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  1. Teams who lose in the first round have a 3% chance at winning the lottery. That means there is a 24% chance a PLACEHOLDER will be pulled as a "lottery winner". If that happens, there will be a second lottery event held after the qualifying round (distinctly not called the playoffs, this is a play-in round of regular season games) to see which of the teams who was already eliminated gets that pick. So no, there isn't "E" team and "F" team or anything like that -- it's "play-in loser" and a separate lottery later. This kinda sucks for any of us losers, because our chances of winning the lottery just dropped and our chances of dropping in the draft order just increased pretty significantly. But I'm so tired about giving a sh!t so I'm choosing not to. I hope the Rangers lose, I hope the Panthers lose, I hope the Flyers lose, and I hope the Devils aren't looking at lottery balls my entire adult life.
  2. i knew my nipples got hard randomly in the middle of the day today for some reason.
  3. If there's no lottery at all, which seems to be sort of possible, does that mean we get Vancouver's pick regardless (even if they lose the "play-in round") since technically it is "lottery protected" and not "top-xx protected"?
  4. Yeah, I miss it. I've taken to doing my usual sports routines in every-day life. Yesterday, my wife burned the chicken. I booed the sh!t out of her. I saw the garbage-man tossing my trash into the truck, the bag ripped and a few things fell out. Started a nice loud "Hey! You suck!" chant. At work, my boss told me "ugh, Mondays suck" and I replied "Flyers swallow!!!!!!!" I do not recommend it.
  5. lmfao Pettersson or Boeser for a first. May as well say McDavid for a first, too!
  6. sounds horrible. i don’t remember much. i got unlucky in that contracted bacterial menengitis so i spent the rest of 2nd grade in a hospital room. 0/10 do not recommend.
  7. That's because our season has been over for a few months already. I want playoff hockey as much as any other fan, but imagine fans of teams like Tampa. They were ready to dominate in the playoffs. Boston has an aging nucleus; they're desperate to try to finish this season too I'd imagine. The Oilers get to see McDavid in the playoffs again, you don't think the NHL is begging for that to happen? And another Pittsburgh/Philadelphia matchup which could possibly be the last between Giroux and Crosby? "Pie-in-the-sky bullsh!t ideas" is an aggressive way to say "throwing out every possible option in hopes of getting normal competition back soon", and I'm all for it. And if we're not discussing that, what else are we gonna talk about? If i hear the word "Corona" one more time and it's not immediately followed by "with a lime", I'm going to blow my brains out. Oh and also, weird anecdote, I had Lymes disease when I was a kid so when I caught the virus, in some ways I was a "corona with lymes". Ha.
  8. about a million reasons why this doesn’t work. in addition to what you said; how about the fact that every year teams use the draft to help trade players — someone falls that a team values and a trade is born. cancel the season, give everyone a tiny sliver chance at the lottery based on current standings, OR decide you’re going to play the playoffs and have the draft afterwards. Anything else is stupid.
  9. So CR, I started removing the shoulders from the jerseys but you'll just have to trust me on this one.... not great haha. And flipping the stripes around looked great on the black jerseys, and looked way way way weird on the other jerseys. However, in the process of doing that I wanted to see what it looked like if the Devils were to fully remove the circle behind the logo. And... I'm obsessed. Especially on the white jersey.
  10. unexpectedly pulled in to put out a work fire today but i’ll definitely get to this when i’m slow. curious how this will look!
  11. With my newfound abundance of free time and limited graphic design ability, I took a stab at some black alternates. @SterioDesign, I know you can one-up me -- tag, you're it.
  12. Tarasenko is the first name to come to mind. They were saying he "might be healthy by the cup finals" when he originally went down. Not sure if that prognosis changed.
  13. That was the first season I remember being a diehard fan. Losing to the Penguins in OT in game 6 was the first time I sobbed at the result of a hockey game. Such a great team... such an embarrassing first round exit.
  14. any lull we see because of that won’t be for months. shows don’t just get written, recorded, produced and released in a month haha. there will be a steady diet of new shows coming out soon, count on it.
  15. if this isn't a joke it's ban worthy, lmao
  16. doing great, thank you very much. no symptoms any more except still a little weirdly can’t taste much or smell much. wife has no symptoms at all.
  17. i’m desperate for this but they should wait another month. all it takes is 1 positive and we’re back to an entire sportswide lockdown
  18. Even though my symptoms are gone i’m still sleeping in the guest room and using the guest bathroom. We won’t really know, i think i’m still contagious for 14 days after the symptoms stop? That’s what the on call doctor told me. So with her, it makes more sense to be extra cautious. So far she’s exhibited no symptoms and we’re hoping it stays that way. one weird thing — i still can’t really taste. smell either. i made my wife’s and my dinner (using gloves) and she spat out the chicken because she said it tasted like ocean water. i kept adding salt because it tasted so bland. it’s a weird ass virus, man.
  19. haha I thought this was satirical. yeah, man, that's Marty's 552 and Patty passing Johnny Mac. My #1 favorite non-playoff Devils game I've ever been to. Glad to hear it man. Today I feel no symptoms at all for the first time in a week and a half. I'm back at work (working from home of course) and pretty positive it's all behind me. Something I won't ever forget, though. Love you guys for all reaching out. Meant a lot.
  20. Thanks for asking. today's the best i've felt in a few days. still a small fever and i've been coughing so much that my inhales sound like a rattlesnake, but i'm nowhere near as bad as i was late last week.
  21. I honestly wonder if we just didn't want to commit that much money to a player that would be conceivably leaving his prime when Jack and Nico entered theirs.
  22. as a florida resident, this yucky human behavior is evident three times a year whenever there’s a hurricane threat. these morbidly obese people who have 3 2-liters of coke and a fifth of kirkland vodka every day suddenly think they need 14 gallons of water a day to survive.
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