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  1. I really don't think the Devils lost because you weren't in your seat. Not that that ridiculous notion needs to be proved or disproved, but 1.) you have sat in your seat for games lost and 2.) you weren't in ANY seat when the game was ultimately lost. And I refuse to eat hot dogs at the arena. They don't cook them well enough! It's not a Nathan's hot dog if the skin ain't seared!!
  2. Wow, thanks guys, that was really cool. And I may be gone from here... but I'm never ever gone from the Devils and true fans! And Crash, you owe me some grub. You totally shoulda paid for my food from Cotton Candy-Eye Joe. (And I know you think not forcing yourself into your regular seat is good enough, but it's totally not. Haha. ) Long live the Devils!!!!!! Esp. Elias!
  3. I have a ton of stuff going up on eBay and wanted to let you guys know, since a lot of it is Devils-related. I did the first lot during the Oscars last night, which gave me a lot of time... http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZdevilsjun...1QQfsooZ1QQrdZ0 There will also be an array of Devils tees and numbered shirts from places like Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle (the numbers may seem strikingly familiar). For those not in New Jersey, I can offer combined shipping (even those out of the U.S. -- even though the auction says I won't) and for those in Jersey who want to, you can eliminate charges all together if I meet you at a game with the loot. Enjoy. Check the link back tomorrow too!
  4. I appreciate everyone responses, I kind of rethought this, maybe I should have done that before I got 65 sigs yesterday, huh? Like we always say, the Devs are gonna do what they do. Let's hope they do right by Marshall.
  5. Hi all, long-time no see!! I was gonna have a petition to make sure that Grant Marshall was invited to the '03 Stanley Cup celebration...but it seems silly in retrospect. I just hope they do right by him and let him get his deserved cheers on March 17.
  6. Those are awesome pix and a great story! Did you get to meet Paul, he's outstanding? The most even-keeled guy. And Travis is so poised on the ice and so ... I don't know how to say it without making it sound wrong, because it's nothing like wrong, but like a deer in Stevens' headlights. Oduya is a total sweetheart. Everyone should get to meet him. I'm glad he's hanging around! I'm not shocked more people weren't there. This was for them, not for us, I think. Hence the beers! The Gomer stuff is a downer.
  7. I relinquish mine so people can have some fun around here! Hope all are well.
  8. These are fabulous! What's your camera?
  9. Jamie scores on one-timer. 5-on-3. Top left wing circle up and under bar
  10. You responded to my comment and I went the first day. Sorry, but that's all I have. Couldn't tell what you meant from the one word.
  11. Sorry, Rock, I didn't hear the part about who you were, but I've had less sleep than Crash lately. I didn't even notice Terreri and crew behind us, so that shows you how off my game I am ... we are excuse machines! I'll just add to Crasher's thoughts, since those were mostly amulgamations of what we were talking about... --I thought Ryznar looked exceptional during the one-on-one drills and like he needed some work in regular strength situations, which prob. hurts my contention that he could fill the right wing slot on the Madden line. --Thought Zajac looked good, but green. He'll prob. be on a similar track as the younger Parise (that's Zach, of course). --Also looking really confident was Tallackson. --Speaking of Parise's, the elder one looked lost in second session and like the king of the universe in the third one so it's obvious where he fits on the depth chart. --Sorry to say this, cause I like the kid, but Voros didn't look good at all. I think he's being passed on the depth chart. --And while it's true Rupp was skating well -- and Terreri seemed to be impressed by his size (!!!!) -- he still has the same brain. I wasn't impressed by his stick handling (!!!!) or his shot selection. --And cause I gotta say it... Elias looked phenomenal! (I liked the bird call that didn't come from him after he beat Marty in the shootout.) The only one who got him was the previously mentioned machine, Whitey. (That man can smile wickedly and still cut you down). Time to put the C in Patrik finally. --Oh and Crash forgot to share the best line of the day, which he said... Stephen Gionta is wearing his height on his jersey. He was No. 55.
  12. Another standup keep-your-team-in performance by an NHL goalie. Kolzig was so astonishing yesterday and Aebischer looked ultra-confident today.
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