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  1. That's why I'm proud to be Canadian.
  2. 3 35+ goal scorers on a "trap" team, I've never been so embarrassed to post in a thread in my life.
  3. Easy there, the Red Sox played a Jays squad at 100% health, the Jays would probably be 5-10 games over .500 right now if they weren't plagued with all their injuries.
  4. Rampage

    Slapshots 7/15

    Sutter >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Julien.
  5. True Crime by far, I get dizzy when I play GTA lol.
  6. Attendence threads will ALWAYS occur if your team isn't located in Canada or Pittsburgh, Minnesota, New York, Philly and Buffalo.
  7. Yeah, it took me years of nagging my Dad to get season tickets to the Toronto Argonauts, I don't want to know what it would be like to get him to get Raptors season tickets or Devils tickets if I lived in Jersey lol.
  8. Yeah, I think putting the Arena in Newark in brilliant. Especially with it being minutes from buses, trains etc.
  9. I'm curious to know how the ticket sales for The Rock are going? I heard recently on a Toronto Radio Station when one of the hosts were talking to the Devils play-by-play announcer that all the boxes are almost sold out? Hopefully this new arena in Newark can hold some fairly respectable crowds after the disappointed last season at Airlines Arena. I'm also planning a trip to head down there to see 2 games, I can't wait!
  10. Sad news, but this is ridiculous. It's all over TSN and they have the panel talking about it and everything, yet we have Canadian troops dying over-seas, and police officers getting killed and we barely get any news coverage. I'm completely embarrassed to have TSN on right now.
  11. The NFL is my favorite league/sport. The CFL is a good filler when the Red Sox have run away with the division and the Raps and Devils are sitting on their asses.
  12. What an amazing logo. The Sharks hit the nail on the head with this!
  13. I LOVE the Delfino and Kapono additions. Toronto is going Raptor crazy with the younger generation From kids 12-29 it's all Raptors and no Leafs which is great. Were talking Eastern Conference Finals up here with our roster. As for Mo Pete, he was a great guy, he lived in the community, I saw him atleast once a week downtime and he always had time for a 5-10 minute talk. I wish him the best of luck in N.O but he just isn't the same player. And I used to be a wrestling fan, now I love UFC lol. And puckrock, we've been in hiding!
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