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  1. Every time I hear a Bon Jovi song, I imagine a Jersey bar at around 1:30 in the morning blaring Livin' On A Prayer as 3 drunk chicks and a fat dude with a "FBI : Female Booty Investigator" t-shirt pump thier fists and sing along. They are all drinking Coors Lights, the messes are wearing matching halter tops and I'm praying the DJ suddenly collapes from a cardiac arrest. Yeeeuck...
  2. I'll clap and giggle when this number is confirmed but if this is true, that's a bargin!!! A potential 40 goal scorer at about 3 mil a year....in Lou I trust! What nicer about this deal is that Parise will be a free agent in 2011...the only other unrestricted for that year, as of right now is Jamie...shouldn't be a problem to keep those 2 in the fold with a nice bump for Parise, if we survive the offseason of 2009...lots of important free agents to sign then...Brylin, Madden and Gionta to name a few. Glad to see Lou is planning for the future!
  3. Thats a fair number...Avery provided a huge emotional boost for the Rags last season and if he can stay out of the box, is a decent enforcer. Naturally, I can't stand the douche but the Rags should accept the arbitration and run! Personally, I'm looking forward to watching Cam splatter Avery into the boards next season....but that's just me
  4. Hmmmm....interesting stats. To me ESPN just means more exposure...but if ESPN doesn't promote the leauge and sticks it between Competitive Spelling Bees and Women's Bowling, the whole thing will be be moot anyway. I actually liked Versus's coverage of the NHL last season, especially since Doc did the PBP for most of the playoff games. Music to my ears...
  5. Amen brother....amen.... As for hockey being on EPSN, anything that will keep the leauge financially sound is good for me. Having hockey on ESPN will draw more viewers, period. Now will those viewers go to games, buy jerseys and eat Premio sausage at the arena...ehhhhh, probably not. Hockey is a niche sport filled with hardcore fans and it will take much more than ESPN to change that.
  6. I'd like to be the official keeper of the Beat the Traffic chant and Craig Billington....as long as I'm not blind and someone hasn't claimed them! Thanks!
  7. Got mine about 2 months ago but I'm Section 209, Row 5, Seats 5 and 6....I also got preferred parking which I may be selling for the games I go to with my brother, being I live 10 minutes from the new arena and can take the Newark City Subway....$1.25 each way!! Naturally, the passes will only be available to my new friends here at NJDevs I'll be sure to add a thread in the Marketplace when I figure out who is going to what! See you in Newark!
  8. Ok...here goes... TEAM: Eastern Parkway Flying Dragons...we don't play in any leauges just yet but we should be soon...as soon as we get more gooder! POSITION: As Crasher said....goal...there is NO other position!!! TEAM #: 33...and no it's not a Roy thing. I'm actually a crazy Smashing Pumpkins fan and 33 is the name of an SP song...been my favorite number ever since Mellon Colllie came out The only other number I've ever taken was 55 when I played a season at ISCA. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PLAYING: I've been playing street hockey off and on since I was 15 and my only love has been goal. Don't even bothering giving me a shooter stick...I don't know what to do with it! STATS : Statistics?!?! We don't need no freaking statistics!!! Actually, I've never bothered to keep stats but I'm sure our team captain has them memorized for me...he's good like that.
  9. njskaguy33

    The New Joker

    To quote the great Jim Norton, "He stinks...and I don't like him!"
  10. Some interesting info about Bergfors from www.hockeysfuture.com...he's rated #20 on thier list of top 40 prospects....not too shabby... http://www.hockeysfuture.com/hockey_top_50_prospects/ 20. Nicklas Bergfors - RW - New Jersey Devils Height: 5-11, Weight: 195 After a fantastic first pro season as the youngest player in the AHL last year, Bergfors hasn\'t taken the giant leap forward offensively that some projected and was one of the more disappointing players at the 2007 WJCs for Team Sweden. However, the Devils shouldn\'t be overly concerned about the swift-skating Swede. He just recently turned 20, and most 20-year-olds can\'t lay claim to being in their second season of pro hockey like Bergfors can. Through 48 games in Lowell this season, he has scored 13 goals and 18 assists. Bergfors plays an up-tempo style that suits the new NHL to a T and is by far and away the most talented player in the Devils system. He should be ready to challenge for some full-time NHL duty next fall.
