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  1. Domingue is doing Domingue things and it’s getting a little scary now.
  2. Poor guy. That replay was pretty vicious. He never saw it coming
  3. Freak accident in Boston… fans celebrating a goal were banging the glass by the penalty box and the piece of glass came out and landed on the penalty box time keeper
  4. Tristan Jarry is due back any day but hasn’t resumed skating. There’s no way he’s ready before game 4 at the earliest. This one looks like it might already be over.
  5. THIS IS FINE. Rags get handed another gift.
  6. He cares so much for his goalies that he suggests they don’t let the puck hit them in case it hurts.
  7. There’s really not much else Fitz can say unless he’s is going to come it say he’ll try to get 2 NHL goalies in one offseason. Bernier looks like he won’t be back in time according to what Fitz was saying, and who knows what he’ll be when he gets back. He’ll go out and get at least one actual NHL goalie and he’s got Blackwood under contract one more year so I’m sure he doesn’t want to burn that bridge until he has a replacement. His tune may change about Blackwood if say he swings a trade for a goalie at the draft and can also find one in free agency.
  8. I admittedly checked out towards the end of the season but did he cut back on the dirty stuff as the season wore on? I don’t remember seeing as much about it. And I don’t count him going after someone for hurting Hughes dirty. I meant that stupid slew foot garbage and stuff he was doing
  9. Yikes. Luke better be ready to play some tough defense
  10. I coulda sworn hearing that the trap ruined hockey many years ago. Crazy to see the Caps use it and no one says a thing these days
  11. I’d be fine with that. I hate cheering for Pittsburgh but it’s the lesser of 2 evils for now. My family is Ranger fans and they’re already figuring out the cup parade. Nauseating.
  12. Insane the lucky horseshoe wedged up the Rags collective butts. Only they could end up facing 3rd stringer Louis Domingue in round 1. What do they make it to the next round and face Carolina’s 4th stringer?
  13. Aww. Just like old times again!
  14. I’m kidding, great to see you back. I think we both got on here around the same time 15 years ago or so.
  15. I get some of Fitz’ reasoning on Ruff. Apparently he wanted Ruff to help the younger players and in Ruffs defense, a lot of them have improved. I still think doing nothing to fix the power play and defense was indefensible but I do get that part.
  16. “Oh cool MB3 is posting agai… well that wasn’t very nice.”
  17. Before I clicked it, I was thinking it must be that old assault from like 2012 but nope. It’s a new one. Just an absolute piece of trash, this guy
  18. This Edmonton LA game has been fast paced and fun. Those last 2 fast goals to make it 5-0 means I can go to bed though haha
  19. The Hurricanes have Andersen, Raanta, and this Russian kid who has played great. Plus Lafontaine. Raanta has one more year at 2 million. I wonder if Fitz could get him as a replacement for Bernier. (Im not convinced Bernier will be ok after that surgery)
  20. Great to see out of a 22 year old kid! Heck of a playoff debut for him.
  21. This Boston-Carolina game is an intense old school style playoff game! Just 2 teams who hate each other’s guts.
  22. I can’t believe they took that major away. He clearly reached out to hit Raanta
  23. This is the second night in a row where a major penalty is called on the ice and then gets overturned to a minor. Pastrnak gave a cheap shot I Raanta who had to leave the game bleeding.
  24. Absolutely! No reason not to have a third goalie on the roster and in the building like they did in the bubble. And also in the regular season teams should have a 3rd professional goalie to donate to us when we come to town.
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