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  1. Looks like Kakko might be scratched. Kind of shocked considering how good that line was earlier. Go Tampa go
  2. It’s an exclusive club. Marty Biron fans everywhere are enraged.
  3. I don’t like how he’s treating it like a accident. It was an assault. “We’ll bring him home” and “everything’s ok” leads me to believe this behavior isn’t new.
  4. Miller makes sense for Buffalo. He’s their all time team leader in games played and wins, and second in GAA, save percentage and shutouts (all only to Hasek). Personally I don’t want to see another number in our rafters without winning a cup, but I definitely get Miller for Buffalo. Id love to see a 13 or 86 up there in 15-20 years. It’ll mean something went very well
  5. Palat got real lucky. There’s almost some more of that clean “incidental contact with the shoulder” from Trouba. I didn’t realize how close it was live.
  6. Devil Dan 56


    He doesn’t appear to have had that motivation in years. I don’t know why he would regain it here at 39. He was great when he was on but he fits nowhere on this roster.
  7. I know it gets heated in here sometimes with people venting at losses and such, but I could never imagine assaulting another human being over a GAME played by MILLIONAIRES. What an unbelievable piece of trash and I hope he spends a long time behind bars thinking about it.
  8. End this Saturday, Tampa! Let Bieber have his MSG concert
  9. I thought they said Subban was told he wasn’t coming back?
  10. I usually like Ferraro but he’s been insufferable (there’s that word again) this series. Every excuse in the universe when the Poopstork lets up a goal.
  11. So your evidence that Makar was in the conversation is that Pronman from ESPN said they could take Makar first or trade down to take him. He even says “the popular notion” has been Nico and Patrick are number one but that his “sources” told him Shero might be considering Makar. That’s a real stretch.
  12. I think you’re on to something here.
  13. More than a few Ranger fans are saying he hurts more than he helps this playoffs. It’s wonderful to hear
  14. Finally figured out what Gallant reminds me of.
  15. Nice! And I agree. He’s lost a lot on the ice but he seems to be a great guy in the room. I hope he finds a good spot somewhere this offseason.
  16. It’s especially dumb considering that whether a team touched it or not has no bearing on the outcome, and I’m saying even if you believe in superstition. Stevens held it up and had the whole team take a picture with it one of the years they won the cup.
  17. I turned this one off at 4-2 Edmonton. Looks like I missed a doozy of a third period
  18. I’m sure we can work something out
  19. I don’t blame him. I wonder if the re-build rumors are true.
  20. Wow surprising move. I wonder who they have their eye on
  21. Yeah he really seems to check a lot of the boxes we need.
  22. I’d be comfortable with Slaf, Nemec, Cooley, or even Wright if Montreal passes on him. The fact that we can get one of them is a good position to be in.
  23. I’m not sure but I think those comments were tongue in cheek. My comments are admittedly NY sports media fueled terror, and I just can’t wait until Shesterkin is flopping around a golf course instead of the crease. Plus watching Ranger fans pop out of no where now is nauseating. I miss the days when that team had the highest payroll, paid people like Holik 10 million a season, missed the playoffs every year, and lost 20 something straight games to us.
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