  11. This is definately the work of two desperate teams...Carolina is desperate to re-create the magic from 2006 and the Rags are desperate to dump payroll. I think getting Yashin would be farfetched but then again I would have said the same about them getting Drury and Gomer two weeks ago....
  12. Kovalchuk makes a whopping 5.5 mil this year and 7.5 for the next two....that's Elias money and I don't think Lou would move our captain....although I would take Kovalchuk over Elias
  13. Hey man, I respect seniority...I wouldn't want some guy coming in and tkaing my spot either! However, I 'm always up for a goaltending challenge....
  14. Not only do I have my season tickets again for the Rock, I know of a few people who are upgrading from partials to seasons. It's just easier to get there now! I for one can't wait to sell my preferred parking passes and take the Newark City Cubway to and from games...$1.25 each way!
  15. ...when you go to another team's arena and can't figure out why nobody is joining you in your "Beat The Traffic" chant
  16. ...you know exactly where you were when Friesen scored the game winning goal against the Sens in the '03 Eastern Conference Finals For me, I was listening on the radio in my friend's Jeep (Sharks fan) with his girlfriend (Rags fan) sitting next to him. When Friesen scored, I started screaming Let's Go Devils with my head out of the window going about 50 mph. Needless to say, they were less than pleased with me...
  17. Most important acquisition, by a nose, would have to be Sutter. The one thing that the Devs have been missing over the last few years is an identity. We haven't seen true Devils discipline since Pat burns was running the show and Sutter should provide that kick in the a$$. Our younger payers, (Zajac, Parise) will also be even better under his leadership. Everyone will be held accountable for their play from now on and it's about time! Number two would have to be Zubrus. I spent a month in DC last year and got a chance to go to a few Caps games, so I was able to see Zubrus in action. He's seems to be the kind of player that opens up oppurtunities for others and is always "in the play". I remember being pretty impressed by him...amazing since your attention is constantly on Ovechkin when you watch the Caps! I can see him as a Brylin style player who will fit well in the Devils system. All we need is one more scorer....
  18. Ok....I am well aware that the following statement may alienate me from everyone on the board and I'm only 3 posts in...but here goes nothing... I can't STAND Cam Janssen!! There...I said it... Yes, I will agree that watching Cam line up Juraj Kolnik from the near boards and crack his head against the glass makes me giggle like school girl. And yes, when Mr Janssen puts his mind to it, he can bang with the best of them and get his team charged up. And watching him take 10 punches to the head, smile and then start swinging once his oppenent gets tired is wildly entertaining...I wont dispute any of these points. However, I just don't think there is any room in the Devs organization, or in the new NHL for that matter, for a guy thats all muscle but no skill. He is a liability every time he touches the puck. Yeah he's a great hitter, but he never hits anybody worth hitting. Imagine him going after an Alfredson or a Jagr...they would skate circles around him! That being said, I do agree that the Devs should try him out on the blue line. As shown in his only goal last season against the Caps, he can shoot! Put him on the third defensive pairing and let him take shots from the point. Maybe use him as a PP specialist...the man has put a puck or two in the net in college...that might be a better role for him than a 4th line winger. Hopefully, since he is here for a while, he'll get some ice time and learn to keep a puck on his stick but I wont be a fan until I can stop cringing every time a puck comes his way. Sorry for the long post but I have never understood the Devil's fan's love affair with Cam Janssen
  19. Nice topic...my first Devils game was on my birthday in 1992 against the Hartford Whalers...I still have the 10th Anniversary wrist sweatbands to prove it! Remember that night like it was freaking yesterday... It was my best friend since 3rd grade, his brother, his dad and yours truly. We piled into his dad's old ass Chevy conversion van...yes, the kind with the ladder in the back and curtains in the side windows...and schleped on down to the Brendan Byrne for some kick ass hockey. I didn't know jack about hockey, the Dev's, what the hell a puck was...nothing! After that night, however, I was hooked for life! I believe the Devs won that night, but I'm not 100% sure...either way, me and my friend still talk about that game...good times...
  20. Hey there! I too, like many off these "standard intro posts", have been looking for a quality site to post my worthless, ill-informed opinions...so here I am! My interests include Street Hockey, Opie and Anthony, and pissing off bank tellers...easy target, I agree but what else is one to do on lunch... Looking forward to plopping my ass in Section 209 next year with all the displaced maniacs from 218. I sat in 219 last season and I wear a jersey that reads "Bulletproof" so be sure to give me a holler if you see me at a game. Looking forward to posting with ya'll! Cheers!
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