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  1. Well I did say “hot takes so we can laugh at ourselves.”
  2. Won’t be tuning in, but I have a good reason. Tonight is my wife and my third anniversary. Our third year of marriage was a disaster; after visiting her brother in the ICU for two weeks stemming from a terrible drunk driving accident (he was not the drunk one), she contracted a nasty disease from the hospital. Three attempts at surgery were unsuccessful, so she was moved to a specialist. she’s spent the better part of this entire year in a hospital room or an operating room. 19 surgeries in total. It bankrupt her, it took our nest egg that we were ready to turn into a house and used it on medical bills and in-home nurse care. It was agony for her, agony for us. she’s been free and healthy for just a few weeks now. She will always have challenges: childbirth isn’t in the cards for us, any more. But she is home. And tonight we get to celebrate with a gallon sized bottle of wine and a candle-lit dinner. its very private for her, around here. She doesn’t want her friends to know what she’s been through. But while she’s finishing putting on her makeup before dinner I wanted to tell someone. Anyone. so I told this weirdly lovable group of absolute pricks that have played a big part in my life for the past decade. Hug the people you love tonight extra hard.
  3. That’s an absolute no brainer; he’s an mvp-caliber superstar. But that’s pretty evidently not the situation we’re in.
  4. You’re more annoying than the hockey team itself.
  5. The game really changed when the Devils fans started booing. Before that, they had a chance. Now they’ll really lose.
  6. It’s all cyclical. There are of course organizations that are run better Who seem to stay at the top longer (Boston, San Jose come to mind) and players who can literally carry a franchise for decades (Ovechkin, Crosby) but for the most part a long peak is most likely preceded with and followed by a valley. im just happy there’s always a constant: the rangers falling short of a cup. Truly blessed they give us consistency in this cruel cruel world.
  7. Love that we’re wearing the white and greens. Nothing screams “this is a borderline expansion level team” like white jerseys with green piping
  8. I was just told ad nauseum “booing is an American thing, Canadians don’t do it.” Hmmmmmmmmmmmm
  9. That’s a lot of loud booing. I was told Canadians didn’t boo, @Triumph?
  10. Unconscionable how horrible this hockey team is
  11. Casually Gusev’s third primary helper of the game
  12. Only Montreal gets those whistles. imagine getting this obviously biased officiating for a hundred fvcking years and having zero cups in the new millennium.
  13. That’s a penalty to anyone with white skin. im not saying, I’m just saying
  14. Palms with the perfect “shoot it in the one spot the goalie can stop it” shot there
  15. Not sure anyone cares but my uncle told my Brazilian (Italian) wife that she’s “The only little darkie he’s ever liked”, so we’re officially on one.
  16. Last year he called my Brazilian wife “the prettiest mixie he’s ever seen”. Eager to see what this year brings.
  17. Will eagerly tune in to absolutely zero minutes and zero seconds of this game. I prefer to let my racist uncle ruin my thanksgiving; you can’t mess with tradition.
  18. I’ve never once argued that drafting Zacha wasn’t a huge mistake with the benefit of hindsight. I also think you using Hynes coaching decisions against Pavel isn’t quite fair — it’s clear he’s one of the 6 or 7 best forwards on the team right now. the word “generational” is being thrown around about those two defenseman, though. That’s an oof.
  19. I wasn’t at those games, and I didn’t say he looks just like miles wood. i was at the game tonight; and for every “hey, nice play Jack” there were three “oh holy sh!t what a terrible play by jack” moments. He looks fast, he has a weak shot with poor aim and he turns the puck over more than Hall (which is really, really hard to do this season). not saying he won’t get better. Just saying I got to see him in person for the first time and boy oh boy was I unimpressed
  20. People whiff on picks outside the top-5 all the time. nico is a fine player. I have a nico Jersey! I love that he was re signed. He’ll be a solid number 2ish center for us for a long time. miro Heiskanen looks like Scott fvcking Niedermayer and Cale Makar looks even better. That’s a whiff.
  21. The whiff on Makar & Heiskanen will go down as the biggest mistake in franchise history.
  22. Jack Hughes was hideously unimpressive in person, by the way. hes fast. Cool? So what. So is miles wood.
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