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  1. MB3

    Montreal @ New Jersey

    Dude, I think SD got your log-in.
  2. MB3

    Montreal @ New Jersey

    He's averaging a full 2 minutes per game more than Gusev. I think he's seeing the ice plenty for his quality of play this season.
  3. MB3

    Montreal @ New Jersey

    This is a nice thought, but it's just literally not true. Kakko's top linemates in terms of TOI so far this season, in order: Brett Howden, Brendan Lemieux, Filip Chytil. I'm curious how you came to that conclusion when you followed it up with "I haven't watched Rangers games".
  4. MB3

    Montreal @ New Jersey

    You posted 4 impressive highlight videos, calling them "unimpressive" in an apparent "gotcha" to me. You didn't post the three-dozen other games where he's looked invisible, lazy, disinterested, and way over his head. There is plenty of time for Jack, a teenager, to turn his game around. But if you're going to pretend like he isn't one of the most disappointing things that's happened this season, I'm going to vehemently disagree with you.
  5. MB3

    Montreal @ New Jersey

    Forum darling? Are you literally mentally disabled? Who the fvck else on the forum even remotely tolerates Pavel Zacha? he just simply doesn’t look... good. At all. Maybe he’ll turn into a good player but right now he’s not passing the stats test, the underlying numbers test, the computer nerd stats test, the eye test... anything. He flies around, turns the puck over, shows no interest in defense and then repeats it the next day. more concerning to me is that he looks worse today than he did at the beginning of the season. There’s simply no growth, no positive signs whatsoever.
  6. MB3

    Montreal @ New Jersey

    Maybe it’s because the Devils blew yet another 3-goal lead at home and watched Ilya motherfvcking quitter Kovalfvck score the game winning goal and skate around the prudential center with a finger to his lips. or maybe we’re all just whack jobs and you’re the only sane and rational person here.
  7. MB3

    Montreal @ New Jersey

    Are we forcing him to be a turnover machine with a complete lack of desire to play in the neutral or defensive zone? Are we making his shot weaker than my beer league goalie? Damn we’re pretty destructive
  8. MB3

    Montreal @ New Jersey

    Tuned in to see Kovy score the game winner and quiet the crowd. hope he’s assasinated in Russia this summer. wont be watching any other games. Pretty disappointing that jack Hughes is shaping up to be the bust of the century — that’s a bummer.
  9. No. there will he chatter, like Eichel over McDavid or Laine over Matthews. But there is no chance, barring SERIOUS injury, Lafreniere isn’t taken 1OA. He’s the biggest can’t-miss forward since Matthews.
  10. I said I’d wait until February before making any comments on subban’s game, because maybe it’s bad coaching or maybe he’s adjusting to a new system. nah. he fvcking sucks. I’m begging you SD, leave this one alone and I’ll pay it forward. ugh. I’m so exhausted pretending to care about this hockey team. I just don’t any more.
  11. I’ll bet you $50 to the website that he’ll have more than 3. If he’s injured bet is nullified
  12. It's not Florida-Panthers bad. yet. When I was in college the Panthers had an offer; nosebleed season tickets for $200 which came with a personalized authentic jersey. If you wanted to buy an authentic Florida Panthers jersey, it was actually cheaper to buy season tickets and get it for free. Just.. what?
  13. Considering it was 3-2 GF/GA the night before last, the answer is yes it is.
  14. I said obvious not overused.
  15. This feels like the most obvious thing ever posted on the forum lol.
  16. Also, forum whipping boy Damon Severson was a stud tonight
  17. I don’t think I’ve agreed with, or liked, a single post of yours since you joined here.
  18. Tuned in right when Zacha hit the post and decided I’d stay away from the forum for the night if the devils took the L. Nico is a grown ass man on the boards. Starting to have a ton of Parise in him, in that every 50/50 puck near the boards seems to end up in his possession.
  19. As far as all star games goes; nothing will ever touch the MLB’s all star game and home run derby. But the NHL is a CLEAR second best, especially after they went to the division-teams and 3-on-3 tournament. the nba all star game and the pro bowl are both flat out unwatchable.
  20. You’re worse than a wet blanket. You constantly act like the world pissed in your Cheerios. You’re the human equivalent of stepping on a lego wearing a damp sock while simultaneously dealing with a case of hemherroids. I hope you’re happier in your real life than you are on here. I mean that.
  21. Oh who the hell cares. They had a 3 on 3 and were shooting hockey pucks from the concourse. If you don’t like it don’t watch. I think a lot of young female fans watched last night with stars in their eyes, if it helps grow our game it’s awesome. The lot of you complain about absolutely everything. Must be a terrible way to live.
  22. Kyle Palmieri is 28. That’s 6 full years younger than Zajac. the devils should be willing to trade anyone that’s in their mid-thirties. But that list doesn’t include Palmieri or Coleman.
  23. From my (limited) memory of his contract situation, there was some rumblings that Winnepeg (his hometown) was going to throw the bank at him and he took a relatively team-friendly deal but asked for an NTC. He's got a few young kids and seems to love the area. He's well within his rights to finish his career here if he'd like, and I don't mind this whatsoever.
  24. Reminds me of my playing days. kid on my team got a 2 and 10 for slashing. In the locker room my coach says “what the hell happened?” Kid says “the referee says I slashed someone’s ankles and that I told the ref to suck my d!ck”. Coach says “okay, so what actually happened?” ”I slashed someone’s ankles and I told the ref to suck my d!ck.”
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