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  1. A country music station would actually make a ton of sense as there isn't a country presense in New York, yet there are a suprising amount people in this area who enjoy it. That, along with the fact modern country music is twangy pop anyway, and it would do decently.

    Shame about the death of rock radio but it's a sign of the times, especially in big markets like NYC. Problem is, radio survives on advertisers and perks from record labels. Labels used to support stations by the way of concert tickets, promotional CD's, etc and in return, the stations would play that label's music. Not quite the "payola / playola" issue from the eighties, but similar. Problem is, the record industry is hemmoraging money, so there isn't as much cash to promote artists via the radio anymore, especially when you can promote via social networking for a fraction of the cost.

    Less giveaways lead to less incentive for people to turn off satelite radio, iPods and CD to listen to the radio. Less people listening leads to fewer advertisers paying for spots which means less money for the sation to pay for DJ's, FCC fees, etc. As for playing the same crap over and over again, the stations are all owned by major corporations who don't care what you want to listen to. All they care about is what songs keep people listening long enough to sit through the commercials. Also, ever notice how it seems like whenever a station goes to commercials, all the stations go to commercials? That isn't an accident! So, if having a spot that says, "Lady Gaga will be on in 60 seconds" keeps people listening, they're not changing that for Death Cab For Cutie.

    Sorry for the long, rambling post, but I love radio or I should say, "the potential of radio". The further away you get from major markets, the better it gets but American radio in general is a dying business model. Radio needs to become more listener supported not corporation supported, much like PBS. Keep costs down, put programming on your listeners want to hear and radio could see a resurgence.

  2. Opening This Week – Nationwide

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (Also in 3D and IMAX 3D) – The final installment of a what’s arguably one of the most popular film series in history gets released this weekend…and what an ending it looks to be. Harry, Ron and Hermoine have their final epic battle ,the one that was set up in Part 1, culminating in a film that looks to be a two hour ending but an awesome one. For me, my Harry Potter experiences ended with the third one, so I’m too far behind to even bother seeing this one but fans of the series will find a fitting end. Critics have been raving about the film, some because it’s the end of an era, some because it’s taken years of sometimes mediocre entries to get here and some because, in the end, it’s a damn fine movie. No matter what your motivation, if you’ve seen the previous six films, the final part of the seventh is absolutely required viewing.

    Winnie the Pooh – With the entire living world cramming theatres to see the final Harry Potter installment, those with younger children or simply young at heart will have a fine time at the movie adaptation of Winnie the Pooh. Now, now, before you start cringing at the idea of a childhood favorite being destroyed by the machine, let’s step back a second. 3D versions? None. Bubbly computer animation? None. The characters we love rampaging around New York City, dancing to five year old pop hits? Praise the maker, NONE!. What you get is a 70 minute, hand drawn tale of Pooh, Piglet and Tiger romping around the Hundred Acre Wood, just like you enjoyed when you were a youngin’. Critics have fallen in love with this simply made, simply told story, urging their readers to have a bonding moment with your kids or your inner child along with this film.

    Opening This Week – Limited Release

    Life Above All – Story of a South African family torn apart by gossip, drama and prejudice. Critics have been largely positive, saying that despite the after school special plot, the earnest performances newcomer Khomotso Manyaka more than make up for any weaknesses in the narrative. Add to the mix some loving direction by first time director Oliver Schmitz and you have a well made heart render. Showing at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas and the Film Forum

    Snow Flower and the Secret Fan – Two pairs of friends, separated by centuries of time, search for connection in an increasingly disconnected world. The film is split in two parallel stories, one the tale of two 19th century life friends who communicate in a secret language written on the folds of a fan and their modern descendents. Saw the trailer for this before Midnight In Paris and it almost looked like a fake trailer from Tropic Thunder, all overly melodramatic and heavy handed. Turns out, the critical reception has been just that while the period piece half works pretty well, the modern day side doesn’t hold nearly as much weight. Playing at the Angelika and Lincoln Plaza Cinemas

