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  1. Even for someone who’s a constant pessimist, you’re an absolute fvcking clown. Yakupov had an electric first year. People were all excited to see what he’d turn into. it was the lack of growth and development that did him in. Yak was on pace for 53 points his rookie year. No teenager in Devils history has ever scored that many points. Nico had 52; and Jack isn’t buoyed by playing next to the Hart winner this year.
  2. Love gusev, what an effort. that all happens because of a great zacha rush up ice and then a GREAT forecheck.
  3. if they overpay for Lehner in terms of years and salary, i’m not so sure we’d need to be worried about him getting poached anyway. There are a ton of young and exciting backup goalies in the Metro alone — I wouldn’t be surprised if Pittsburgh was once again shipping their starting goalie to an expansion team because their shiny new toy is an absolute stud.
  4. why not? do it harder next time, see if you can make him spit up some chiclets. that was the third time in the game Hughes had been hit high and/or late, and it happened as time expired. protect your franchise. if they slap him on the wrist, cut their fvcking hand off.
  5. just saw the end of the game. love Hayden now. wish he drew blood. why the fvck did Nas have Hughes out there in the first place, though?
  6. yes and this is a must win game... ...?
  7. Devils win 5-0. Schneider with a 22 save shut-out, none are difficult but our little ginger baby stops them all. Severson has 3 points, finishes +2. Zacha has a shortie. Nico has a highlight reel goal. We all wish we played detroit more often. go hockey
  8. jack and nico came out and spoke about simmonds the way i was expecting. that voice in the locker room for those young leaders isn’t worth a fifth round pick.
  9. blows my mind that there’s pretty decent footage of 1960s football games but any sporting event from 2003-2007 looks like it was filmed with a twice baked potato.
  10. he also had win 48 in that stadium, which broke a record, and i remember there being cheers. but i might be misremembering.
  11. ah, it was penguins fans who applauded him for passing sawchuk
  12. i think it was when he tied the record for most career shutouts. or maybe when he broke the record for most wins in a single season. honestly both of those sound right to me... maybe it was twice?
  13. he was given loud, standing ovations in every building when he broke records. including Philly!
  14. i think merkley needed to be sent down for a certain number of games to be eligible for the AHL playoffs.
  15. I disagree. that was the closest 5-game series i can remember. mostly all 1-goal games late in the game (also I remember an empty net goal in basically every single game.)
  16. I think that it helps we’ve never faced Ovie (or Crosby) in the playoffs, so i can still like those guys or at the very least respect the fact that we’re seeing greatness. i had the same feelings towards kucherov and stamkos and now i actively root against Tampa Bay, so that probably helps make my point.
  17. oh, i have no problem with you holding an opinion nor do i have a problem with how you stated it. i just think that the ovechkin goal is the coolest thing to happen to this sad franchise in 2019-2020. and i appreciate that they’re helping an all-time great celebrate such a stellar milestone.
  18. “simmonds sucks” followed by “we have wood and rooney” is a weird sentence to read. he isn’t great, but i like what he’s brought to the team. i also like that he’s an experienced vet who’s been in a leadership role since jack was in diapers. people here dramatically underestimate how important the makeup of a locker room is. i worry about who jack and nico are learning their leadership from, because those are the guys who’ll need to carry a good locker room forward when it’s time to ice a competitive hockey team.
  19. For what they returned, i would have been happier holding onto both players. Simmonds is a bully that’s got Jack and Nico’s back. I’ll give you ten bucks if you can name any fifth rounder the devils have drafted in the past decade off the top of your head. Vatanen is the best defenseman on the team — keeping him would’ve made it easier to re-sign him. I’m sure Fitzgerald got what the market could offer, and that’s fine, but if the best you could do was a 3rd and a guy who projects to be a 4th line pass-first winger, just hold on to the guy. Not like we’ll pass detroit in the tankathon any
  20. if the Coleman trade was a hole-in-one, the combination of the Vatanen and Simmonds trade is silicing your drive 140 yards onto the wrong fairway, banking it off of a golf cart, and accidentally killing the course’s favorite alligator. unless it comes out that Vatanen had a serious injury and might not play, i’m upset.
  21. if ladd is going the other way, i don’t see this as a disaster whatsoever for the islanders. give calgary everyone on the team except jack and nico. deal.
  22. i always root for Ovi but i’ll be violently cheering against the caps this playoffs.
  23. are you aware that you’re posting this in 2020 and not 1996? because that’s just not true any more.
  24. who cares? we’re not going anywhere and that was the eighth time in the HISTORY OF THE SPORT someone scored their 700th goal.
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