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  1. This LaFreniere kid will be an incredible replacement for Taylor Hall.
  2. There should be positively zero effort on the devils part to slow Hughes game down. Putting him out with a couple 4th-liners is a terrible idea Holy cow what a weak call
  3. How is it possible that nobody at MSG has told daneyko to stop screaming OH at any scoring chance? Shut the fvck up god damnit
  4. Disagree. I think he should be on the receiving pass of plenty of Nathan bastian passes in the A after no team claims him on waivers.
  5. I laughed LOUDLY at a beautiful play from Bratt to Hughes and then wold not being able to catch a fvcking pass.
  6. Don’t know how anyone could have any issue with the lines, Hynes will change them the second we have a lead.
  7. MB3

    Fire Hynes

    I am nearly certain we used our timeout when Schneider skated to the bench after the goal.
  8. MB3

    Fire Hynes

    I wouldn’t be proud of keeping that company. The man almost committed suicide when the rangers acquired Trouba and said fire Shero +/- two days before we acquired Subban.
  9. Hughes seemed like a possibly electric, possibly erratic, wildly skilled and wildly undersized first overall pick tonight. Did absolutely nothing to make time think he doesn’t belong
  10. this fits my narrative so I choose to believe it as fact
  11. Expected this team to fly, which they did. but I kept hearing woody saying “that ain’t flying. That’s falling, with style.”
  12. Also; I know it’s tough coming into a game you weren’t supposed to play: but Blackwood made a total of zero saves. Either wide open net misses, posts, or goals. if Cory is out, Shero needs to find a goalie. Badly.
  13. Think we used our timeout when it was 4-2 and Schneider was doing that weird “trying to unstick your ballsac from the inside of your leg” wobble for a solid 6 minutes.
  14. Hynes needs to answer some questions. 4-0 lead isn’t the time to say “hey let’s just fvck with all of the lines. Slowest guy on the team with the two fastest guys. That’ll do something!” I noticed Hayden plenty; when I was screaming “WHO IS THAT SLOW BAG OF BALLS ON JACK AND NIKITA’S WING”
  15. Ah yes, I remember these devils
  16. Glad to see Hynes is already playing “ah idk whoever the guck” with the lines. It was 4-0, that’s the time for a shakeup
  17. Blackwood is fvcking trash. make a single fvcking save you scrub
  18. Weak and low shot from the slot. Goalie has to put a pad on that puck.
  19. Why the hell is Hayden skating with this Hughes Gusev line? Pls say sike
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