    Tabloid – Well received documentary of ex Miss Wyoming Joyce McKinney, a tabloid princess whose single minded pursuit of the man she loved lands her in a number of strange situations. Directed by oddball documentarian Errol Morris (Gates of Heaven, A Brief History of Time), the film is content with simply immersing you in the strange world of McKinney without ever putting a slant on the proceedings. Quick, jaunty and voyeuristically fascinating, Tabloid should be a must see for doc fans. Screening at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas and the IFC Center

    The Tree – Arty drama about a young child who, after the sudden death of her father, hears her dad’s voice in a tree in their yard. More metaphor than anything else, critics have said that despite some oddly dense dialogue, the performances by both Morgana Davies as the young child and Charlotte Gainsbourg as the girl’s mother keep the film more than afloat. Definitely a good option for those looking for some heavy family drama. Playing at City Cinemas Village East and Beekman Theatre

    Opening This Week – Indie, Art House and Small Screenings

    Lucky – Colin Hanks plays Ben Keller, recent winner of the Iowa State Lotto, who has to figure out both the newfound people in his life and the drama of the ticket belonging to a dead girl in his closet. Yep, label this one indie black comedy that’s not all that funny and critics largely agree, labeling the movie as one misfire after another. Avoid! Screening at City Cinemas Village East

    Salvation Boulevard – How’s this for a cast: Greg Kinnear, Pierce Brosnan, Marisa Tomei, Ed Harris, Jennifer Connelly…wow, this might have promise! How’s the story? An evangelical preacher captivates a small Midwest town and…eeeh….stuff happens. Critics have said despite some top flight character actors, the story is so thin and laughless, you never know why they are there. Avoid it! Also showing at City Cinemas Village East

    My 3 To See

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 – The final film in a generation defining series, this is a film not to be missed.

    Winnie the Pooh – Charming, old school and classic, finally a modern animated film that doesn’t rely on computers and rock music to make audiences smile.

    Tabloid – Fascinating, weird and edgy, this documentary of an oddball ex-beauty queen has been getting fine reviews.

    Confused by the colors? Here’s the guide!

    Green means that reviews are great, the trailer looks great, so this is definitely worth seeing!

    Orange means reviews have been mixed but there’s enough here for me to say, “See It For Yourself”.

    Red means this film should be avoided at all costs! Run, Devil fans, run!!

  3. It killed the movie what can I say??? For people from two different countries even :lol:

    He's back... go see the trapped in an elevator movie, that was good stuff

    Ehhhh, Devil isn't a tried and true M. Night movie as he had in the writing and produced it, not directed. After the disaster that was The Last Airbender, he needs to go back to his roots, not worry about the sneak endings and start telling quality stories again. He's an amazing storyteller at the core so he should be doing what he does best.

  4. I saw Horrible Bosses for it's midnight release (not because I was superexcited to go, but my friend works at the movie theater and got off just in time for that to start, so she snuck a bunch of us in). I laughed quite a bit, not gonna lie. Nothing to write home about, but if you're just looking to head to the movies and get a few laughs, definitely go see it.

    Horrible Bosses has been getting some fine reivews, so I'm curious as to what all the fuss is about. Just worried that if I see it in theaters I'm not going to like it and if it I see it at home, I wont get the audience laughing effect. Will be interesting to see as even the good reviews say it's a pretty meanspirited movie, whihc is fine so long as there is something positive to balance it out.

    Saw Transformers 3 a few days back. It's a pretty fun popcorn flick. If you're looking to enjoy the AC, turn your brain off and see gratuitous slo-mo shots of the smokin' hottie who replaced Megan Fox and see sh!t blow up for a few hours, this is your movie. But if you're looking for things like plots, character arcs or dialogue ... well ... you probably shouldn't have made it past the first sentence of this post. I mean, it's friggin' Transformers. What do you expect?

    You know, I could almost forgive the escapism of Transformers if I didn't just have better things to do! I just can't see myself spending $13, ($20 if I saw it in IMAX 3D) on a movie that's touches two and half hours long and has an hour long climax. Just think the whole experience would be mentally exhausting and not in a good way. As for the it's Tranformers, what do you expect argument, I expect all the things you mentioned...plots, character arcs, decent dialouge. No, I don't expect an Oscar winner but I think a competent movie that doesn't beat me over the head with explosions is not a ton to ask. Then again, I've never seen any of the Transformers movies, so I'm just blowing hot air :D

    I can't remember if I posted this already but I will do it again just because i was so annoyed.

