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  1. Anyone have anything new on Parise and Martin? If so, please post it... even if its just an idea.
  2. Lol i'll pass SteveStevens...
  3. Cap'n Pat is getting paid just the right amount. Next year he will prove himself, don't anyone worry. A full year of captancy and an offseason to shoulder the burden is exactly what he needs.
  4. Hip Hip, Hoooray!! P.S i'm his keeper, wahoo.
  5. I made the mistake of laughing at the Isle fan behind me... man that beer down my back was cold. (He got ejected though
  6. I'm new also Devils Dan.. maybe we can be line mates on the Devils one day, and go into the Hall of fame together... And i love the banners...very creative.
  7. If anyone is interested in sharing Brent Sutter with me, all i ask is that you allow me to co-keep something with you. Works out nice... I'll ask ThreeStars after we finish the deal if its all honkey-dorey.
  8. Yeah the sticky stuff is gone if its not too much trouble..thanks.
  9. No- my edit was the (never mind) after Bon Jovi...so do i get Sutter?
  10. MB3


    Fact, i think Sutter likes the big hard-nosed power forewards, and Cam is an asset to this team being rough n' tough. Fact or Fiction? The NHL will finally get a stronger TV contract with E$PN in the next decade.
  11. MB3

    New Dallas Stars unis

    lol Made Work safe.
  12. That one must have slipped me (haha jk) but he was opening up the Prudential Center, and someone has the Bruce Springsteen banner in CAA, and other than its location that has nothing to do with the Devils. Just saying.. and you hjave a point. Ok forget about that one and screw the Foo Fighters one.. All's i want is Sutter.. thank you kindly.
  13. Speaking of intro songs can i get the intro song to practice last year, "Hell" by the Foo Fighters? And I'm not forgetting about Jon Bon Jovi... (never mind) and what about Sutter? Did anyone get him?
  14. But talk about a slap in the face to Johnny Mac... he really thought he would get the job. And bye the way, no news on $ouray if anyone cares.
  15. Well according to Newjerseydevils.com they are... In one of the pregames they said look in the stands for ex: American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson, sister of David Clarkson. Anyway, do i get any of them?
  16. I got a couple... just wondering can you make some up? If so, can i be either: The keeper of Chico's hot dogs The keeper of Chico's mustache The keeper of the sticky stuff on the stairs in 217 The Keeper of the towels for playoff games The Keeper of David Clarkson's sister (Kelly Clarkson) and is the keeper of Vitaly Vishnevski taken? If not...dibbs.
  17. anyone know how i become an "official keeper" of something? Like if i want to be a keeper can i ask someone and see if its taken?
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