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  1. They mentioned the EBUG was some kid who played hockey and golf at Manhattan College. That kid must have been sweating a little bit
  2. Great game, better ending.
  3. This is not the Domingue I remember
  4. Cinco Domingo is in?!? Oh no
  5. This Pittsburgh- Rags game is something. Interesting dynamic too, with a young up and coming ranger team (barf) and most likely the last ride for Pit with Crosby, Malkin, and Letang.
  6. Kakko did the smash the goalie play again. Unbelievable
  7. Damn pretty hard for him to say that wasn’t premeditated since he clearly stopped to think before he did it
  8. Yeah I didn’t agree with that one. I get it in that it worked for Lou in the past, but I feel like firing a coach who is winning can really be playing with fire
  9. Look at all our expected goals!
  10. Apparently they reviewed and changed their minds so THATS NICE.
  11. It might as well be. I grew up a Devils fan in New York during the 90’s. I hate watching this while our team needs 5 meetings to figure out how to work a doorknob.
  12. Ugh. ESPN is in full Ranger drooling mode and they have that Easter Island doof Messier there again on top of it.
  13. Other than MacLean, I can’t think of many times Lou used patience with coaches. He was pretty quick to make those decisions
  14. The season was all the evaluation Fitz should have needed.
  15. Unfortunately being a winner has nothing to do with goalie coaching ability. Jacques Caron didn’t win a thing and coached Brodeur most of his career. Same with Mitch Korn who has coached goalies for 20 something years with the Predators, Caps, and Isles. That being said, I’d prefer someone with experience coaching. Schneider has no experience in that regard. As for the rest of the bench, I like Brylin as an assistant coach next year as he seems to really help guys out. I think Zajac is being primed for a position as well. If the head coach isn’t Ruff again, I’m hoping it’s Maurice, Montgomery, etc. Someone who can bring experience running a team and a coaching staff
  16. “Wait a minute… this isn’t the elite European scoring winger we scouted!!! I meant Andrew Hammondsson!”
  17. Give Fitz time. He might not know the season ended yet. He’s probably waiting to see if Hammond can get us in the wild card.
  18. Regardless of what the young players think, something needs to change. We’ve gotten used to the losing but this was a historically bad season. The last time the team lost 46 games was 1986. The last time they allowed over 300 goals was 1989. I truly believe we have some pieces in place, but none of those pieces are behind the bench.
  19. As long as it’s not us doing the favor. I’m worried that Fitz takes that Binnington contract. He just has not gotten back to that cup level since they won. Then again, this is Hussos first big year too. Goaltending is so tricky We say it all the time, but damn did we get spoiled by Marty’s consistency and relative health.
  20. If Husso keeps playing like he did last night, that dude is gonna get paid. He had some unbelievable sequences
  21. Watching some of these other teams’ power plays in the playoffs is absolutely infuriating. Watching how they move the puck, get guys open, create chances makes it apparent that Recchi needs to go. There was none of this in the Devils power play most of the year
  22. If he says everyone is coming back with him, I’m gonna start watching Connor Bedard highlights.
  23. I’m saying Colorado finally pulls it off and meets Carolina in the finals. It wouldn’t shock me if Tampa was back in the finals though. I also have Tampa beating Toronto in 7 for another Leafs heartbreak.
  24. I think the most frustrating part about Zacha is he DOES have the skill. He has an NHL shot, he has the ability to go to the net for the tough goals, he has decent speed for a taller guy. He just uses none of it and it’s insane to me. He’s his agent all over again. Zacha is clearly a temperamental child and the rest of the team and organization shouldn’t have to be worried about if he’s in the mood to try or not. I was one of his biggest defenders but it’s time to move on. Let him figure it out in the KHL or ride a bus for some other organizations AHL team.
  25. It’s like he decided “I’m just gonna lean into the curve”
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