    I watched The Lovely Bones the other day on DVD; I was really enjoying the whole movie, until the last 20 minutes.

    IMO this movie has the most unsatisfying ending of any movie I have ever seen. Not only that it feels rushed and tries to tie up a million lose ends at once, it fails to conclude any of them in a satisfactory manner. I felt cheated at the end of the movie.

    I also saw the Kings Speech, which I thought was excellent.

    My brother and I were discussing The Lovely Bones a few days ago and we both feel like it was a just a mistep for Peter Jackson to have a crack at it. While I haven't seen it myself, many people I've spoken to feel the same way about the ending, almost to the point where I need to give it a crack myself, just to see what the fuss is about. As for the Kings Speech, I've been lauding this film for a year now but I agree with you and Pepper as it's still my favorite movie from last year, featuring the best cast of the year.

    Try the movie "Unbreakable".... was a great little movie with Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson.....and then it ends ......

    I remember because I blasted this movie 8 ways till Sunday, then the next week my friend from England is out here and she insists on seeing it.... so I'm the good host, so I go....

    "I don't see why you hate this movie......"

    "I don't see why you hate this movie......"

    "I don't see why you hate this movie......"

    "I don't see why you hate this movie......"


    "oh yes, that was sh!t.... you were right!"

    Now, now, let's leave Unbreakable alone. Sure the ending was tacked on but M. Night was suffering from Sixth Sense hangover and felt it needed the big suprise. To be fair, I didn't even mind the ending much when I first saw it and while I realize why people hate it, it's still a very good movie. One of these days I'm going to finish a piece entitled, "What I Would Do To Get M Night Shaymalan Back On Track". Should get cracking on that...

  5. This has to be one of my favorite topics of derision when the dreaded off-season comes a-knocking. For me, I think you should feel free to decorate your jersey however you see fit. just don't get upset if you get negative attention because of it. While I don't think every person who gets a different jersey does so just to get attention, one has to realize you're going to garner said attention when wearing it, sometimes positive and sometimes negative.

    For example, I wear what I suppose would be considered a jersey foul to almost every game. A while back, a girl I was seeing gave me a Devils jersey with my goalie nickname, "Bulletproof" and my number, 33 and I wear it fairly regularly to this day. To be fair, I've only gotten one comment on it in the eight years I've owned it and it was a positive one but if I someday found my jersey on a "Jersey Fouls" website, I'd laugh and forget about it. Just comes with the territory of wearing something different but that doesn't mean I shouldn't wear it nor does it mean I'm looking for undue attention. The name and number mean something to me, which is why I still wear it.

  6. Tried two new beers this weekend, both of which were quite good, if not great.

    The first is a Scottish black porter called Midnight Sun, brewed by the Williams Bros Company, if that helps anybody. The beer was heavy as all get out but absolutely delicious. There is a new British gastropub type place by me (which really means overpriced) that I had to check out and when my friend asked for a really dark beer, that's what they pulled out. Really tasty.


    The second is a wheat beer that was quite amazing called Hennepin. I think it's made in upstate New York and since summer are all about wheat beers for me, this one was a really tasty one.


    Of course, while this is a beer thread, my favorite drink of the weekend was a 15 yr single malt Oban but I digress :D

  7. Couldn't be bothered to go to TF3, so instead saw X-Men: First Class and The Hangover Part II.

    X-Men: First Class was surprisingly good entertainment. Not necessarily a good movie as it is full of plotholes, bad dialogue and has some serious pacing issues, but it has great action that never lets up and the 2+ hours are over before you even know it. It might even be the darkest comic movie to date. I liked the relationship between Professor X and Magneto (who is very bad ass in this film!) and felt that the movie would definitely be better if the focus was more on these two. Too bad, the writers had to include so many other and irrelevant mutants.

    Going out to see this on Wednesday and from what I've heard from friends and reviews, they all reference the pacing as an issue. While this doesn't suprise me as the director's last movie was Kick Ass, it will be interestng for me to see how this weighs on the film. I'll be sure to share my thoughts on it when I see it!

