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  1. Instead of acquiring prospects we should really acquire more quality NHL players. Like, uhhh PK Subban and Wayne Simmonds. Just off the top of my head, let’s target them? also isn’t there a guy in Russia right now that has “the next Panarin” label? I’ve seen some people say he’s an immediate plug-and-play top line winger. Let’s get him!!!! realistically, who in the fvcking world is on a competing team that is going to give up a young nhl ready player in the middle of a playoff race for a few months of injury-prone Taylor hall? Nobody, that’s who.
  2. You’re giving up on the three prospects before they’ve even gotten here? It might be Mirco Mueller. It probably won’t be. Karlsson was fvcking infinitely more valuable than Taylor hall at the time of the trade — he was an undisputed top-2 defenseman IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE. He also made it clear he’d be amenable to an extension — something Taylor likely did not do. im not throwing any parades but I’m glad it’s over and I hope they pan out.
  3. Were you expecting Miro Heiskanen? This is a guy who’s been injured, largely underperforming this year. He’s had 3 years in his entire career where he’s performed like a top-20 player in the sport, and he’s dead-set on becoming an unrestricted free agent in July. its a first round pick, a BIG body defenseman who might not fvcking suck, two “who knows” prospects and a 3rd, likely 2nd, possibly first round pick. thats a good return, regardless of how grumpy you want to be.
  4. No, we’re guaranteed to at least get 1 first round pick out of the deal. If they win the lotto this year, the conditional picks shift back a season.
  5. For all the dinguses who started screaming before we found out the details, there is a GUARANTEED first round pick PLUS another conditional pick.
  6. I’m underwhelmed but I’m happy that it’s over. I’m also adding Daniel to ignore for a week for my own goddamned fvcking sanity.
  7. It’s just being smart. An injury to Taylor hall is essentially like forfeiting a draft pick and a prospect at this point. And Taylor hall gets injured... frequently..
  8. Like what I’m seeing from Mike so far. Kid is fast as hell.
  9. Wait I legit just said this lmao. those who watch heponiemi say he’s an absolute stud. And from what I heard borgstrom might wind up better at wing than center. You’re in the wrong thread mate haha
  10. Borgstrom and Heponiemi scratched. if that’s the return for hall I’m celebrating
  11. Go devils. leave Taylor in Colorado.
  12. There have only been 6 goalies to be drafted in the first round since 2009. The only two who were drafted earlier than 20 were Vasilevskiy and Jack Campbell. He’s a rare prospect.
  13. I went back and checked — I replied to someone else, not you, who said “Florida probably wants to trade Spencer Knight anyway” and I just said “Knight is 4 years away, he was drafted as the heir apparent.” Still — I agree completely. Hall for Knight would be great.
  14. It wouldn’t be the first time I contradicted myself, but I don’t remember that.
  15. What about trading Taylor Hall straight up for Spencer Knight? One of the best goalie prospects in hockey, Florida just signed Bobrovsky to a 7-year contract making him the richest goalie in hockey. They're competing, attempting to make it out of the first round of the playoffs for the first time since 1996. Imagine a Hall-Barkov-Dadonov line?
  16. MB3

    GDT: Devils @ Stars

    Just checked the scoreboard. we have three fvcking shots? hahahahahaha
  17. If you guys are acting like a former first round pick prospect, a flier prospect, a first round pick and a contingent future pick is some crazy low return for an impending UFA who currently has 6 goals and missed 50 fvcking games last year , a lot of you are about to be very very very disappointed.
  18. I don’t think there are any A’s. Vats is the best at B+. ill give Hughes a B-, severson a B, Gusev a B-, Boqvist a B-, and the rest I choose not to grade because I love them all. except Hynes. Hynes gets a fvcking F- and should get a noose.
  19. We got 4 years of a 24 year old Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson. If you think you're getting more than that for 1/2 of a year for a 28 year old Taylor Hall, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. I would be SHOCKED if a Taylor Hall rental returned Bowen Byram.
  20. There are lottery ticket prospects, and then there's a guy that every scout says "holy sh!t -- he is going to be the backbone of an NHL defense in three years." There are exceptions. But you're not turning half a season of Taylor Hall into an established top-2 defenseman, you just aren't. So you take the slight risk that comes with the reward of possibly having Byram and Smith anchoring your blueline in a few seasons.
  21. He's not going to list his sources -- that's not how it works. Friedman has earned enough of a solid reputation that his sources are real. And I don't think there's such a thing as a "block" like you're thinking of it in a video game. Saying 'Ray Shero is shopping Miles Wood' is the same thing as saying with "Miles Wood is on the block."
  22. MB3

    Rebuild 2.0 Thread

    That's a stupid title, and this is a stupid thread. When did Shero say we're "out of" our rebuild? Our top organizational defensive prospect isn't ready yet, our top two centers aren't old enough to buy a beer at the Prudential Center. There's a core here that can be a very solid hockey team without a tear-down "rebuild-part-two." The devils need Jack Hughes to become a star and Nico Hischier to become a quality cornerstone player. They need Ty Smith to work out, and they need to nail it with their draft this year. Most importantly, they need to find a solid return from Hall and a coach
  23. Everyone: it can’t get worse than Hynes! Ray Shero: (joker laugh)
  24. Well I did say “hot takes so we can laugh at ourselves.”
  25. Won’t be tuning in, but I have a good reason. Tonight is my wife and my third anniversary. Our third year of marriage was a disaster; after visiting her brother in the ICU for two weeks stemming from a terrible drunk driving accident (he was not the drunk one), she contracted a nasty disease from the hospital. Three attempts at surgery were unsuccessful, so she was moved to a specialist. she’s spent the better part of this entire year in a hospital room or an operating room. 19 surgeries in total. It bankrupt her, it took our nest egg that we were ready to turn into a house and used it o
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