this website who still think +/- is a stat worth talking about. he’s not aggressively bad in the way Mueller is. And after meeting him a few times, he’s one hell of a nice guy.
  21. For a bonus, here's a list of my favorite DEvils teams of the DEcade 2010-2019 2011-2012, because duh. 2010-2011, because there was a long stretch in the season that felt like it was impossible for the Devils to lose. And it set up the next year. 2017-2018, the only other year where I could pretend to like the hockey team. 2012-2013, because there were a few fun moments and my misery was only short lived. 2013-2014, we sucked but at least we didn't embarrass ourselves. 2019-2020, because I still naively think we'll turn the season around and be in that "we
  22. Fun idea. I'll shorten mine to five, (and add an extra column for fun) since my boss is a grinch and I'm writing this from my desk at an architecture firm. Favorite: Kovalchuk Hall Elias Zajac Henrique Least Favorite: Miles Wood Bobby Farnham Stephen Gionta Keith Kinkaid Ben Lovejoy Most Talented: Kovy Parise Hall Elias Zidlicky Most Disappointing: Schneider -- simply because of timing. Pavel Zacha -- okay, I'm starting to turn. Jon Merrill - watching h
  23. A beautiful reminder. My nana who passed away 7 years ago just after Christmas always used to inundate us with “please pose for this photo!” We’d roll our eyes, it took away from the fun, we thought. this year someone asked why we have so many photos of our family Christmases from the 90s and 2000-2010s but hardly any since. wish we didn’t groan so much.
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