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  1. Jesus Christ. Jacob Josefson finished his NHL career with 64 points in 315 games. Pavel Zacha has 30 more points in 70 fewer games. Pavel Zacha is a well above average penalty killer. He provides value to the team, even though it doesn't show up on the stat sheet. He's not even close to Rantanen, but he's also not Jacob fvcking Josefson. And again, since you guys will all spit at the sound of his name until DM does the merciful thing and shuts down the website, I'll defend him just as adamantly. He's on pace for 111 points through his age-22 season. Do you know who else on the current New Jersey Devils had 111 career points by their age-22 season? 1. Nico Hischier that's the list.
  2. There's broken records, and then there's this fvcking place. Holy sh!t. The Bruins are one of the best drafting teams in the entire sport and they had 3 consecutive chances at drafting Barzal, Connor or Chabot and they took Zboril and Shenshyn. Sometimes it just doesn't fvcking work out. We took McLeod over McAvoy and Chychrun. We took Hischier over Heiskanen and Petterson. Pavel Zacha, (who is currently 5th on the team in points for a forward (despite playing two full minutes less per game than Travis Zajac and never sniffing the powerplay) was ASKED "since you play both wing and center, what do you prefer" and you guys are out here roasting him like he decided to say YOLO and tweet it out himself. 20% of his ATOI/G is on the powerplay, and of people who have played more than 30 games, only 4 forwards on the team have a higher dZS%. He is not Barzal. He is not Provorov. He is clearly not Rantanen. It was clearly a whiff. But the level of hatred he gets here is absolutely mind fvcking boggling.
  3. Hahaha I mentioned you just to joke around. And nah, DH gate is pretty legit. It’s like the amazon of fake stuff.
  4. This story will ruin your moning @DevsMan84, I'm sorry. I don't know where else to put this but yesterday I got blackout drunk and really wanted a Nico away jersey. So I went on DH-gate because my friend had a really nice looking fake. I saw the jerseys were only like $25 each so I bought one, but then I thought "what if it's ugly" so I went with a different seller because, you know, that'll better my chances. And since they were cheap I did that with 3 other sellers So I spent $150ish on 5 white non-refundable, non-returnable Nico Hischier jerseys from China hoping that one of them would look decently legit. And they won't get here until March.
  5. All jokes aside, Zacha's girlfriend is thicker than a snicker. Nothing almost about that girl.
  6. At the risk of inciting a forum riot, if Kyle Palmieri is really an attractive piece at the deadline and Fitzgerald can get a bidding war going; there’s a lot to like about trading a 29-year old for a bucket of draft picks and prospects that’ll perhaps fit better with the age of our core.
  7. There’s “selection biases to make a point” and then there’s “most successful twenty seven hours of the season”. I lol’ed.
  8. I’m perfectly happy keeping the bashing directed towards the team, until someone shows up and says “this forum is stupid and I can’t believe you didn’t discuss “x” but I didn’t actually even read the discussion but once again you’re all dumb.”
  9. Since you clearly have the reading comprehension of a third grader, I’ll save you the trouble of having to use your pointer fingers to type out any more messages and just add you to ignore. Thanks for stopping by!
  10. Did you read one page and then talk about what we are and aren’t discussing? The 76ers in specific have been mentioned multiple times already. you haven’t made a single coherent and non-hyperbolic point yet. We’re all eagerly awaiting; but I guess you’ll just go away again because we’re all idiots.
  11. Holy crap. Are you suggesting that business owners... want.... money?! Dude that is just absolutely insane! I’m so upset you left this forum now because of all of us mouthbreathers. You’re so so so so so much smarter than all of us! while you’re on this roll, my king, can you give me one piece of non-circumstantial, non-hyperbolic evidence that the owners aren’t doing their job? please write it in crayon so all of the other sheeple and I can follow along. Thank you in advance!!!
  12. Well on their way to the third consecutive playoff birth; playoff series wins in consecutive seasons and took the eventual champion Raptors to 7 games (who needed a buzzer beater to end it)... that’s the way.
  13. What year is this? Didn’t the Joey Anderson hype die in 2017?
  14. That 14/15 roster had the average age of an AARP member and positively zero future.
  15. This. Scream it from the rooftops, this this this this this. shero inherited a bare cupboard. bare is putting it nicely. Look at the roster he was given! LOOK at the absolute hunk of monkey sh!t he was given. this was an all time fvck up
  16. For what it’s worth, Masisack is saying Shero was fired. Not mincing his words.
  17. He was the assistant GM of the st Luis blues, you dingus.
  18. There is no way it was worse in the 80s. There are children old enough to have full conversations at the dinner table who have seen 1 playoff win. I’m stepping away for a bit. I held it together through a lot of terrible fvcking years in the belief that something was being built and it turns out it was all for fvcking nothing. fvck the owners. fvck me for caring so much. fvck all of you for caring with me. fvck the New Jersey devils. Move to fvcking Brooklyn and put us all out of goddamned fvcking misery. All you are is an embarrassing memory of something that used to be one of my great loves in life.
  19. How long do we have the arena rights for at the prudential center? this is the biggest laughingstock franchise in all of fvcking sports. Maybe we’re outta here.
  20. “If you include the shootout” lmao dude any point you’re trying to make disappeared quickly when you want to include shootout fvcking goals in a player comparison. this is coming from the guy that’s been pimping Boqvist’s tires since halfway through season.
  21. It's more complicated than you're making it. For starters: Palmieri, Coleman, Gusev, Simmonds, Vatanen will all be unrestricted Free Agents between now and then. If some of them re-sign that changes things, but I doubt very much the Devils will be in the business of protecting 33-year-old Wayne Simmonds at any draft ever. Second; Cory Schnieder must be protected unless he retires / is LTIRed between now and then. That puts us into the precarious situation of Blackwood being wide open to getting poached. I'm assuming the Devils will need to make some sort of trade to protect him -- as an upcoming RFA I wonder if it would be against the rules to preemptively give him an NMC on his next contract? That might be circumvention. I don't know. Regardless, it's silly to even start this discussion now when so much will change in the next two years.
  22. Zajac will be a UFA after next season, when the expansion draft is.
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