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    Pleeeeaaase be done on time....pleeeaase....
  2. Fair point! Unfortunately, seeing and doing are two seperate things...if he could have duplicated a fraction of Marty's greatness, he would have had a better carrear. The whole Jacques Caron thing actually proves a poor goalie can be a great coach...and Dunham wasn't half bad to begin with. He'll be fine...just a surprising move when you first look at it. Also, sorry for being a bit of a d!ck, hattrick...the whole "Marty's coach" thing was a joke with no smiley and I've been feeling like sh!t for 5 days now...just got a little touchy...my apologies.
  3. Good article!! I really hope Clarkson gets in the lineup...he showed a great deal of promise last season and should do well if Sutter can find a spot for him in the lineup.
  4. I need a sarcastic smiley.... Seriously, you have a point...Dunham is no better or worse than any other goaltending coach, I guess. The Isles just have that "huh?" factor with thier moves and signings. Good luck to Mike...hope he does well in his new role!
  5. Scott Niedermayer: 6 (+) Bobby Holik: 5 Zdeno Chara: 3 Teppo Numminen: 5 Jarome Iginla: 4 Erik Cole: 5 Nikolai Khabibulin: 5 Joe Sakic: 5 Rick Nash: 5 Mike Modano: 5 Brian Rafalski:6 Sheldon Souray: 5 Olli Jokinen: 4 (-) Tom Preissing: 6 Brian Rolston: 6 Saku Koivu: 6 Jason Arnott: 6 Cam Janssen: 7 Bill Guerin: 5 Dany Heatley: 6 Jason Smith: 6 David Aebischer: 5 Sidney Crosby: 5 Joe Thornton: 7 Paul Kariya: 5 Vincent Lecavalier: 5 Darcy Tucker: 4 Roberto Luongo: 5 Donald Brashear: 3 Offed: Scott Gomez
  6. hmmmm....he's Marty's goal coach?
  7. I for one am glad that TD brought this travesty to our attention...I now have something new to annoy everyone at work with! Love the fact that the mascots number is 0...very appropriate....
  8. Good luck to Dunham...he had potential but could never put it all together. Good guy...but goalie coach?
  9. I really dug when they opened with Foo Fighters - In Your Honor. Yeah, it's a touch cliche but I love the build up in that song...gets me pumped! Makes me feel like our team is going to war for the fans Here's the song if you don't know it - In Your Honor
  10. Thought I would share this everybody...good off season reading from ESPN's worst hockey writer...he always says something that annoys me! I just copy/pasted the Devils blurb but he goes through the whole conference. Training camp preview: Eastern Conference Atlantic Division New Jersey Devils: For the third straight post-lockout season, critics will be busily predicting the demise of the Devils. And, as the Devils continue to hemorrhage cornerstone players, why not? This summer saw the departure of veteran puck-moving defenseman Brian Rafalski and slick center Scott Gomez. Yet GM and master of the Devils' domain Lou Lamoriello always finds ways to plug holes -- no matter how gaping. So, into the breach come Vitaly Vishnevski and Dainius Zubrus, not to mention highly coveted coach Brent Sutter. But, at some point, the toll of losing players such as Gomez, Rafalski, Scott Stevens and Scott Niedermayer since the lockout is going to catch up to the Devils. Well, isn't it? Dearly departed: Brian Rafalski, Scott Gomez, Brad Lukowich. Joyously welcomed: Dainius Zubrus, Vitaly Vishnevski, Arron Asham, Kevin Weekes, Karel Rachunek, Brent Sutter (coach). Burning questions
  11. Wow...my a$$hole is burning after reading all the responses...njdevs.com sure turns into a prison shower when somebody makes an argument against the ultimate captain... In fairness, I did make a mistake when reading up on the stats of Scott Stevens...too much typing, not enough reading. Sorry 'bout that. Upon further review, it's obvious that catching Stevens will be near impossible, especially given the idiotic timeframe I sh!t out. 4 years... I also never knew Stevens as Cap...I knew he wore the C but thats about it...guess I should have read into it further before making indefenseable comments about his lack of scoring prowess. He joined the Devs in 91...I was 10. Again... In light of this new information, I do recognize Stevens as being the better player...I based my argument on stuff that just wasn't true. Sorry for wasting everyone's time. In recognition of my dumb comments, I have removed Stevens' banner as my avatar and replaced it with a picture of Corky from Life Goes On, signifying the "waterhead-esqe" comments I made and where they came from. Lesson learned...sunrise, sunset.
