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  1. Oh Captain, my Captain, oh Moose, my Moose!!

  2. Feel like getting a taste of what it was like live at the Draft Party? Check out my documentary style podcast, posted in the New Jersey Devils Draft Party thread! End shameless plug :-D

  3. has Club Seats in Section 20 for tonight game and has a question: I know I'm entitled to free eats and non alcoholic drinks in I think the fire Lounge but is that available all throughout the game? Just wanted to make sure as I've never sat in a club seat for a game before. Thanks!

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    2. ThreeCups


      I love the clubs! Try to get them a few times a season when I can get good deals

    3. NJDevsRock


      so then I guess they do have different items on different nights, we had bbq beef on the carving station...good to know

    4. DevsMan84


      Sounds really good and thanks for the info. Got club seat tickets at a good price from Stubhub for a game next month and can't wait!

  4. Just got my Atlantic Plan for the upcoming season. Section 109, here I come!

    1. lucifer91


      i got the 12 game all star pack, am also in section 109, row 4

  5. Funny...I thought the Stanley Cup Finals were on tonight. Instead. I'm getting the North American Pond Hockey Championships. Strange...

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