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  1. Would just like to point out I got flamed to absolute hell last year for saying I wonder if it’s time to wonder whether Pettersson or Heiskanen would’ve been better than Nico. ooooops haha
  2. Against my better judgement; I’m home in NJ for the next 4 days and I’m choosing to spend one of those afternoons with this miserable lot. please just win
  3. I don’t think there’s a competitive person in sports that will win a championship and then say “this was fun but you know what would be more fun? Going back to a terrible fvckin hockey team that’s going nowhere, where the fans and I got into fights.”
  4. You’re overestimating how long a reasonable leash is for an NHL head coach.
  5. For what it’s worth, Johnny Ham and Cheese would be coming “home” but he grew up a diehard Flyers fan. So, a little different there.
  6. The theme of the 2019 Devils: “oh we definitely deserved to lose, but we didn’t deserve to lose by THAT many goals.” remember when Lou said “good is not good where better is expected”? this is the most embarrassing fall of a franchise I think I’ve ever witnessed. And unless ty smith is Scott Niedermayer, I don’t see this being an actual competitive hockey team for a long fvcking time. also, has Jack Hughes played since his two goal game? I get it that he’s young but he has done a total of zero things so far this season to make me think he’s anyone to build a team around.
  7. Time to start wondering if Ray Shero is the right man for the job. he did a pretty good job turning our roster from old garbage to new, shinier garbage but his evident love affair with the biggest loser coaching staff in the NHL, his inability to either lock up or ship out our resident princess and his failure — 4 years and counting — to address the back end with even one semi-competent top-4 defenseman is making me wonder how much good stuff he’s really done.
  8. Pumped for the Taylor hall postgame. “We played well but those fvcking fans are again the reason we lost.” getting excited that this perennial loser will be off our team soon. Need a breath of fresh fvcking air.
  9. Blackwood’s been fine today but it’s not like he’s been good. You’d expect an NHL goalie to make at least one of the saves he’s let in.
  10. Devils: “if literally one bad thing happens we’ll just give up.” ~literally one minor inconvenience happens~ Devils: “say no more fam.” Does palms get 7 attempts? Because he might hit the net on one of them and then I’ll high five him.
  11. We haven’t had someone that can shoot the puck like that in 8 years. what a depressingly sad team
  12. Kyle Palmieri is good at shooting. Reid Boucher is good at shooting. Kyle Palmieri is good at literally fvcking nothing else. Reid Boucher is good at literally fvcking nothing else. spot the lie
  13. You could hear a mouse fart over the loud “TUUUUUUK” chants? i don’t blame the fans at all. I wouldn’t spend money on this product either.
  14. Kyle Palmieri is a moderately better Reid Boucher change my mind.
  15. The 2012-present New Jersey Devils happened.
  16. We’re the laughingstock of the NHL. There isn’t a single other team that’s even close to us.
  17. LOL. Goodnight. i hate this franchise.
  18. No screen, weird angle. That’s on Blackwood.
  19. Not with that attitude you can’t.
  20. It was the other way around. Still disgusting to spit, but he spat because his hands were being held back and he just got punched in the face by a 7-foot oaf with no way to defend himself or retaliate.
  21. No, I know. But it seems more to me like it was his lingering and unending hip issues that did him in; not the yips
  22. You spelled “hip” with a y, any reason?
  23. "This guy might literally die but if I stop a fast-break in a regular season game in November the home team will boo me." Tough decision for the zebra.
  24. OK, how about this one: Cory Schneider (50% salary retained), Taylor Hall, and a lottery-protected 2020 first round pick for Bowen Byram.
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