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  1. Because he’s got the emotional stability of a seven year old girl. Because he has no friends in real life so he depends on making absurd statements online to get a reaction. Because good attention or bad attention is still attention, and that’s what he wants more than anything in the world. When he was sitting alone at the lunch table in fifth grade, he just wanted to be noticed. Because this forum moderation doesn’t want people saying the word for male genitalia in 2020, but is perfectly okay with the fact that allowing trolls to continue to cry for attention is the reason there are 3 people who contribute 95% of the posts in a given day. I haven’t posted much lately. I missed this place so i joined in while watching the game. And then I remembered why everyone left in the first place.
  2. oh my sweet summer child
  3. the way this season is going, i can almost guarantee you the rangers would get Norris finalist Subban and not “wait did we actually acquire Malcolm” Subban.
  4. On behalf of everyone, @SterioDesign, I’m sorry. PK Subban absolutely stinks.
  5. Jack Hughes has no business being on PP1 at this stage of his career. he doesn’t move without the puck, he doesn’t make good decisions (and actively fvcked that chance).
  6. subban is not a good hockey player anymore. man
  7. lmao attaboy wood
  8. nico’s bleeding. do i misunderstand the rules?
  9. rooney is such a scrub, god damn lol
  10. So what’s the story with Mermis? Is he actually good?!
  11. Palms had 1 goal in that shift: knock a guy in the white shirt down.
  12. Jack is the most snake bitten player i’ve ever seen
  13. might be the weakest penalty i’ve seen called in my life. i don’t even get that call in no-contact beer league
  14. Starting to remind me of the famous Langenbrunner difference. The minute he was traded, the Devils went on a tear and the Stars tanked hard. Gotta pray for the Coyotes to continue their free-fall and miss out on the lottery. Two picks in the top-8 is not out of the possibility. I really love Taylor Hall still, but holy crap this isn't a good look.
  15. hahaha fvck the rangers
  16. MB3

    GDT: Blues @ Devils 7PM

    Love the boys turning their game up in march for the playoff push. nah but in all honesty, we’ll get a top pick and we’re not bad enough or lucky enough to get lafreniere anyway. may as well enjoy these kids finally putting some dubs in their bag.
  17. MB3

    GDT: Blues @ Devils 7PM

    Strong disagree. At this point in the season, a win is fun and a loss is fine. A loser point is just bad.
  18. The culmination of being a fan of one of the most pathetic franchises in sports this past decade is saying “yay, our two biggest rivals are gonna make the playoffs. now they won’t have an early draft pick!” my friend is a rangers fan, one of the few good ones. over beers last night he was saying how happy he was, because it had felt so helpless cheering for those “hideously bad” rangers teams the past few years. there is nothing “good for us!!!!!!” about their rebuild taking 10% of the time as ours while they celebrate their second best player (who would be our best by a goddamned country mile) score five goals in a single game as they’re galloping towards a playoff spot. i’m so goddamned sick of cheering for such a pitiful group of losers.
  19. Just saw the video of Reeves making Mueller his bottom b!tch like seven times last night. God I can't wait for that muppet to be off my favorite hockey team.
  20. Probably a good reminder for everyone to temper their expectations. The team is looking good, and fun to watch again, but that point streak won't last much longer. Thanks to reddit for these stats: under Nasreddine the Devils are 10-0-4 against teams who are in the bottom-11 in point percentage. They're 7-14-4 against teams in the top-20 in point percentage. We only have 1 remaining game against a bottom-11 team.
  21. So right now Zacha is at 30 points in 61 games played. 0.491 points per game — i lose this bet if he’s injured and doesn’t finish the season. If Zacha scores 11 more points i win the bet regardless. gonna be close
  22. boy the ducks are an angry bunch for being a team even more pathetic than we are
  23. Hughes-Nico-Palmieri is must-watch-television for those who are fans of women’s college golf and the revamped season of Full House.
  24. lmao imagine getting outplayed through 40 minutes by 2020’s edition of cory goddamned schneider. no wonder he’s so salty
  25. First shift next period i want Miles Wood soaring as fast as he can towards the net and “falling”.
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