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  1. i remember him being the best of all the options but man i’d kill for someone with a voice that sounds like they’re not prepubescent.
  2. also, i know he’s new and all but i can’t stand the new PA guy. his voice makes me feel like i want to stuff him into a locker.
  3. strongly disagree. this was the best national broadcast of a devils game sans Doc I’ve seen in a long, long time. i’m giving major kudos to ESPN and to these announcers (who i’m used to hearing call college basketball games)
  4. nico’s best game of the season. could’ve had 5 points.
  5. crowd is fired up tonight which makes it even more fun. bravo anyone in the building
  6. what are you making? don’t leave us hanging!!!! currently slanging my new favorite drink: a penicilin. scotch cocktail, yes pleeeeease.
  7. god damn do i hate the fvcking panthers lol i legitimately fvcking adored it.
  8. Oh, good. I was just wondering what Amanda's thoughts were on the Carey Price situation.
  9. we’re writing into all of our offers an agreement that we will pay out of pocket the difference between the appraisal and the sale price. but that is cash that’s due at signing, so it eats into our downpayment / closing costs money. my friend is a bartender. his wife works at the local public school. they’re 31 and 29. both employed. no debt. but, of course, not a ton of savings. Safe bet is that they make $100k-ish per year, maybe less. How do they buy a home? They can’t offer $50k over appraisal because there’s no fvcking chance they have $50k in addition to downpayment and closing costs. So what do they do? Rent until they die? Wait until they’re 55 years old to buy in the only market in america with inventory? What a boring dystopia.
  10. Our realtor just got the details: for a $410 house, we offered $450 plus $1k over next highest offer up to 475. It was bought $500k cash waived contingency. Banks won’t lend $500k to first time homebuyers on a house with a $410 appraisal. So what do we do? How is there no room in the wheel for the 30 year olds starting a family with $80k in savings and a joint salary over $200k? How is that even remotely possible? We did everything right and we’re fvcked — what about those who weren’t as lucky as we are? Those who had trouble getting a job after the economy was torched while they were still teenagers? I have a subordinate at my job who’s in his 50s and he made the “avocado toast” comparison at me last week. “If people your age spent less money at starbucks and making avocado toast they’d have savings and could afford a house but instead they just want to complain and complain.” He’s due for a performance review and I have half a mind to tell him “you should’ve had savings” when he inevitably asks for a raise due to the bloated cost of living in my area.
  11. any of you an unfortunate millennial getting giga-fvcked by the housing market? we did everything right. we have 20% savings for a downpayment, we’re each established in our professional field making good money. we we’re pre-approved for a $750k loan, all we want is a cute little 2 bedroom in the $350-$400 range. We have made FOURTEEN offers, ALL of them over asking. We are 0-14. Every house we lose out to someone who bought a 6 bedroom house in 1994 on an olive garden assistant manager’s salary for three nickels who now has $900k in equity to offer $100k over asking waived contingency. Half of the communities near me are 55-older, but if you’re not 55 or a trust fund baby it’s impossible to buy a house right now. Our landlord knows it so, with our firstborn due in a few months, he’s putting a gun in our mouth and DOUBLING our rent if we want to stay another year. This guy can’t even spell, aggressively forgets what day of the week it is, but because he bought this place for the price of a VCR in 1996 he has all of the power. It’s a sh!t game in a broken system and I’m about to go juaquin-phoenix-style joker if i have to do it much longer.
  12. Q: How do I know Nicomo's wife doesn't read NJDevs A: Because he just referred to her as "older people"
  13. What exactly does Studenic do for us over Geertsen who, at the very least, likes to hurt people?
  14. You're usually pretty far off on your anal-retentive anecdotal analysis, but this is just.... what? lmao.
  15. wouldn't that be spelling? I don't think I've gone through the Internet Grammar Academy.
  16. look who's back with another pearl-clutching post. didn't even spell HIPAA right but wants to lecture everyone about it.
  17. Oh fvck off with that nonsense lol. His private life? He's a public figure, and fans have every right to be upset with the way the team handles injuries. This isn't "he's stepping away from the game due to a private matter"; it's a fvcking hockey injury you dingus.
  18. Just looked at our schedule. If the Devils scrape out 6 points in the next 7 games i’ll be a believer. until then; this team fvckin blows boys.
  19. bizarre reaction to the devils eking out a shootout victory to win their first game on the west coast trip against the three worst teams in the western conference.
  20. So I’ve been watching road broadcasts because I love Kenny Daneyko too much to start hating him this much. Thought the sharks commentary was possibly worth sharing: They called the devils “directionless” under ruff. they didn’t say it in too damning of a way; but they said the devils play a loose system that leaves a lot to be desired. They pointed to the devils seeming inability to enter the zone and set up much of an offense. on the kuokkonen goal they said that’s the devils offense — opportunist. it took a shark mistake to get a tally. They think nico is struggling because of the pressure of the captaincy. pointed out multiple times that he was the youngest captain in the league and said they’ve talked to tons of guys who have said, essentially, “heavy is the head that wears the crown.” They love dawson mercer. said “there’s nothing you can say about this kid other than electric.” they compared him a lot to couture; i think we all sign up for that in a second. ———————————— onto my thoughts: holtz has a special shot. special. he hasn’t lit it yet but watch the goalies when he shoots the puck; it’s rare (i’m not sure if i’ve even seen it yet) for a goalie to catch one of his shots. the release is so quick and the puck is moving so fast there’s almost always a weird reaction by the goalie and a fat rebound. what the devils are missing from their team is a 2024 edition of holtz. they need someone in the worst way who can just sit in a circle and snipe. I think that’s one of the HUGE issues with the powerplay: nobody on the two units scare anyone. If you think about why Kovy was such an elite PP forward, it’s because he had 15 feet around him of clear ice because people weren’t going to take a 99mph flick of the wrist off the cheekbone. severson had a nice shootout goal capping an otherwise atrocious game. i’m a sevy stan, but he’s been awful. pk subban isn’t an NHL hockey player any more. jonas siegenthaler is. happy to get any win with this motley crew but man, that road trip was hideous. when we start playing actually good teams it might get ugly. come back soon jack.
  21. what in the fvck damon where has that been hiding?
  22. lol it’s so hard to be excited about that
  23. Fun fact; PK subban has more turnovers on this shift alone (3) than SOG on the powerplay this season.
  24. 15:44 (PEN) on SJS, Tripping on D, Mercer. NJD Powerplay is DECLINED. Re-play shift.
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