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  1. Kuokkonen isn’t an NHL player. by a fvcking long shot lol
  2. siegenthaler’s been a definitive top-4 defenseman on this team, and i’m not sure it’s 4.
  3. I might be in the minority but Bryce salvador has the on-screen personality of an awkward kid at a 4th grade dance. I cannot stand watching him talk / listening to him talk.
  4. 6 seconds to go to close out the best period of Devils hockey this season and blackwood lets….. that shot…. go in? “heck of a shot” my fvcking ass. it was a flutter puck on the rush with no screen. if you’re supposed to be a top-10 goalie you have to make that save 100 times out of 100.
  5. my god dougie hamilton is a defenseman we haven’t had since rafalski.
  6. Bratt is an NHL-elite level at skating and with his hands. He isn’t even AHL level in any other aspect of his game. His transition game makes me want to literally throw myself into traffic. The way he randomly stops on plays, or randomly throws the puck into nobody, or skates with a FOUR ON TWO RUSH AND DECIDES TO SLOWLY SKATE INTO THE ONLY DEFENSEMAN BACK FOR FLORIDA. Make the bad man go away. sorry to hear that, thoughts are with you and your family.
  7. I mean if you just go by coin flip odds alone, the teams at the very top and the teams at the very bottom are likely to stay there. the “in the mix” teams, not so much. the Devils will go on a few winning streaks, a few losing streaks, and likely be right there at the end of the day. And while it’s true that you can point to any game and say “if columbus and philly didn’t go to overtime on november 15th we woulda made it!!!” It’s also a quick way to the loony bin. There’s plenty of time to scoreboard watch and I’m not gonna tell anyone else how to spend their time, but I’m squarely in the “hope the devils win every game and hope the rangers lose every game and who gives a fvck about the rest” time of the year.
  8. You live your life however you want, man, but there isn't a single stat that can tell me "scoreboard and standings watching 12 games into an 82 game season isn't psychotic".
  9. His post had a tweet that started: "The Islanders only have 9 players who have scored a goal" Your reply was: "For comparison, we only have 3" Without your elaboration (that you were specifically replying to the second part of the tweet), it looked like you were saying "The Devils only have 3 players who have scored a goal." I was also confused.
  10. Subban’s been a dirty rat all season but I really don’t see it with this play. They both took weird angles going in, PK didn’t stick his leg out. But listening to Rangers fans reactions online (go look at spittin chiclets instagram — the amount of people calling him the N word is genuinely shocking) makes me hope subban does the same thing to Panarin, Kakko and Lafreniere next game. Maybe both ACLs? And an MCL for fun too. fvck that franchise lol.
  11. single most pathetic goaltending effort in a shootout ive ever seen. 3 chances to win, 3 blown chances. proof that while bernier might be an okay backup, he’s unmistakably an absolute fvcking loser
  12. the weirdest things on this forum get deleted by mods lol.
  13. He’s caused four concussions due to dirty elbows in his career. “Don the black hat”? You’re the same guy who thought the NHL came down too hard on the Blackhawks, right? checks out.
  14. He’s a dirty hockey player who actively tries to hurt other people. He throws dirty elbows behind the play and then runs away from retaliation. Anyone who actually “loves the player” is someone I hope I never have the misfortune of meeting in real life.
  15. if you start scoreboard watching in early november it’s going to be a languishing season for you my dude.
  16. nobody is popping champagne yet, but we just heard that the 17th offer we made was accepted. Going to be a lot of nail chewing and breath holding until closing day, but it’s the first step — finally.
  17. haha i am confused, but all good dude.
  18. what age group do you think taylor swift’s music reaches?? literally 100% of my female friends and 50% of my male friends are huge taylor swift fans and I just turned 30 today. I was very much alive in the 2000s lol.
  19. taylor swift just dropped a ten minute version of “all too well ” and if you don’t think it’s lyrical and musical genius you’re mentally disabled.
  20. there’s no ducking way that’s correct. didn’t marty have one in the 09 playoffs?
  21. I THOUGHT THAT WAS HULU AND I WAS SO MAD. Hearing a goal horn before seeing the puck in the net is wild and unsettling.
  22. Nothing to see here, just the Devils beating the two current SCF favorites from the Eastern Conference in back to back games outscoring them 11-3.
  23. how long have i been telling you guys about mercer? i just bought his jersey. let’s gooooo
  24. It's legitimately time to question if the head official has money on the Islanders. That blatant trip on Mercer happened 1 foot from him and it was called by the LINESMAN 40 feet away.
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