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  1. By the way — Zacha had a fabulous first period.
  2. To get more phone numbers email addresses to bother people.
  3. Pk says absolutely everything right.
  4. My body is ready for this Gusev Hischier Bratt line. Howl
  5. Wood is playing himself off the team in rapid time, tbh.
  6. Kevin Clarke just announced “jay vatanen”. Word
  7. alright pack it up boys our work here is done
  8. This will be the first season opener in a long time that I don’t pay much attention to. Go devils; but for tonight, more importantly, go yankees.
  9. Usually you nominate yourself for these things, lol.
  10. Are you sure that’s what happened? It sounds not what I remember. In my memory, We had no captain during the first year after the lockout. the next year Elias had it for the full season, and the following offseason (when sutter was hired) Elias had it stripped. Langenbrunner came back from injury halfway thru the season and got the C.
  11. Bench him for who? Were you clamoring for more Connor Carrick last year? Could you not wait to see a line with Mueller and Steve Santini?
  12. Why do you think his development would stunt playing 25 minutes a night on a championship-favorite Spokane team as their captain? I think the coaching staff knows more about the players than we do, and if they thought this would stunt the organizations best prospect’s growth they probably wouldn’t do it.
  13. Let’s make terrible hot-takes so we can laugh at ourselves in the offseason. 1. The devils will have a losing record through the first 20 games but make the playoffs. 2. Pavel Zacha will score 20 goals and mfitz will spontaneously combust like a dying star. 3. Cory Schneider proves that he was only slowed by injury and posts his best season ever as a New Jersey Devil, earning himself a Vezina nomination. 4. Taylor Hall signs a contract extension before the calendar hits November. 5. Jack Hughes breaks the devils all-time assists record as a rookie. 6. Jesper Boqvist has more points than Blake Coleman and Travis Zajac combined. 7. Micro Mueller takes a gigantic leap forward and goes from “turnstile” to “bad defenseman” 8. The devils win a playoff series, and lose in the quarterfinals to the eventual cup champion Toronto Maple Leafs.
  14. I’d like to think I’m considerably more mellow now than I’ve ever been on the forum; and that’s self-evident based on the fact that you called me “grouchy” and not “insufferable sh!thead” ~~progress~~ REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  15. I’m 27 years old, and you’ll forgive me for thinking that yet another NJDEVS member is going to start calling players busts before their 21st birthday.
  16. oooooh I think 19 years old is a new NJDEVS record for getting a “bust” label. Congratulations! We’ll email you a link for a free sweater, to help warm up your cold, dead heart.
  17. If I was allowed to make the offensive lines, I'd mess around with: Hall-Hischier-Bratt Gusev-Hughes-Palmieri Coleman-Zacha-Boqvist Wood-Zajac-Simmonds
  18. There is no rumor about rantanen. I’m just talking out loud.
  19. Probably nonsense, but incarcerated bob thinks Shero has something major up his sleeve. Lets needlessly speculate. I’ll go first: Hall, 2020 1st (lotto protected) for Mikko Rantanen+extension.
  20. If his jersey is retired and Brylin’s isn’t, it’s a crime. Ring of honor.
  21. If we’re doing lists; 1. Rangers 2. Flyers 3. Panthers 4. Hurricanes 5. Rangers (again) i have a solid, baseline level of hatred for every other team in the league. Because fvck em all.
  22. I hate the Flyers more than the rest of the division combined; but I hate the Rangers more than the rest of the league combined + a few war criminals.
  23. MB3

    GDT: NJ @ CBUS 7:00

    “CBUS” makes me uncomfortable.
  24. So do you think he’s lying? I read somewhere online that anything less than 10 business Days is considered normal.
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