    The Hangover Part II was unsurprisingly bad. Not only is it exactly the same as the first part in terms of story and even structure, but for a comedy it lacks any form of humor. During the 100 minutes, I almost smiled twice. The rest was just watching three very unsympathetic characters go from one painful and humiliating situation to the next. Definitely gets my nomination for worst movie of the year, although it can never beat Transformers 3.

    While I thought the original was a little slice of genius, I can't in good faith spend $13 to see a retread. Something I'll throw on the Nexflix list with low expectations.

  8. It's funny, as much as I love video game hockey I never find myself playing NHL 10. Maybe a newer iteration will change it for me, but I never got used to using the right stick for shooting and the oeft stick for skating. Just felt unnatural to me. Of course my NHL game before that '03 for the GameCube, so I may be stuck in the past a bit. :)

    Besides, if I'm going to play a game, I'm going to play a story based one. For example, thanks to the whole PSN debacle, I got free versions of Infamous and LittleBigPlanet which are now both dominating my game playing time. Just no time for NHL!!

  9. Opening This Week – Nationwide

    Horrible Bosses – No, that is not a typo. The title of this film is indeed colored green for, “Yeah! This movie has been getting great reviews”! Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell and Jennifer Aniston star as three mean spirited, awful superiors who, via their awful nature, provoke their subordinates (played by Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day) into planning their murder. Labeled as a black comedy, reviews have said that while the film is quite funny in places, the whole thing is slathered with a nastiness that may turn off some viewers. In fact, the rating the movie has received depends largely on how the reviewer took the ugly nature of the comedy, so if you don’t mind it, you’ll probably[y find a lot of cathartic comedy in this Seth Gordon directed picture. For me, I don’t particularly care for ugliness without something positive to hold on to, so I probably wont run out to see it but if you’re looking for a good laugh this weekend, I doubt you could do much better than Horrible Bosses.

    Zookeeper – Cmon now, people…did anybody really think this was going to be any good? I’ve only seen the movie poster and I knew it was going to be a dog. One of those films that wasn’t pre-screened for critics, the story revolves around a happy go-lucky zookeeper who, upon realizing that his job is preventing him from scoring with the ladies, decides to leave only to realize, good gravy, the animals can talk! Yeah, this doesn’t sound like anywhere near a winner and critics largely argee, saying the movie while innocent enough and featuring a very likable star in Kevin James, doesn’t provide anything above stupid pranks and talking animals. Not something one should run out and spend $13 to see.

    Opening This Week – Limited Release

    Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest – Well received documentary about the story, career and 2008 tour of one of the most influential hip hops artists of all time. Critics have been heaping praise on this flick saying it’s a fascinating look into music making for both fans and non fans alike. Showing at AMC Magic Johnson Harlem 9, AMC Empire 25 and Landmark Sunshine

    Ironclad – Period action film about a group of 13th century Templars defending Rochester Castle against the siege of King John. Paul Giamatti plays the sacking King and while there’s a touch of historical accuracy in the flick, there’s much more blood and guts than nuance. Critics have largely panned this film for its excessive gore and stark depictions of good versus evil so unless you’re a student of the period or are starving for some violence, stay away. Screening at AMC Empire and AMC Loews Ridgefield Park 12

    Project Nim – Fascinating, humorous and quietly tragic, this highly rated documentary follows the life of Nim, an experimental chimp who was raised and nutured just like a human child. All done in attempt to prove that a primate can behave an interact just like a human given the chance, this film documents Nim’s journey while still exploring sexual politics, Darwinian theory and the effect young Nim has on the people around him. The highest regarded doc being released this weekend, this is a slam dunk must see for documentary fans and could be an early Oscar nominee candidate. Showing at the Angelika

    Opening This Week – Indie, Art House and Small Screenings

    The Ledge – Religious themed thriller about a love triangle with a evangelical’s wife and the life threatening consequences such a tryst can bring about. Poorly made and laughably written, this film betrays its intentions, creating an experience that simply doesn’t satisfy. Showing at the IFC Center

    The Ward – Independent thriller about an institutionalized woman who is haunted by a ghostly figure, directed by the master of horror John Carpenter. Sadly, this looks to be a footnote in his storied career as critics have said the thrills are few are far between. Playing at AMC Empire 25

    My 3 To See

    Project Nim – A charming documentary of an ape trying to be human? Count me in!

    Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest – The hip hop legends get there due respect in this interesting documentary.

    Horrible Bosses – Sure, it maybe on the mean spirited side but there will be plenty of laughs to be had in one the better comedies released this summer.

    Confused by the colors? Here’s the guide!

    Green means that reviews are great, the trailer looks great, so this is definitely worth seeing!

    Orange means reviews have been mixed but there’s enough here for me to say, “See It For Yourself”.

    Red means this film should be avoided at all costs! Run, Devil fans, run!!

  10. It shall live on!

    1) H2O - Everready

    2) Day By Day - A Look Ahead

    3) Catch 22 - Wreck of the Sloop John B.

    4) The Specials - Ghost Town

    5) Fall Out Boy - What's This? (cover of the Nightmare Before Christmas song)

    6) Kanye West - All Falls Down

    7) My Superhero - Ready, Steady, Go

    8) Canibus - Die Slow

    9) Michael Andrews - Slipping Away (Donnie Darko Soundtrack)

    10) Blink 182 - First Date

    11) Angels & Airwaves - Do It For Me Know

    12) Barenaked Ladies - Alternative Girlfriend

    13) Strong Bad - Let's Get Started On Doing All Those Awesome Things I Suggested

    14) Tears For Fears - Head Over Heels

    15) Panic At The Disco - But It's Better If You Do

    16) Green Day - Best Thing In Town

    17) The Decemberists - The Perfect Crime #2 (Live)

    18) Kid Cudi - Wild'n Cuz I'm Young

    19) Mr T Experience - When I Lost You

    20) The Hippos - So Lonely

  11. You never cease to amaze with your musical taste, Bulletproof. I discovered this same song for myself maybe three days ago and have been playing it non-stop.

    I absolutely love the The National reference in the song, naturally.

    Wow, how's that for random! It's funny, Niall is almost a friend of mine. He was the best man at my very good friends wedding and we got introduced that way. Actually saw him at a bar this past Friday playing to a room of 15 people who could've cared less, me being the only one there who was there to see him. He plays gigs all over NYC pretty regularly, usually just him and his guitar but when he gets together with a band, it's usually amazing. Definately worth checking out live and if you ever go to one of his bigger shows, I'll probably be there! In fact, I'm planning on playing a song of his on my podcast tonight, so it's really ironic somebody has heard of him, let alone enjoy his work!

  12. Not sure if there's anybody else out there who enjoys harmony driven folk music, but if so, you must check out the new album by Fleet Foxes. Even better than their debut, as impossible as that sounds

    Also, if you enjoyed that, then give this a spin. The artist is Niall Connolly, a local NYC folk musician who is pretty damn amazing and will actually sit and have a drink with you after one of his shows. Good fella, great song.

  13. I heard that the entire last hour of transformers 3 is just all explosions...... Michael Bay, you never cease to amaze me. Easily one of the worst directors and movie franchises around right now

    You're exactly right. From what I've heard, the last hour of the movie is nothing but a monstrous battle. I'm all for epic battle scenes but that just sounds exhausting. The Expendables overdid it with a half hour ending battle...I can't imagine double that! Not only that, but after the 80th robot blowing up, everybody in the audience has stopped caring. Bay stinks.

  14. I was talking about the backend of the Greene Contract. Like year 3.

    Ahhh, didn't catch that. Yeah, it could be troublesome around years three and four, but unfortunately that's the price you pay in Free Agency. Hopefully, Greene exceeds expectations but I agree, those back end years could be rough.

  15. I expect Larsson, Merill at least to be equal to if not ahead of Greene, and that cap hit for a 5-6th defensemen will be painful.

    Gotta disagree with you, CMON. While both Larsson and Merril have potential, there's no indication they are NHL ready. The worst thing the Devs could do is rush them up if they aren't ready. Greene is at least a serviceable NHL d-man and in this world of Free Agency, you always end up over paying. 2 in change for Green would be fine by me.

  16. I assume Hanks and Roberts owed someone favors and agreed to let the favors be called in thinking their names combined can carry any crap film to profits(at least for themselves)

    Well, considering Hanks, wrote, produced, directed and starred in the movie, you're probably not that fat off. It's obviously a vanity project and while it can work, the studio just figured the star power alone would give it a good opening weekend, which it probably will.

