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  1. Yeah. I can’t... even... im so sick of this season already.
  2. We get it. you hate gusev youre starting to get more broken record than MB, my mans.
  3. MB3

    Trade Taylor Hall

    He looks disinterested and slow. Move on, with a player who actually wants to be here.
  4. That’s a great save by Hart; but Hall needs to put that upstairs. Don’t shoot towards the middle of the fvcking net.
  5. So I think LaFreniere is gonna be even better than Hughes.
  6. ok google how do I delete someone else’s comment
  7. MB3

    Fire Hynes

    He’s a -1 in two games. He’s played well so far and is the second best defensive forward on our team. Hall hasn’t been a difference maker this season either. Want to see Rooney over him?
  8. MB3

    Fire Hynes

    If Zacha actually sits, someone hand me one of those Fire Hynes signs.
  9. Went to bed hoping for good news in the morning. And i fvcking got it. ....My wife beat her medical scare and will be coming home from the hospital for the first time since October 7th of last year.
  10. On the bright side, the Devils are 4-for-4 on the penalty kill. wait I read that wrong
  11. I’m a Miami grad. I was at the game today. You ain’t got sh!t on me
  12. Gusev letting a guy skate past him, Hughes not backchecking. Neb’s gotta be half chub right now
  13. This LaFreniere kid will be an incredible replacement for Taylor Hall.
  14. There should be positively zero effort on the devils part to slow Hughes game down. Putting him out with a couple 4th-liners is a terrible idea Holy cow what a weak call
  15. How is it possible that nobody at MSG has told daneyko to stop screaming OH at any scoring chance? Shut the fvck up god damnit
  16. Disagree. I think he should be on the receiving pass of plenty of Nathan bastian passes in the A after no team claims him on waivers.
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