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  1. And they will. For hours on end kissing Messier and the rags butts
  2. “Hockey history was made across the parking lot” and then they show Messiers stupid guarantee? Not our 3 cups? Seriously ESPN can eat a fat one.
  3. Vanecek is having a hell of a game so far. I know most people aren’t into these, but I love low scoring, high intensity games
  4. Especially considering he was pretty much a throw-in for the Meier trade
  5. Those are classic and clean. I was also a fan of their 90’s jersey with the three lines under the logo. That’s a lot, shame we weren’t able to capitalize
  6. That’s a cool trivia question. I knew about Dineen but I had no idea the same guy scored the last goal against the Whalers and the first against the Canes. Trying to remember Tampa players from the mid 90s…
  7. Just Holtz and Daws so far. Maybe one of the equipment managers
  8. Once again, they dig themselves into a hole but never give up. It’s not ALL goaltending but it sure is huge
  9. Real shame how that goal sucked the air out of the arena
  10. How does he make these amazing saves and then lets in garbage
  11. This line looks great. Gonna suck when Coach clueless has Holtz back on the 4th line next period
  12. I’m pretty sure if they were to cut to the announcers they would be wearing MacKinnon jerseys
  13. This team is bad for my blood pressure… What a pass by Nico, great patience by Marino
  14. Well we’ve at least evened up the Vanecek effect so that’s good.
  15. Fitz has decided to stick with Lindy for the rest of the year because he hasn’t lost a game in 10 days.
  16. Ugh I forgot about his dopey ass. Hope VV wears extra pads for when Wood crashes into him
  17. Oh I agree. I’m sure we’re gonna get a nice Parise goal in our faces tonight.
  18. I missed Devils hockey. I’m really hoping the Devils can turn it around and that VV doesn’t let up a goal 48 seconds into the game
  19. Are you referring to 2021? He had a .918 save percentage in the playoffs that year and got a whopping 5 goals of support in his 3 losses to Montreal. He also helped eliminate the Wild and upset Colorado before they played Montreal. He wasn’t amazing but he wasn’t the only reason they lost to Montreal. Not saying he’ll be a savior for us or anything, but he’s probably a better option than VV at this point. Might also be a good guy to have working with Daws or Schmid too
  20. i didn’t see this posted anywhere, sorry if i missed it. I remember Lacher playing against us as a rookie in the 95 playoffs. I thought he had a long career ahead of him back then. Sad news
  21. I like the Devils one. I think a white outline on the logo and numbers would be sharp but the red and black fits the stadium style a lot of teams have used. Definitely a nice jersey that I’ll probably spend too much money on
  22. More fuel for the fire: This frees up 6.7 million
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