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  1. Does he still do the "Get To Know A District" bit? I watch very little TV, but I was always a big fan of that one...the Detroit one is fanatstic. "What can we do to get people to buy American cars....other than making them desirable..." By the way, I think he lives in Upper Montclair, NJ...I used to work at Kings Suppermarket in Upper Montclair and he used to come in all the time. Him and Scott Stevens
  2. Not to jump on the bandwagon or "run the bit into the ground", but I blame Neids for... The disappearance of the "Melrose Mullet" in hockey John Lennon's murder My thinning hair People who walk around with thier Bluetooth hands free thing in thier ear like they just beamed down from the Enterprise Crappy morning zoo DJ's doing "fan stuff" at hockey games (remember Greg T at the CAA???) Premio Sausage Scott Burnside Every time I'm taking a piss when the Devs score a goal AIDS
  3. My concern about this is amount of travel the players will have to go through during a season just so Vancouver can get a gander at Sid the Kid in person. This is obviously another way for the NHL to raise ticket sales in flagging markets, which isn't a bad thing. That would just suck for a player to have to double his travel in a year just so Anaheim gets the Sidney Crosby Traveling Circus. I agree with thelast however...the fewer games against Sid we play, the better we end up :-D
  4. Saw this on nhl.com and thought it was worth posting...had a great carrear that started in the swamp, so I thought it was thread worthy! Good luck to Sean! Veteran goalie Sean Burke retires TORONTO (AP) -NHL goaltender Sean Burke officially retired Tuesday after nearly 20 years in the league. Burke spent last season with the Los Angeles Kings, and played for nine teams during his career, which also included playing for Canada in the 1988 Olympics. Selected 24th overall in the 1985 draft, Burke reached the NHL near the end of the 1987-88 season with the New Jersey Devils. Burke, 40, also was with Hartford, Philadelphia, Carolina, Vancouver, Florida, Phoenix and Tampa Bay. Burke, who played on three All-Star teams, finishes with 820 games played (12th among goalies), 324 wins (19th) and 38 shutouts (sixth).
  5. Here's hoping Langs gets better soon! Hopefully, Brylin will be able to step up into his spot come October...
  6. njskaguy33

    New Captain

    Squish...I just have a good feeling about it! Maybe it's because it's Friday or maybe my custom painted goalie mask just got finished and is waiting for me when I get home or maybe it's the can of Coke I slurrped down at lunch. The origins of my sudden optimisim elude me... Here's what I know... The FA signings prove we are moving away from the past and getting back to Devils hockey, even though we don't traditionally go after FA's. Sports writers always say we are boring...I just haven't read one that said we are going to suck yet...but I'm sure they are out there. We did the best we could without overpaying for people...you don't attain an identity buy buying marquee players...you do it through smart acquisitions and bringing people up through the system. We also have clutch players who can score...Elias, Gio, Zajac and Parise immediately come to mind. Amazing how I forgot this whole thread is about Sutter trying to decide on who gets the C! Sorry about that! Squish, we just have to agree to disagree! I just hope I'm right!
  7. njskaguy33

    New Captain

    Elias is obviously the front runner for the captaincy, but I have a sneaking suspision that he's not going to get the job. If Sutter thought he could handle it, why would he come out and say he is looking to name a captain? Plus, Sutter has been all about "making the team his"...maybe a new captain is his way of wiping the slate clean. If Elias doesn't land the job, my guess will be Madden or Sarge...although I would really like to see Pando get it...not going to happen, but he has been the Unsung Hero for a while now. Parise is too young and White would be a terrible choice...my eyes would be laying right next to RD's
  8. My favorite pic in the above gallery is Elias taking a picture wearing his brand new Rbk jersey, shorts and sandals...made me chuckle! And yes, Weekes' mask is sweeet...he is always good for wearing a rocking mask! Edit : Damn...and Zubrus looks like he is going to knock that photographer through the glass! Badass...
  9. You're right...they opened practice with Hell but for about 2 months or so, they opened the actual game with In Your Honor and then stopped for whatever reason. Honestly, now that I think of it, it might have been the year before...all the opening songs kinda run together Either way, both songs rock the "hiz-ouse"...yuck...I just said hiz-ouse...
  10. Wow...being a newbie, I would never expect a spammer on a message board. Does this guy his account deleted or something? I'm still amazed at how bad the jerseys are...
  11. Scott Niedermayer: 5 Zdeno Chara: 2 (-) Teppo Numminen: 4 Jarome Iginla: 5 Erik Cole: 5 Nikolai Khabibulin: 5 Joe Sakic: 5 Rick Nash: 4 Mike Modano: 4 Brian Rafalski:8 Sheldon Souray: 5 Olli Jokinen: 4 Tom Preissing: 6 Brian Rolston: 7 Saku Koivu: 6 Jason Arnott: 8 Cam Janssen: 7 Bill Guerin: 5 Dany Heatley: 7 Jason Smith: 6 David Aebischer: 4 Sidney Crosby: 5 Joe Thornton: 10 Paul Kariya: 5 Vincent Lecavalier: 4 Roberto Luongo: 5 Alexander Ovechkin: 7 (+) Offed: $cott Gomez Donald Brashear Darcy Tucker
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