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  1. Tied for 1st (until The Rags and Louis Domingue ruin my bracket tonight)
  2. This post game is ridiculous. It’s like Tampa wasn’t even there. Just Anson Carter, Gretzky, Bissonette etc whining about poor toronto.
  3. It’s mid May. Time for TSN and all the other impartial Toronto rah rah squads to come up with their excuses.
  4. Jeez this intermission show is just Toronto fan boy headquarters. All 5 people are just going on and on about how the leafs are the better team
  5. If this playoffs has shown anything, it’s that goaltending can be insanely unpredictable. Cinco Domingo has a 3-2 series lead on the probable Vezina winner. Carolina got some wins out of a 22 year old rookie in their 3-2 lead. Swayman took the net from Ullmark in Boston. Oettinger has gone save for save with Markstrom. I’d like to see Fitz try to get creative finding a goalie that’s stuck on a team with no room for them and then see how Blackwood does healthy and without Nas. Blackwood’s an RFA next offseason so it’ll be an important year for him. You have to keep the number 2 pick unless you’re absolutely blown away by an offer
  6. I wonder if we could get Letang on a short deal if he goes UFA this summer.
  7. Momentum all shifted to the Rags once they killed that 5 on 3.
  8. Marleau is getting into the HOF. There’s no way they will leave out a guy who broke a Gordie Howe record.
  9. I think we took Muller 2nd in the Mario Lemieux draft. Or was it Shanahan? Edit… they were both 2nd overalls
  10. Second overall is a nice place to be. Wright goes and we have a shot at a wing or dman. That worked out really well for us
  11. Yep, same. As I always say, I was a casual Devils fan since the early 90’s but the crap I got from Ranger fans in 1994 solidified me as a die hard Devils fan for life.
  12. I hate defending the Rangers, but the only thing more obnoxious than the Rags are their fans. They are a young inexperienced team and don’t have that extra playoff gear yet. I fully expect the first Devils playoff series for Jack and this group to be similar. It’s going to be a real “learn on the job” moment
  13. I just don’t know where he goes from here? Firing a top coach after one bad year and 3 good ones? What coach can you possibly bring in now that will get them back to the conference finals. Just seems like a real knee jerk firing. And yeah, a caricature of himself is right. He used to pull off some real magic (Stevens, the Neids pick, he’ll even the initial Kovy trade, etc) but now it looks like it’s time to enjoy retirement.
  14. This game isn’t over yet, but a 3-1 lead in this series would be a real strangle hold on a young inexperienced Ranger team.
  15. Oh no what a lame bounce. Dos Domingo.
  16. Shesterkin is folding like a cheap suit and Pittsburgh is showing how important playoff experience is.
  17. This game is crazy, 2 real quick Pittsburgh goals and they really had the Rags pinned in the zone for a while after that.
  18. It sure has, but it got us a 1st rd pick last year and hopefully a shot at Trotz so keep that crazy train going. Maybe he’ll unload Sorokin for a 3rd or Barzal for Zacha and a 4th.
  19. Yeah goaltending was such a different position back then. The reason Fuhr was considered great is because he was left out to dry often (think Devils goalies) but made the saves needed to win big games. Now having a team put up 6 goals a game sure helps, but the general thought was how many goalies could play under fire as often as Fuhr? The guy made some absolutely magical saves at times.
  20. Probably got fired because he turned every conversation into talking about how great Sidney Crosby is for 25 minutes.
  21. Ruff is a big boy and he knows how this league works. Fitz’ job is to put the best pieces in place for this organization and that includes looking into situations like this. If word comes out hypothetically that Vasilevskiy wants out of Tampa, you make that call even if it might make Blackwood sad. These guys know this is a business.
  22. There’s no harm in making the phone call. If Trotz isn’t interested, no problem at all. But to just go with Ruff without even checking on something like this is the end of Fitz in my eyes.
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