  12. I'll agree with you on that one...but that's his fault for thinking about retirement at 32. He easily has 4 more years in him to help a team be successful....nevermind personal stats and accomplishments. As for Neids, I always really liked the guy so maybe I have a touch of bias there. Steven's urked me for the way he treated the Beezer in the '01 playoffs so..again...small bias. As for Steven's 78 point season, bravo to him...thats quite an accomplishment...but he never got more than 31 in a season after 93-94. Neids tallied over 30 points in every season since 95-96. Also, let me go on record as saying I really like Scott Stevens...his banner wouldn't be my avatar if I didn't. His contributions to the Devs is only equaled, and maybe surpassed, by Broduer's...now THAT's a debate!! In my mind, he is the ultimate captain and is still missed. I just think Neids is a slighty better all around player...and I'm sticking to it!
  13. And not to make enemies on the board, but if you want to talk about "application of talent", look at Nieds...I'm not going to list his carrear accomplishments but he is easily one of the most accomplished defensemen who have ever played. The guy has won almost everything a player can win...some of them multiple times. Again, back on topic, hooooray for Leetch!!
  14. Never wrote off the physical aspect of the game...Stevens had an energy and a tenacity that Neids will never have. What Stevens lacked in speed and accuracy, he made up for with physcial pressence, passion for the game and leadership. When it's all said and done, Neids and Stevens are very close in total talent and worth to a team...I just put Neids ahead by a nose because Neidermayer's speed, IMO, slightly outweighs Steven's hitting ability and he has proven to be an effective captain in Anaheim. Also, if Neids sticks around and plays for 4 more years, he will surpass Steven's carrear numbers....if, of course, he sticks around. Also, just to get back on topic, Leetch rocks...just glad they aren't retiring his number on a night we play them
  15. Scott Niedermayer: 5 Bobby Holik: 5 Zdeno Chara: 5 Teppo Numminen: 5 Jarome Iginla: 5 Erik Cole: 5 Nikolai Khabibulin: 5 Joe Sakic: 5 Rick Nash: 4 Mike Modano:5 Brian Rafalski:5 Sheldon Souray: 6 Olli Jokinen: 5 Tom Preissing: 5 Brian Rolston: 5 Saku Koivu: 6 (+) Jason Arnott: 5 Cam Janssen: 5 Bill Guerin: 5 Scott Gomez: 3 Dany Heatley: 5 Jason Smith: 5 David Aebischer: 5 Sidney Crosby: 6 Joe Thornton: 6 Paul Kariya: 5 Vincent Lecavalier: 5 Darcy Tucker: 5 Roberto Luongo: 5 Donald Brashear: 4 (-) Thought I would be original and go against the anti-Gomer trend!
  16. No offence but I think you're underestimating Neidermayer's imapct on the Dev's...he was easily the most talented defensemen we ever had, including Stevens. Sure Stevens was an incredible leader, motivator and he could level a Mac truck with his shoulder but Neids always had more pure hockey talent. He has better hands, a better shot and was one of the speediest defensemen in the leauge. Still is. I also don't fault Neids for leaving the way he did...he took less money to try to win a Cup with his brother. Can't blame the guy for that. Personally, I feel that if Lou had picked up Rob Niedermeyer when he was a free agent, Scott would still be a Dev...no doubt in my mind. Maybe thats why we have no many brothers in the system now...Parise, Gionta, Pandolfo...hmmmm....
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