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  1. Best part of the Jack goal was Toews hitting him after he started to celebrating, followed by a retaliatory Simmonds punch.
  2. I’m excited to watch this! (and other funny things I tell myself)
  3. I logged on to NJDEVS to complain about the devils looking like poop again and now it just seems so insignificant. Thank you jag for the annual tradition of reminding us what the holidays are about.
  4. Yeah I’m starting to fvcking hate Subban. On the power play he just threw a puck waist high down low. What the fvck are you doing, you scrub?
  5. I was happy when Ovi got his cup but when he’s out there throwing fists after whistles for no reason, I hope someone decides it’s worth the $9,000 fine and hits him with a flying elbow to the jaw. Our season’s fvcked anyway — let’s do some fvcking damage.
  6. Boys have a lot more jump this period. Nice to see.
  7. Wonder how quickly until mfitz calls Hughes a bust?
  8. It’s amazing you could watch that period and say the devils have, and don’t need, a goalie.
  9. Lol Jesus this team is still unwatchable. Devils needs; 1. goalie 2. everything else
  10. I know who is shooting that, but Jesus Christ that has to be saved.
  11. Despite the score, it doesn’t even look like we’re playing the same sport as Washington.
  12. You said "somewhat of an above average player" while he was here, which I think is a silly moniker to apply to the guy who will hold the most points-per-game in a Devils sweater in franchise history for a long time. If that's not elite production, I don't know what the fvck you were expecting. You also said "I think maybe I've seen too much hockey, because I seem to look at things more collectively." which made me laugh, because it implies that everyone else in this discussion hasn't.
  13. Well that's a pretty silly thing to say. He put up 208 points in 211 career games as a Devil. You know who else, in the history of the franchise, averaged that many points per game? Nobody else.
  14. Hey @SterioDesign, since you're my unpaid unofficial brand artist (see avatar), thoughts on making me a Pavel Zacha with Mickey ears avatar? Can't look at Mickey Hallsey any more
  15. Pretty standard response? I guess. I’ve been on Instagram a while and can’t really remember any former players saying bye to their team and fanbase mid season. I’m probably wrong, but oh well. that, plus Taylor saying “I’ll always remember devils fans chanting MVP” in his exit presser... I don’t know, I guess I just liked it. He didn’t ever choose New Jersey, he played fewer games for the Devils than guys like Mike Rupp and Stephen Gionta and Miles Wood and Jon Merrill and Anton Volchenkov, but he still made a few comments (that are not required or even expected) about the fans even after
  16. fvck Henrique? What on earth? Why?
  17. Taylor Hall’s Instagram post got me a little choked up. this felt like a messy breakup after a great relationship. I think I’ll be able to cheer for him the rest of his career. ill never forget 2017.
  18. The Devils are a betting favorite to win tonight's game (-120). I wonder how many times the rest of the season that will be true? Less than 10, I'd bet.
  19. Shero isn’t the only reason Pittsburgh won a cup (and went to two) but pretending he had no hand in that is just silly. That just seems so very unlikely.
  20. The best players always win Stanley Cups? Worddddd that sounds dope, congrats in advance to McDavid and Kucherov and MacKinnon. Oh and if this goes to other sports, I'm pumped to find out how many Super Bowls Marino won. And Mike Trout! Modern day Mickey Mantle! He must have five or six World Series! This just seems unlikely to me, so I'll be rooting for them to suffer a few major injuries and miss the playoffs entirely, giving us a top-15ish pick.
  21. Fault? I don't know if you can say it's Conte and Lou's fault, but there is zero doubt that they set the franchise back at least five years before they left. As much as I love Zacha -- that was their parting gift. Imagine a Provorov on the blueline instead, and tell me we're not a more competitive hockey team? Here are the only forwards that were under the age of 30 who were top-25 in average time-on-ice the last year Lou was here: Adam Henrique and Damien Brunner. That's it, that's the list. You're wildly underestimating how bare the cupboard was when Lou left. No, I'm not thrilled we'r
  22. With such an embarrassing, narrow-minded view of the entire situation, it's impossible to even attempt a rebuttal.
  23. I don't know how the hell some of you can look at the two best / brightest players on the team are 18 and 20, our best defensive prospect since Larsson is 19 years old and say "well it's CLEARRR that shero thought the rebuild was OVERRRR." No. It's not. It's not fvcking over or "through" or "at the end" or "towards the conclusion" or "fin" or "nearly done" or "in the past" or "soon to be complete". When Hughes and Nico are in their prime and we're still dogsh!t, panic then. Now just understand that we have building blocks to be a really fvcking good team in a few years and hope it
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