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  1. MB3

    Guitar Hero

    I just got 98% on Sweet Child o' Mine on Expert!! I can barely beat any other song on hard however... Still i own Sweet Child o' Mine!
  2. I can... kind of.. see the N and the J in it... or just the N... but i think the smile face is the closest bet.
  3. 2008 is gonna be amazing.. EA does a much better job than 2k with hockey, i think at least. 2008 is gonna have the Prudential Center says the producer of NHL 08!!
  4. MB3

    Movie Trivia - Thread #3

    Gosh i blow.. i only know nuumber 25..
  5. Hmm.. Devils Patch- 5 bucks, an unsewing job on the yankees logo, stiching on the devils logo, and placing fabric over the unstiched marks from the yankees logo; Crappy Devils hat- 10 bux...
  6. I've been saving since the All Star game to get 3 of the new jerseys..now to decide who-- Anyone wanna help out? So far i have- Brodeur Canada Gomez (Its a little dirty, ad i ran out of toilet paper) Mogilny (meh) Dano (X-mas jersey -- my favorite) Stevens I want some new people... gimme some ideas? Yeahh Melky!! Home run baby!
  7. If we still had our superstars i'd say we were in for one heck of a season... now we're just in for one season. Good...dunno..?m
  8. MB3

    New RBK jersey ...

    Oh and i forgot to say; Welcome to the boards!
  9. MB3

    New RBK jersey ...

    I think this is the 3rd or 4th thread on this exact topic..
  10. Offense- Johnny Mad Dog Defense- Colin White Goalies- Hmm... its close.. I'll go with a guy by the name of Martin Brodeur
  11. I've seen that one before, but i can't quite put my finger on it...
  12. my fake devils jersey-- based on the all star jersey--
  13. Just create a jersey from the Devils and post it on the thread... maybe we can see some pretty cool designs..?
  14. Is it just me, but is predicting games 2 to 3 months away a little bit... well.. stupid? (I love the fact we beat the Rangers, and i think in the first 9 games Marty will get 2 shutouts total)
  15. It's like, a home jersey Scoob!
  16. My own jersey!! Yay-ers! lol
  17. But you gotta feel bad for the dude who created this thread-- he's probably going to cry himself to sleep tonight ; all because of us taunting him and his sad attempt to make a jersey.
  18. MB3


    Meh... Good...? It was a'ite, would i see it again? Yeah i think i would; but would i rent it or buy it? No way... I mean it had some pretty good action scenes, involving heavy weaponry etc., but it re-defines the word "slow" for a movie. I felt like i was there for 4 hours... There were a couple scenes that had me laughing, and a few intense battle scenes, but aside from that it was Cars transforming into Robots. There were a couple of things I really liked about the movie though-- 1. The graphcs were top-notch.. i mean it. I swear if you told me that it was actual filming of actual robots, i wouldn't doubt it. The cars transforming into robots was a really nice effect; and the transformation (god i've used that word alot) was pretty cool. 2. His assistant was smoking hot...fhew. She was young and tall and dark and georgeous
  19. Anything have to do with the TV Show? Yeah probably not... But anyone else love that show? Oh i can't get enough of that b*tch Chef Ramsay, he says more curses than an album of "Fitty" Cent. (I hate ©rap)... I think it would be pretty cool to watch an un-corked unrated version of that, like actually watching Hells kitchen without the "Beeeeeep"'s every 5 seconds.
  20. Man, i got excited that we would actually see the New Jersey!! That jersey kinda made me.. well...
  21. What about the song they walk out to practice to? Myself i think that it is the best song in the world, and it is my favorite song ever.. For anyone who doesn't know it, it's "Hell" by the Foo Fighters... I have a youtube link.. listen to the song and pay no attention to the corny anime going on in the background... http://youtube.com/watch?v=xImkagUraYw
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