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  1. Fact. I'll go out on a limb and say Bergfors and Clarke reach their potential. FoF: Marty will have over 650 wins when he retires.
  2. For sale: 1 ticket for 2/15 NHL game between the New Jersey Devils and Atlanta Thrashers at Prudential Center. Great seat. Outstanding view. Locker room pass. Congratulate the players like a real NHL'er! At the end of the game, you can go to the net to say 'good game' to Brodeur. Since they pay me to sit there, I'm only asking $500 or best offer. I will lend you my Gameboy and jersey for the game. Call arena. Ask for Kevin.
  3. Yeah, I'm kinda hopin someone takes him as a favor for Lou. Like that San Jose trade where he unloaded Malakhov along with a 1st rounder.
  4. I could see them dumping Asham. He was brought in to add some toughness, provide energy, and put in the occasional ugly goal. He hasn't really done that. With the emergence of Clarkson basically doing what Asham should be, Asham is rendered expendable. I think the Devils are high on Cam. He was just signed to a 3 year deal. Although, I don't see him dropped for a pick, put added to whatever package Lou is planning on, as I think we can all agree something will happen for this team at the deadline.
  5. Oh, I think he'll be fine, but I HOPE he's a bust. I'd love to see him join the ranks of Jim Carey, Blaine Lacher, Tommy Salo, Patrick Lalime, and some other blasts-from-the-past as goalies who were a big deal and never lived up to the hype. Well, Carey did win a Vezina, though...
  6. And with the way some of the games go, I'm sure they give him the luxury suite room as a thank you. And a nice fruit basket.
  7. Very interesting to see this signing at a time when Valiquette played 2 in a row with Henrik slipping. I'm not saying I think he's finished, its obviously just a slump. Maybe this way he can get his head back in the game. Bad for us, good for him.
  8. Actually, I think you are correct. I was just going for the most generic thing i could without saying hotdogs, since he has them hidden under his desk.
  9. Fact. But they will begin running out of foods. He will try delicacies such as popcorn, pretzels, and Carvel by the end of the season. "Oh, Doc, this popcorn is the best in the league. No body pops popcorn like whoever that guy is over there in that booth." FoF: Lou makes a big, out of nowhere, old school Lou style move at the deadline.
  10. They won't need to. The reaction from the fans and newspapers will be punishment enough.
  11. The Montreal media shall have a field day. Or decade.
  12. No, I see your point, and I understand why you don't like him. I just think the good he brought will out weigh the bad years from now when it is all said and done. The bad has a way of being forgotten in pro sports, as someone said earlier with Johnny Mac. Heck, Lemieux got traded right after winning a Conn Smythe, and he was welcomed back 5 years later. Our back up goalie knocked us out of the playoffs a few years ago. Mogilny ditched the Devils for cash and came back. You gotta remember, if this number retirement ever happens (who knows, Lou won't be there forever, and new management may not want it up there), but if it ever does happen, we're talking 10 years or so down the road. He could even end up back here as a player before he retires. Sorry to continue the circular argument, but I didn't want the people who don't want 27 retired to think that the people who do or wouldn't mind it retired to think that it was because we 'are obsessed with being right' and 'think we have no right to do anything but worship Niedermayer.' I simply think the dislike will subside.
  13. I was pretty shocked with how well Shannon kept his cool there. That could have gotten messy. How far the Bulin Wall has fallen...
  14. The man who I believe to be the best Sid ever to play the game. Atleast that I can think of right now...
  15. Oh, you KNOW there's gonna be a huge Devils trade at 7:01 tonight now. And we're not gonna be able to complain about it.
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