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  1. You're being needlessly pedantic. You talk about how much you dislike the hyperbole seven minutes after a loss and then follow it up with "canadian fans don't boo like American fans" and it took a three minute google search and copy-pasting the first five results to say that's absolutely ridiculous. Devils fans were booing 'down 2-1' because they had just given up the lead for the 455th time this season (source needed) and had three consecutive failed zone entries. That's well within their fans rights to boo.
  2. MB3

    Devils = NY Jets

    I'm furiously angry at the team, but I've calmed down from yesterday. The Devils had what was widely considered to be the absolute best offseason in the sport; adding a #1 defenseman, future cornerstone #1 center, and 2018's Russian "best hockey player who isn't in the NHL yet" star winger. I do not think the team is as bad as the jets. I do not think the ownership is as bad as the jets. I do think the coaching is as bad; maybe worse. But if you want to use football analogies, if you were on a jets board, you'd be making this comment in the 4th quarter of the second game of the season. Maybe we don't make the playoffs, but there's a lot of hockey left.
  3. MB3

    Fire Hynes

    Lol you’re talking about glenwo? The entire forum couldn’t stand him. You guys bonded because y’all were #victims. but enough, already, Stan. I’ll send you my auto on a starter cap.
  4. Go nats. That was fvcking awesome. fvck domestic violence and fvck the astros
  5. Talk at the draft was that this kid is still 4+ years out. The idea in Florida is to ease him in when he’s ready and Bob is getting up there in age. They won’t trade him
  6. fvcking a, this again. if I spend $120 to watch my favorite team soil their pants, I can do whatever the fvck I want. If you’re staring down your fupa at your TV in bumfvck Canada, you can’t tell me what to do.
  7. Their playoff run wasn’t all that long ago. Meanwhile we haven’t won a playoff series since McDavid was fvckin thirteen years old.
  8. Lol, fvck off taylor. Trade him for whatever — maybe he is the cancer we were told he was.
  9. MB3

    Fire Hynes

    I feel bad for the new guys on this forum. A few years ago you were someone who was well-spoken, you frequently posted in game threads about little behind-the-scenes plays that changed games. You had an awesome blog and you were the best fvcking person on the forum. now you show up twice a month to tell people how to react to a loss. upsetting
  10. Would Washington trade Samsanov for Hall+? Are there young goalies we can trade Taylor for? Lol there’s a difference between luck and abhorrent goaltending
  11. I watch and say “ahhh. That goal isn’t on Cory” and I truly think it’s because I’ve been so accustomed to having a goalie who will make zero impressive saves per game. Even his breakaway save on sergachev beat him 5-hole, just a lucky bounce.
  12. MB3

    Fire Hynes

    We’re the most embarrassing American professional sports organization I can think of. i am ashamed to openly root for this lot of fvcking losers.
  13. My dude, Cory’s been making a huge difference going on two years now.
  14. I haven’t willingly skipped a Devils game in my life. until now. I won’t watch another game as long as Hynes is employed.
  15. Would like to point out I predicted a Zacha OT winner
  16. Wonder if there are people chucking their jerseys on the ice with the hats. “They deserved this” says Daneyko, who’s clearly started hitting the piss again
  17. This better not fvcking save Hynes’ job. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  18. I’m done with the MSG feed already for the year. Daneyko is one of the worst things about this team, and that’s saying something.
  19. “Let’s hold the puck for 25 seconds before turning it over” is a new strategy
  20. Daneyko’s humming and hawing is salt in the wound. Shut the fvck up you oaf.
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