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  1. Yeah, thats why I love playing along to these acoustic CD's...it's like singing without back up vocals!
  2. On paper, 4th place seems very feasible...you can't deny the paper impact (or as I like to call it, the NHL 2007 video game impact) of losing Gomer and Falski...it took our team from an 87 to an 84. However, if we finish 4th, guess what...were still making the playoffs! There is a huge chance that 4 out 5 teams in the Atlantic will make it to the post season...very telling of how good this division got!
  3. Try this...www.homestarrunner.com Work safe Flash cartoons...I highly recommend the Strong Bad e-mails...a guy in a Mexican wresting mask answers e-mails on an ancient PC and hilarity ensues!! Good if you like goofy, silly humor
  4. Cutting the connection that you two have had for 5 years is going to be the hardest thing to do...but you have to! I had a simliar situation a few years ago...I was with a girl for 3 years, planning an engagement, the whole shmear. One day she up and texted...yes texted me that she didn't "feel the love" anymore and wanted to break up...obviously, I was devestated. Once we split, she would call me every other day...sometimes she would want to get soemthing eat, see a movie, or just blab about her problems. Long story short, we got back together after a 3 week seperation, dated for another month and then she wanted to spilt again this time over the phone! Halfway through the 2 hour converation I went from "pleeeeaaase we can work this out" to "you know what, you're right...this sucks". Within a second, I did a huge 180 and that was that. Hung up, went home, threw some of her stuff in the garbage and that was that. Never saw her in person again (except for when ran up to me at a Devs game...awkward considering I was there with my current girlfriend) Devil Dan is 100% right...don't let her have the best of both worlds! When my ex left, I had to realize she made a choice, I had to live with it and not be bitter about it...but I also made a choice not to be her "shoulder to cry on"...her new boyfriend can do that! If you keep coming back, she'll use use you as her emotional garbage can while her new bf enjoys a baggage free relationship. Let the connection naturally break and you will feel so much better when it does...you'll find another girlfriend and that relationship will be even better now that you've learned from this one!
  5. First and formost, Єklund (2.3% accurate) (2.3% accurate) is the worst...my best friend is a huge rumor guy and I got sucked in when FA started this year but now I'm done with them. When TSN announces a deal, then I'll pay attention...but since it's August and I'm bored... Trading Elias makes no sence...he has a big contract, has that pesky NTC and is the captian. If we traded Elias, who would wear the C? White? Gio? Madden? Roll 4 A's and no captain? Doesn't make sense. I could, however, see Martin leaving....maybe package him with some of our extra 4th liners and get an upgrade on D (Ohlund if you listen to Єklund (2.3% accurate) (2.3% accurate))...nothing else makes sense to me. Personally, I feel if you can keep Martin for a good price, keep him...I'd rather see some depth in the organization than a potential "upgrade" for someone who will need a year to get used to the Dev's system. Our D isn't that broke...is it?
  6. Thanks for the props...I haven't shopped it out to magazines or anything yet...I'm waiting to get a nice catalog of good material before I start doing that. As for the movie thing, my brother is a film student at MSU so I'm waiting to see if it's something he would be interetsed in doing....ya never know!
  7. Ooohhh boy...here we go....::bracing for collision:::
  8. Throw some ska on there...Reel Big Fish - "Sellout", Mighty Mighty Bosstones - "The Impression That I Get" or if you need something a little more obscure, try Buck-O-Nine - "My House". All of these songs got serious airplay during "The Summer of Ska" back in 1997. Of course, you should definately throw some Sublime on there...either Date Rape or Carress Me Down would be my choices. If you need a "legal" mp3, just PM me!
  9. I've only heard the Hockey Song once or twice at a Devs game but it's played alot at other arenas. It's one of those things where you either really dig it or can't stand it. I like it...it's corny as hell but there is something very "old time hockey" about it.
  10. Thought I would throw this up here...This is something I wrote last year...the story is 95% true and has been verified by everybody involved. This comes from my MySpace blog...it's the second story down. Enjoy! 13:53 - A Street Hockey Story
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