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    2019 Offseason Thread

    I’ve always thought the NHL overtime rules need to be adjusted. First of all; it’s ridiculous that the shootout is regular season only. I start with a 10-round shootout; first 5 rounds are goalie on goalie. Next 5 rounds are coach-on-fan; one randomly selected fan plays goalie for each team. The winner of the shootout is awarded 1 point. I propose various other skill-first games, first to three total points win. I think the home team should choose between the following: freeze-tag; Yu-Gi-Oh! duels, ultimate backgammon, and shirts-versus-skins backyard football (played on the arena concourse.) How do I submit this to the NHL.
  2. MB3

    Hughes or Kakko

    The assist was obviously slick, but the zone-entry and then the feed to Kane (I think?) about 20 seconds before the assist was just jaw dropping.
  3. How did you see my ass tattoo?
  4. I was only joking around.
  5. Weird analogy considering Brodeur joined the blues before he retired? Or was that just a very desperate attempt to land an adultery joke?
  6. The point you’re missing is that Lundqvist is league average, deteriorating quickly, and Carolina is a team that’s already screwed when it comes to the expansion draft.
  7. He's got an NMC. With the impending expansion draft coming up, that plays a huge factor. It would be shocking if a team traded for him. Genuinely shocking.
  8. MB3

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Oh my sweet summer child.
  9. Clickbait-y title, but I get hot and sweaty thinking about a Lundqvist-led team beating the Rangers en route to a Stanley Cup. Unfortunately for Hank and fortunately for us, neither the Rangers nor Lundqvist are good enough for another crack at that thing in his career.
  10. MB3

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Isn't he a well-known philanthropist? I remember something about an eight-fvcking-figure donation he made a few years ago. And I know he's personally reached out to black hockey players who've seen some nasty racism in their years; it's obviously a white-dominated sport. I love PK Subban, to be honest. EDIT: It was a $10 million dollar donation to the Montreal Children's hospital. That's an entire year's salary, for fvcks sake.
  11. MB3

    2019 Offseason Thread

    You hate PK Subban more than I love my mom. And I love my momma. (for the record, I'm saying you'd jump ship. not buy a PK jersey. I'm also saying it tongue-in-cheek but that's a naive concept to you for some reason.)
  12. MB3

    2019 Offseason Thread

    How quickly will SD change allegiances if the Devils trade for PK?
  13. Ty Smith can not and should not be traded for anything other than a premier defenseman or defensive prospect. If I’m allowed to play GM mode, I see how warm Vancouver is to the idea of trading Ty Smith and a lottery protected 1st round pick for Quinn Hughes.
  14. On February 21st, a few days before the trade deadline, we were 35-20-4. Solidly in a playoff spot and only 6 points behind the eventual 1-seed New York Rangers. Time to trade the captain and blow it up! We might be able to draft Olli Maatta with that pick!!!!!!!
  15. What a poorly thought out and terrible analogy, dear lord. How about; this is like you taking a helicopter ride on vacation in Hawaii. Chances are it’ll be a great time. But if it crashes and you burn up into a million little pieces it’s easy for you to say “damn I should not have gotten on that helicopter.” If Parise made his intentions clear to Lou that “there’s no way I’m coming back next year” (which puts the situation close to Panarin), maybe he should’ve moved on. But that’s not what happened Lou saw a solid opportunity to get Brodeur one last cup, to win with the Elias/Marty/Kovy/Parise era that likely would be losing a few of those guys to retirement soon enough. It’s not asinine to think “we have a good chance to do some damage AND keep our homegrown captain after this season”. Trading him certainly damages the chance to re-sign him AND damages the chance to win the Cup. You’re always an expert with the benefit of hindsight. Also - for fun - let’s say you got a low 1st round pick in the 2012 draft after trading Parise to a playoff team. Who ya taking, champ? Do we avoid lung cancer with guys like Malcolm Subban and Olli Matta? Jankowski is a total Conte pick, too. Those truly are rebuild-stoppers. Maybe you’re right. Imagine what this team would look like right now with Brendan Gaunce down the middle.
  16. she's miraculously as beautiful now at 40 than she was in her early 20s.
  17. You're allowed to just say "I watched Mean Girls last night". Unreal funny movie that still holds up.
  18. If you're asking me to pick between an extra first round pick or two if we'd traded Parise, or the Henrique It's Over goal... well, that's a fvcking easy one.
  19. Isn’t it widely reported that the Devils offered more money, but he really wanted to be home with his dad that was very soon to pass with cancer?
  20. I felt this good about Parise when the video circulated of him walking outside The Rock talking to fans saying “Don’t worry, I’m staying.” Until I watch his press conference, I’m staying in my baseline “needlessly pessimistic”.
  21. Did you misread his message? He said he stood corrected and then he said he would 100% trade Ty for Ramsus.
  22. Ramsus Dahlin did not do what Ty Smith did, because Ramsus Dahlin was busy putting up 44 points as a 1st-pairing NHL defenseman at 18 years old.
  23. Ty Smith will not be better than Ramsus Dahlin. Full stop. Period. End of sentence. Ty Smith will almost definitely not be better than Quinn Hughes or Adam Boqvist. But I think he'll be great.
  24. MB3

    Hughes or Kakko

    Hey Rangers fan that weirdly posts here who said he'd "rather have the 2nd overall pick" -- thoughts?
  25. It's just weird to call the defending Stanley Cup Champions "losers". They played a 99 point team. This isn't David and Goliath. They were up 2-0 in the series and then they lost one of their best players for the series. It happens.
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