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    Ahhhh damnit you're right. It was a really late goal though, from Henrique. Right?
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    Speaking of trivia, my buddy and I were talking yesterday and he said "i wonder if we can name in reverse order all of the Devils playoff overtime goals." So I'm gonna try from memory, and it's not going to be pretty I don't think. Henrique, SCF Game-4 Henrique, ECF Game-6 Ponikarovski (I think?), ECSF Game...4? Henrique, ECQF, Game-7 (I was there, waddup) Zajac, ECQF, Game-6 (don't think we had any OT wins against Philly or Carolina) Madden, ECQF, Game...3? 4? Langenbrunner, ECSF Game 2 Gomez, ECSF Game 4? (older than this I know I'll miss some) Marshall, ECSF Game 5 that kinda taps me out. I'm sure I missed a few. don't look it up!
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    I think Hull’s was game 2, because I was there. Almost positive Modano was game 5
  4. MB3


    I was 10 years old for that Cup. Arnott was my favorite player. I owned 2 jerseys; an Arnott red and an Arnott white. When the Devils scored in double-OT I'd already fallen asleep. My dad says he woke me up cheering and I said "I'm going to sleep, please be quiet." I then woke up around 4am, FREAKED OUT, didn't know who won the game, woke my dad up to ask, and started bawling (happy) when he said Arnie got it. He let me skip school the next day and watch the game (he taped it for me). I rewatched the game start-to-finish 3 times in a row. He came home with a Kinkos-printed poster of the goal. It's still hanging in my childhood bedroom.
  5. Almost forgot to mention my weirdest interaction. A PM from a "guest" with the following. Apparently asking me if I can learn how to play the song "Dysentary Gary" by Blink 182 on the bass. Sorry dude, I don't know how to play bass.
  6. What is a "non-horse injury"? Asking for a very concerned friend...
  7. That was always assumed but never confirmed. And if he is the same person, he's since mellowed out a ton after LD got the ban-hammer. But the whole 'milking the illness' thing was very icky.
  8. Well there was the time that LucifersDog sent me a photo of my wife that he had apparently saved from a post a few years back with the caption "this is the slut who only sleeps with you for your money". Joke's on him (or her?), I'm flat broooooooke.
  9. I wouldn’t hold your breath. He sent me an angry PM after I made a similar suggestion. I didn’t see the PM because I was working, so he sent a follow up PM saying “guess I’m not worthy of a minute of your time” and blocked my response to the PM. surprisingly enough that’s not even my second weirdest NJDEVS pm interaction.
  10. This has happened before with our own Devils, because of tie-breaker reasons. The Rangers and Devils played the last game of the regular season in 2008; New York needed a regulation win to be the 4 seed. Any other result would have the Devils as the 4 seed. The rangers pulled their goalie in a tie game with a minute to go, and the Devils secured home-ice. Weirdly enough, the playoffs that season were immediately cancelled.
  11. MB3

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Feels like you should probably credit the author here.
  12. MB3

    Hughes or Kakko

    Careful glen. Already blocked by Kinkaid on Twitter, don’t want to add Jesper too...
  13. The rules are different today than in 1995. The suspensions are different today than in 1995. The game is different today than it was in 1995. He’s been suspended 6 different times; which is not nearly enough and SHOULD have eliminated any chance at the wheel of justice landing softly on him. The NHL Has said time and time again that repeat offenders will be punished more severely; they forgot to mention that the rule doesn’t apply to Marchand.
  14. MB3

    2019 Offseason Thread

    They’d never be able to afford their young and emerging core if they gave huge deals to panarin and karlsson.
  15. Marchand has multiple times thrown violently dangerous and illegal checks around and - because he plays on one of Bettman’s favorite squads - has absolutely never faced the discipline he deserves. i hope he wins nothing and breaks both of his kneecaps in the process.
  16. MB3

    Hughes or Kakko

    As we all know, 6 games of international play is significantly more important than two years of scouting.
  17. You’re shifting towards aggressively annoying. I didn’t think my last post was antagonizing at all. I do think this post is.
  18. No I don’t. 3,000 of them show up during the regular season and then they pump their tires as the “LouDeST bArN iN thE NhL” when they fill the place for six games in May. They got to celebrate a total of one conference finals goal at home. And in the dark realities of Rat Marchand 4 wins away from licking the stanley cup, I can take some solace in their misery.
  19. And he doubles down. Bold move, Cotton, let’s see how it plays out for them.
  20. God damnit Kakko is making this so difficult. what a fvcking goal, holy sh!t.
  21. You've been here less than a month and you have almost two hundred posts. That kind of enthusiasm is awesome, and has been steadily declining over the years with the team stinking. I don't want you to disappear forever. But suggesting that the NHL is "fixing" playoff games (and dealing with this massive, massive back-lash and PR nightmare) because they'd prefer a 2-1 Sharks series lead over a 2-1 Blues series lead for some undisclosed reason is stupid. Defending it and calling everyone else naive is stupid. Sorry if that is offensive to you.
  22. It's not naive to think that the fvcking National Hockey League isn't rigged. Holy sh!t. It was Game fvcking 3 lol.
  23. I don't think anyone is going around in circles. I think we're all just laughing at you. There's no back-and-forth here; this is you pretending the NHL is a soap-opera and us finding that hysterical.
  24. Oh Jesus Christ please tell me this is satire. “Logic aside” is actually how he came to this conclusion
  25. That's... an interesting take. I have plenty of issues with the blown call in overtime. If a goal can be overturned because a player is a pube-hair offsides, a blatant hand-pass needs to be reviewable. I don't need "faster" hockey games. I need correct outcomes.
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