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  1. Of course there’s a chance he busts, but he was dominating the KHL. Put up better numbers than Panarin in Panarin’s KHL seasons, much better than dadanov (who came over and immediately contributed). He’s got elite vision and skating and a pretty good shot. Most people thought it would take a 1st and a prospect to get him from Vegas.
  2. I would assume 2 of 3 is 2000, and 3 of 3 is 2003. i see another identical puck on eBay listed “1 of 3” as well, so it’s not the very rare “oh wow only three were made” like mentioned above. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Martin-Brodeur-Jersey-Retirement-Puck-Lim-Edition-1of3-Stanley-Cup-1995/233011459085?hash=item364090b40d:g:25oAAOSwt0db8hN4
  3. We absolutely still won the trade. Hart winner giving us one of the best individual seasons we'll ever see, plus lottery-magic getting us Nico and Jack.
  4. I don’t know where Hall’s girlfriend wants to live, but if I was dating her and she said she wanted to live in Alaska with the Inuits I would be there in ten seconds. i would drag my balls through a mile long patch of broken glass just to hear her fart through a walkie talkie.
  5. If he wants to play in Canada.... are there any Canadian teams that can afford him? I guess Montreal is one; but he doesn’t speak French and absolutely hated the media in Edmonton so is that really his premiere destination?
  6. @DevilMinder can you please get in here I think ^7^ got hacked
  7. Didn’t Vargas have the best peripherals on the team besides deGrom? its so confusing. This is a management that refused to deal with the Yankees even when they offer the best package (jay Bruce comes to mind).... so if you’re only 4.5 games back and trying to sell the fans on a march to the playoffs, why give a division rival who’s directly in front of you a starting pitcher they so desperately need?
  8. Makes me kind of wonder if Palmieri might be traded to address the lack of talent on the left side of our defense. Gusev is capable of playing the first line, and if the Devils get to camp and it's clear that Boqvist oughta get top-6 minutes, Palmieri is an attractive player that can net 30 goals, with a relatively cheap cap hit. Just thinking out loud.
  9. what was your original account again? I remember a few people all of a sudden made dupes with CMON accounts seemingly out of nowhere.
  10. I had friends at the Dev Camp scrimmages and he said Boqvist, way way way more than Hughes or Smith, was out there looking like a juniors player skating around a bunch of house-league peewees.
  11. I have to double check my math, but I believe "2 time rocket richard trophy winner" is the answer you're looking for here.
  12. Nico Hischier: 24 Mackenzie Blackwood : 18 Travis Zajac: 20 Jack Hughes : 14 Blake Coleman: 13 P.K. Subban : 16 Taylor Hall : 13 Kyle Palmieri : 13   Ty Smith : 13  Damon Severson : 12  Will Butcher : 12  Jesper Bratt: 11 Pavel Zacha: 12 Jesper Boqvist : 11  Cory Schneider : 10  Nikita Gusev 6 NEW PLAYER ADDED BABY. Wayne Simmonds : 5 Sami Vatanen: 9  Andy Greene: 4 ELIMINATED: John Hayden  Mirco Mueller  Kevin Rooney  Miles Wood Connor Carrick
  14. Somewhere up north SD just got a boner and he doesn’t know why.
  15. MB3

    2019 Offseason Thread

    if you get Shattenkirk, it makes trading Vatanen much more easy to stomach. I don't think the Devils will want to play anyone on their opposite side, and we've already got a logjam of RHD as it is.
  16. who the fvck takes a point away from Nico I will hunt you down and kill you for insulting my large adult son.
  17. They have the weakest remaining strength of schedule in the national league aside from the dodgers. 7 more against the Marlins. a series against the white Sox and the royals. If the Mets finish 35-22, they’re at a roughly 48% chance of making the playoffs. I think it’s next to impossible that they’ll get through the Dodgers and whoever comes out of the AL; but that’s too strong a word for the Mets playoff chances alone.
  18. Nico Hischier: 25 Mackenzie Blackwood : 18 Travis Zajac : 20 (+1) Jack Hughes : 14 Blake Coleman : 13 (-1) P.K. Subban : 15  Taylor Hall : 13 Kyle Palmieri : 13   Ty Smith : 13  Damon Severson : 12  Will Butcher : 12  Jesper Bratt: 11 Pavel Zacha: 12 Jesper Boqvist : 11  Cory Schneider : 10  Wayne Simmonds : 5 Sami Vatanen: 9  Andy Greene: 4 ELIMINATED: John Hayden  Mirco Mueller  Kevin Rooney  Miles Wood Connor Carrick
  19. CR, I think if you look at this trade in a vacuum it's tremendous value. Look at Stroman's stats and then realize he's been doing that in the same division as the Yankees and Red Sox, playing in fvcking Rodgers Center, Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium and Camden Yards for half of his starts in his career. He's an impressive #2 on a contending team. For the Mets, you're now as of 07/29/2019 looking at the most talented rotation in baseball. More talented than Houston, more talented than Cleveland, more talented than Washington. If I'm a mets fan I'm hoping Diaz and Thor aren't dealt. 5.5 GB in the Wildcard isn't impossible, and absolutely nobody wants to face deGrom in a WC game or the mets rotation in a playoff series.
  20. Morosi reporting that the Padres are hesitant to include Gore in trade talks with the Mets, because the Mets didn’t include any top-100 prospects in a trade for Stroman. how ironic would it be that the Mets set the market too low for a trade? All of my Mets fan friends now don’t want to trade Noah. A starting rotation of degrom, stroman, Noah, Vargas, wheeler/prospect/FA would be the best in baseball next year.
  21. With the reports that wheeler, Syndergaard and Diaz are all being shopped I am just so confused. “Are you buyers or sellers?” ”yup”
  22. John madden fired a slap shot at Claude julien as the rumor goes; and he’s widely remembered as one of the best locker room guys ever. You always say “well documented” and then you never produce any of the documents. youre so fvcking annoying lol
  23. Olney makes a good point. A ton of Stroman’s success is the fact that he’s a groundball machine. The Mets infield defense is... well it’s not good
  24. It has been 0 days since SD has gone on a PK Subban rant.
  25. That is an incredibly light package for Stroman. Fantastic deal for the Mets.
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