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  1. Well damn. I missed a lay up.
  2. Oh look. Another “accidental” Trouba elbow.
  3. I didn’t see blood. Did I miss it? Or is this just an ESPN pleasing call?
  4. Tampa keeps gaining control and then making terrible passes in the offensive zone to break up their own momentum. How frustrating
  5. I’m so glad Tampa and Vasilevskiy picked now to be mortal.
  6. Shesterkin every time someone breathes on him.
  7. Shane Wright says the right things. I still think Montreal takes him and we go Slaf or one of the d-men
  8. This western conference final has been so much more entertaining than the east. It’s night and day
  9. Absolutely true. It’s just frustrating. Their “fan” base is coming out of the woodwork. People who can’t name a Ranger are already doing victory laps and the NY media just remembered that hockey exists.
  10. It’s so insanely frustrating that we were in the finals in 2012 and have been a dumpster fire ever since, and the Rags were in the finals in 2014, in the conference finals in 2015, apologized to their fan base for sucking in 2018, and are now about to be back in the finals while our once proud franchise needs an analytics team to figure out how to turn a door knob.
  11. This is really happening, huh? Unbelievable. Tampa picks this round to collapse.
  12. To this day I still think blowing that home opener against Winnipeg when we had a 4-0 lead broke something in the universe and sent us into the some kind of hellish hockey timeline. Like when Biff gave his young self the Sports Almanac in BTTF2
  13. I never got into Post Malone but during the early days of the pandemic he covered a ton of Nirvana songs in a little live-from-home concert if I remember right and I thought it was fantastic. Having no real knowledge of his music going into it, it really blew me away
  14. I’m pretty sure they can’t. Someone with more cap knowledge would know, but I thought 50% was the max you can eat when you trade a player.
  15. Scoreless game and then 5 minutes into the 2nd Colorado gets 2 in 15 seconds and then adds a 3rd a minute later. Mike Smith is incredibly inconsistent. I’m shocked they made it to the conference finals.
  16. Hoooo boy. Not fun how this one started.
  17. Yeah. That sucked never knowing what shoes he had on.
  18. Yeah it’s really awesome to see. So many players from the area are Ranger or Flyers fans, great to see one who grew up with the Devils.
  19. I’m hoping this guy puts the Rags away in overtime at least once this series.
  20. Yeah, just eat around the dessert hole. Not gonna let perfectly good mousse go to waste.
  21. Seeing these young teams in the Western Conference Finals after watching them slowly develop over the last few years really has me excited for that to be the Devils again one day. We still need a lot of pieces, but some of them are there. I think Bastian for example is a guy who would be valuable in a playoff run.
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