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  1. 230 Row 2-- Red Langenbrunner jersey
  2. Boo. You suck. Get off the stage.
  3. MB3

    Rangers (teehee)

    Ah gotchya... but i said 2 game blank streak and they are on a 3 game loss streak, so i got confused. And you know how much those 3 points are helping the Rags? Oh my goodness, i don't know anyone who wouldn't pay 10 million dollars for 3 points in 9 games!
  4. MB3

    Rangers (teehee)

    Lost 3, blanked twice in a row.
  5. MB3

    Rangers (teehee)

    2 games blanked in a row for the Rag$, lets make it 3!! Teehee.
  6. Can you believe it?!? Ronnie Brown is now out for season... so they have to live with Booker being their best reciever, Chattman being their best running back, and Cleo Lemon running the show. Yikes? Can you say JOHN BECK??
  7. As someone said earlier.. there was really only one issue with the whole trip, and that was the parking locations. I also parked in the Green lot, and when i pulled in, there was a group of 15-20 (I am not racist) african americans hanging out, some without shirts on, and all smoking, (and i wasn't absolutely posotive they were cigaretts). They didn't cause any trouble at all, but i can definately see some concern, and i was at the point of walking past them nervous for me and my 3 sons.
  8. MB3

    NFL Week 7!

    How bout them Cowboys? Yay.
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