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  1. But Smith had Lindy’s favorite intangibles! Allen has looked good after the Vanecek-ian start
  2. Good. He’ll miss 16 minutes of ice time total and there will probably be 2-3 less concussions this week.
  3. Boy oh boy we sure made them pay on that five minute major
  4. I’m glad that the players actually responded when Seigs got hit. That’s something that has been missing
  5. He’ll be given less punishment than Tortorella got
  6. Bad turnover and then Zibanijed made Marino look like a beer league dman
  7. Kahkonen is playing well so far. I’m sure Rogalski will fix him.
  8. Good, so we only need to worry about one headhunting goof tonight.
  9. Oh I thought he was ok since he was at practice. I guess it’s Daws or Kahkonen then
  10. I’m just hoping one of the new goalies has a solid first game. I’m guessing Allen?
  11. They’ll be stacked when Mark Stone has his annual miraculous recovery right before Game 1 of the first round
  12. Yeesh… Vanecek, Daws, Schmid, Allen and Kähkönen are all sub .900. I hope one of the ones we still have can turn it around
  13. Probably need to figure out how many picks we need to include to bribe someone into taking him far away.
  14. Fitz learned everything from Shero and it shows. Both suffer from a paralyzing fear of making a decision. Just the handling of the goaltending alone is insane going back to losing Wedgewood on waivers. Then coming into this year with Vanecek and Schmid, the only reinforcements he signed were Kinkaid and Kallgren?? Now he’s had 8 million in free cap space that he’s sitting on while the team spiraled. It’s too late now. Meanwhile as shady as the whole Vegas and Mark Stone thing is, look how they use that extra space. At least Fitz got that cool Nashville jersey out of this season
  15. Beating a long dead horse here, but I feel that all these deals where a third team takes part of a player salary is not within the “spirit of the cap”.
  16. So basically the list of people who must be held accountable is Holtz, Nemec, and occasionally Miller. Meanwhile Luke can just continue doing whatever he’s doing. I know he’s Jacks bro and he’s going to be something big for this team eventually but he’s not infallible yet.
  17. Holtz walking in first day post-Lindy and then seeing the lineup
  18. Lindy was the guy to get a young team to the next level, but he wasn’t the guy who could get them to the ultimate goal. Many of us said the same even after last years playoff run. It’s still too little too late and that’s all on Fitz. I’m sorry that it was a “tough conversation” for him but that’s why you have the big boy job. Now please don’t throw away too much on a bandaid goaltender. If the right deal isn’t there, there’s no need to force one. See who is on the trading block around draft time.
  19. Fitz is a Shero clone. Just playing the wait and see game for entire seasons. If he makes the Markstrom deal now it’ll be way too little too late.
  20. I know this isn’t the reason you posted this but these cleaned up 4k videos from back in the day are great
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