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  1. Caruso...this decade's William Shatner...
  2. I don't know about anybody else, but I always like having more Pandolfos in the system!
  3. Yep, that's the one...I forget the section/seat I was in, but I was in the upper level, right around center ice. It was cool to see all the Devils fans dotting the arena...more than I expected. RBC is a nice arena...I'm guessing the Rock will look similar!
  4. Welcome to the board! I spent 4 weeks in Raleigh this past March and was able to catch a few Canes games (including one Devils game) at the RBC Center. Have to give the fans in the Carolinas a ton of respect...they were all very cool to me, even though I was in thier house, wearing a Devil's jersey and cheering my head off. Again, welcome!
  5. It took me 16 months to find my first job out of college, which is the job I have now. The people who have repsonded are right...just be persistant! I graudated NJIT with a degree in IT, right when the tech bubble burst. The only jobs I could land were working tech support or doing programming, both of which I refused to do. So, I just kept working at a deli part time, sent out a TON of resumes and finally landed the job I have now, which I absolutely love...the trick is to know what you want or at least what you don't want and go from there. That way when you land that first job, it will be something you actually want to do. In the meantime, a good part time job is in a supermarket. While it may not be perfect, in NJ they are all union, which mean part time benefits...I had doctor, dental and eye care with my union healthcare plan and that was working part time! I don't get eye with my full time job! I even have a pension from the place...it's small but it's something! Just stick to it man! Nothing is worse than having a nice shiny degree and nothing to do with it, I know...just keep at it!
  6. Every time I see an update for the Rock, it makes me ansy for October to roll around. It's like watching your home being built. I'm glad the organization is keeping us updated on the construction!
  7. This article makes me even more excited to see Asham in a Devils sweater! I still think a great spot for him would be on the Pando - Madden line but Rupp would definately benefit as well...it will be interesting to see who he ends up with.
  8. Ok...seriously....this is an excellent video : Give it a minute before judging Oh...here's another.... WARNING!! NOT WORK FRIENDLY :
  9. Now THIS is the finest music video ever made....
  10. Personally, I could care less if Bond's cheated or not...the record is legit because he hit 756 home runs...and thats it. If baseball could prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he used illegal steriods, then Barry would have been thrown out of baseball and the issue would have been closed. But, due to the ineptitude of MLB, they didn't. Also, how do we know none of the "old guard record holders" cheated themselves...they may not have had steriods but are plently of ways to gain an edge...players have been doing that since sports began and that will never change. Now that I think about it, I think it would rock if EVERY baseball player was on 'roids. It would be like that Bugs Bunny cartoon when the giant players are in a conga line cracking HR after HR....dum dum dum dum dum...CRACK I also love Barry's FU attitude towards the media...classic
  11. I don't mind the back and forth...I equate it to hockey (but then again, I equate everything to hockey...work, money, sex...he shoots...he scores!!) In hockey, if somebody goes after one of your star players, that somebody is going to get hammered...thats just the way it is. So, when the Toronto guy (sorry, not a huge baseball fan) goes after A-Rod, I see nothing wrong with Clemens, at the end of his "shift", taking a throw at a Toronto batter. Only difference is that in hockey he have enforcers to do the dirty work. It's all about intimidation and getting in your opponents head...which didn't work for the Jays 'cause they lost 9-2. Personally, I would love the two of them to start fighting on the mound, get 3 inning majors and have to sit in tiny penalty boxes next to the kid who catches the foul balls and tosses them into the crowd...that would be hilarious
  12. At least we don't have to keep hearing about "Sidney Crosby - Teen Phenom". I guess they'll have to switch it up to "Twenty-Something Phenom" or something snappy like that
  13. I'd like to be the official keeper of Arron Asham. Thanks!
  14. I agree with South and Devilish....the Flyers are my most hated team...the very thought of them makes me physically ill. Nothing made me happier last season than watching them rot in the basement of the league. Here's the rest of the list... 1) Flyers - Worst fans in hockey...almost every problem I've seen in CAA was thanks to a Flyers fan 2) Rags - It's in our blood to hate the Rags but they are honestly a far second to the Flyers 3) Toronto - Never forgive the hit on Neids by Domi...even if Neids is a Duck now and Domi is retired 4) Boston - They just bug me...can't put a finger on it.
  15. I have a huge range of musical tastes...I spend more money on music in a year then anything else, excluding food! If I had to pick a favortie type of music it would be ska...if you don't know what it is think a reggae/dub/dancehall mix, slightly sped up with (sometimes) a punk rock feel. Reel Big Fish, Sublime, Mighty Mighty Bosstones are examples of typical ska bands. I actually do a ska podcast that doesn't suck...www.myspace.com/skankinhepcatshow if you care to give a listen. Shameless plug, I agree... My top 5 bands are.... 1) Smashing Pumpkins 2) Dave Matthews Band - I'm a drummer...I'm allowed... 3) Green Day 4) Reel Big Fish 5) the Toasters
  16. All good points, Trent...my worry is there are a ton of maybes in our defense. Maybe Rachunek will play to potential and not stink like he did on the Rags...maybe Green will have a consistantly good year...hopefully Vishnevski will surprise alot of people...maybe Matvichuk will stay healthy. I'm not saying any team is a sure lock defensively but I can't say this defense is better without Rafalski. Lou did his best to fill the gaps without overpaying...give him credit for that...but time will tell if this defense is better or not. Actually, we'll know within the first 9 games. Just for the record, Trent, I hope the hell you're right!
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