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  1. I actually think this might be the thing that gets Hynes fired. HAHA sometimes I say funny things
  2. Hey SD; my dad took time out of work and spent $90 on tickets so he and my brother could be at the game today. Can I text him your permission to boo? Just lmk, eagerly awaiting your response
  3. I’ll donate $5 to this website if we win the game. $10 if it’s in regulation. Lmfaooooooooo
  4. PK finally hit someone!!!!!!! it was Schneider but it’s progress [x] doubt
  5. To anyone who’s watched 20 minutes of this season could’ve absolutely made this up.
  6. Major props to the ref on that onefkr stopping the clearing attempt. Major props to Palmieri on that one for letting his man have the widest of open shots
  7. If he’s out for any significant amount of time, I’ll be scoreboard watching. EDIT: did it look bad to anyone?
  8. Is Nico hurt? Tuned in about 30 minutes ago and haven’t seen him on the ice.
  9. I don’t think it takes a Palmieri hater to wish his complacent ass was in a suit and the press box for a few games.
  10. Cory is probably 30th in the list of issues with the Devils. Prime Brodeur would’ve given up those three.
  11. Another elite turnover from Dingleberry Palmieri. What an absolute fvcking scrub. He’s a turnover prone poor man’s James Neal.
  12. I remember when Paul Martin was having an uncharacteristially bad season and Colin White was struggling towards the end of his career, from my season seats I said “oof. 5 and 7 on the ice. Can’t get worse than this” Lol naw imagine
  13. Read apparently as: “used zamboni”? Cool, cool, cool
  14. How many strawmen did you light on fire for this? Nobody said “trade him for everything.” Many people said “if it’s apparent he won’t re sign here, get something useful for him.”
  15. It is shocking to me that Kyle fvcking Dingleberry Palmieri is on a penalty kill. The guy is good for one fvcking thing — shooting. That’s fvcking it. His abilities in the defensive zone make Gusev look like Zajac.
  16. MB3

    Fire Hynes

    Lol you’re the worst troll. We’ve had some bad ones, you take the cake. If you don’t go to games, your opinion on the fans that do spend their time and money on travel and tickets means about as much as your opinion on literally anything else Devils related; absolutely fvcking zero. Name a single fanbase in professional sports that wouldn’t boo their winless-in-five team that had huge preseason expectations?
  17. MB3

    Fire Hynes

    oh fvck off already youre not allowed to go to zero fvcking Devils games per season and tell the people spending hundreds of dollars on tickets how they’re allowed to react, you gatekeeping fvck. and as always, your analogies make me wonder if you have a mental issue. If my company has a new hire and we’re paying him $9 million dollars and he sits in his seat, fiddling with his wiener and googling granny porn instead of actually working, you really think he’s going to get a “don’t worry! Keep working at it!” Response?
  18. You keep saying “i’m not advocating against it” but you’re posting seven times in contradiction whenever someone mentions it.
  19. That’s.... a weird way of looking at it. Instead, I see a team with no discernible system getting routinely routed by any team that can remotely match its speed. If your entire coaching philosophy is “be faster than the other team”, your entire coaching philosophy stinks.
  20. LaFreniere is supposed to be way better than Hughes which is just crazy to think about. Looks like my winter afternoons are opening wayyyyy up.
  21. Fire John Hynes. Hey mfitz, am I allowed to get annoyed yet? Waiting on the green light from ya bro.
  22. Gary Thorne is amazing and I can’t believe people dislike him
  23. I would be thrilled to have NHL on ESPN again.
  24. MB3

    Trade Taylor Hall

    oh no bb you gotta try harder than that. But regardless; I said last night I thought Taylor had a great game. I stand by my statement; you’ve gotta trade him. He’s clearly not re-signing here if we’re really this much of a dumpster fire, and you can’t have another Zach Parise / Scott Gomez “played in his prime walking away for free”.
  25. MB3

    Trade Taylor Hall

    I know you think you’re clever, and I hate being the one to tell you this, but it’s possible to look slow and still collect a couple of secondary assists along the way. plus I’m already going to procreate, we’re going to name him devlman because he’ll pop right out of the womb with a similar education level.
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