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  1. Had to be almost 15 years right? It’ll be very interesting to see where those 2 end up.
  2. I’m Devils/Jets/Yankees only because as a kid, my best friend and his family loved the Yankees. I loved hockey and the Devils. I started following the Yanks with him and he started playing street hockey with me. Now he’s a Ranger fan. Oh well. I tried.
  3. Love when they say Matteau like nothing happened since. To be fair though, they get egged on by the NHL. Watch these Stanley cup commercials. Plenty of shots of messier shaking the cup like a dunce and ‘wE wiLL wIn tOnIgHt” , Bourque with Gary Thorne foaming at the mouth with joy, but either no mention of 95, 2000, 2003, or maybe one blink and you miss it shot of Stevens
  4. Lane Lamberts dad is definitely gonna shut down the youth center if we don’t win the soap box derby.
  5. Crazy that keeping Geertsen on the roster cost this team Wedge and Studenic. Not that either are world beaters, but jeez I’d rather have them than a generic face puncher playing 3 minutes twice a month.
  6. Gotta think this is Lou’s last hire. If it works he’ll coach a few years at least and 79 year old Lou will finally give it up. If it doesn’t, no way he gets another shot. Also Lane Lambert sounds like a one of those guys that got beat up every week on wrestling when I was a kid in the 80’s
  7. I didn’t watch but they both lost in OT 4-3 losses. Former Devil Aaron Dell was in Rochester’s net. Daws let in 4 goals on 29 shots in game 2, Schmid let in 4 on 38 in game 3. Daws let in 3 on 22 shots in game 1 so switching out makes a lot of sense if they wanted to try to turn things around.
  8. It’s gonna happen again soon. Fox’s 9 million will kick in next year and someone will take a contract off their hands for them so they can go spend money, guaranteed.
  9. But we couldn’t risk losing Mason Geertsen.
  10. Rags fans are already coming out of the woodwork. Let’s go Canes.
  11. Interesting play there, Ranger grabs Petersson in a headlock causing him to lose his helmet meaning he must leave the ice, and the rangers score in the confusion
  12. Utica loses 4-3 in OT again tonight. Goals from Zetterlund, Greer, and Talvitie. Interestingly, after going 1-1 in the playoffs with Daws, they went with Schmid in this one.
  13. I gotta say I’ve gained a lot of respect for Crosby this series. The way the team is just different when he’s there says a lot about just how important of a player he is. And he’s out there blocking shots in game 7. Dude has his cups and still wants more. I really hope that’s what Hughes ends up being for us eventually
  14. Pens are gonna have to capitalize on every mistake the Rags make. Prince Poopstork looks sharp and I can’t imagine Jarry being up to playoff speed yet.
  15. If we as a fan base ever get this cringe, please someone fire us all into the sun.
  16. The problem isn’t that we didn’t have 3 legit goalies. It was that we lost one to waivers and 2 to injury and Fitz punted the season. Bernier had the teams best save percentage but he’s very iffy to ever be the same. I agree that we haven’t seen all of Blackwood yet. Fitz needs to go out and get something to help Blackwood and if we end up with Blackwood, a mystery 1B, and Bernier then we can figure out what to do with too many NHL goalies. I’d be fine with that problem as opposed to dealing with which chucklehead will give up 6 goals tonight. Nas being gone immediately helps the defense in my eyes. There’s a hole at right defense with PK leaving. As hated as he is, he was better than Jaros or Walsh or whatever. Graves and Seigenthaler are serviceable on the left until Luke is ready. I liked Okhotiuk. Smith scares the bejesus outta me. Personally I think Fitz should look into Raanta. He has 2 years left and Carolina seems set with Andersen and that Russian kid. Maybe they would take a not too expensive package for the cap relief.
  17. Absolutely can’t wait until he’s up here. Shame it’ll probably be 2023 but no need to rush him
  18. Tied for 1st (until The Rags and Louis Domingue ruin my bracket tonight)
  19. This post game is ridiculous. It’s like Tampa wasn’t even there. Just Anson Carter, Gretzky, Bissonette etc whining about poor toronto.
  20. It’s mid May. Time for TSN and all the other impartial Toronto rah rah squads to come up with their excuses.
  21. Jeez this intermission show is just Toronto fan boy headquarters. All 5 people are just going on and on about how the leafs are the better team
  22. If this playoffs has shown anything, it’s that goaltending can be insanely unpredictable. Cinco Domingo has a 3-2 series lead on the probable Vezina winner. Carolina got some wins out of a 22 year old rookie in their 3-2 lead. Swayman took the net from Ullmark in Boston. Oettinger has gone save for save with Markstrom. I’d like to see Fitz try to get creative finding a goalie that’s stuck on a team with no room for them and then see how Blackwood does healthy and without Nas. Blackwood’s an RFA next offseason so it’ll be an important year for him. You have to keep the number 2 pick unless you’re absolutely blown away by an offer
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