    What!? Cameron Diaz is fvcking smoking hot.

    But "Bad teacher" was just, uh, bad.

    Diaz is the hottest of the three mentioned, but she only looks good in certain situations or roles. She may be hot, but in a "hot elf" sort of way.

    All signs points to another 2 hours of torture, but I'll probably go see Transformers 3 this weekend. I don't know why I even bother, I guess I'm just a masochist.

    Nah, it's not going to to two hours of torture. You're looking at two and a half hours of torture. If the film was shorter, I could almost see myself going, but that's entirely too much time to devote to something that won't be any good.

  17. Based on the trailer alone, Larry Crowne might be the worst-looking Tom Hanks movie since the 1980s. It looks like they took 40-Year-Old Virgin, subtracted everything good about it and added bigger stars.

    Also, Julia Roberts is now officially on my "People think she's hot, but I think she looks like an animal or something" list. She looks like a bird, just like Cameron Diaz looks like an elf and Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a horse.

    The above post has so much truth in it, it's boggles the imagination. Couldn't agree more with your thoughts on Roberts, Diaz and especially Parker! Strap a feed bag on that woman!

    As for Larry Crowne, you can get away with quirky and light hearted when you have no name actors but when you have two of the biggest stars on the planet giggling through a screenplay, you can't connect. Just doesn't look good at all.

  18. Opening This Week – Nationwide

    Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon (Also available in 3D and IMAX 3D – Revisionist history has been a common theme in movies as of late. While one could look to Inglorious Basterds as the start of the trend, this summer season has already seen history re-written in X-Men: First Class and continues with the latest film in the Michael Bay noise-fest, Transformers 3. This iteration of the series takes us back to the mid sixties where the Decepticons (aka the bad robots) secretly hid a base to build robots to enslave modern day Earth. Enter Shia LeBeouf and Optimus Prime to save the day once again. The Transformers movies are pure fluff and entertainment, usually eschewing storyline and acting for noise, explosions and fighting robots….but for two and a half hours?? Critics have been sticking on this point saying the film satisfies on a purely adrenaline level but it just takes too long damn long to wade through the silliness. Fans of the carnage will find lots to love, including a climax that lasts, no joke, about an hour but if you’ve missed the first two, feel free to get some fresh air this weekend and skip this one as well.

    Larry Crowne – Tom Hanks stars, writes and directs this goofy little film about a fired retail clerk who goes back to school, in turn falling for his teacher, played by Julia Roberts. Roberts and Hanks are likable enough actors and lend a cheesy fun factor to the film but critical response has been resoundingly ambivalent to the movie’s existence. While some have found blithe enjoyment from the interesting premise, most critics have seen this as a missed opportunity, pelting the indie story with too much celebrity for its own good. Good enough for a Saturday afternoon TBS viewing but not good enough to warrant leaving your home for.

    Monte Carlo – Inoffensive teen comedy about three friends who upon graduating, spend a summer in Monte Carlo living the life of royalty, finding romance and learning about themselves. Alright, go ahead and check your blood sugar. Elevated? Thought so! Sugary sweet and chirpy, this feature will only hold the interest of the easiest to please teenage girls. Everyone else, take heed of the sugar rush and avoid!

    Opening This Week – Limited Release

    Terri – Yet another independent coming of age film that the cinemas seem saturated with these days, Terri is the story of an oversized teen and the principal who takes an interest in him, played by John C Reilly. While critics have been mostly positive about the funny yet meandering comedy, some critics have had enough with the premise, saying it’s been done a bit to death. Still, Terri is getting relatively high marks in a pretty lackluster weekend, so if you’re something that will tickle your funny bone without blowing your eardrums out, Terri may be just the thing you need. Showing at the Angelika and Lincoln Plaza Cinemas

    Love Etc. – This quirky documentary follows a wide range of New Yorkers through a series of relationship trials and tribulations, examining that, surprise, surprise, that being a couple can be hard. Critics have been pretty negative about the movie saying that it offers no new insights and, in the words of Sam Adams from Time Out New York, “about as interesting as an afternoon of people watching”. Rent yourself a copy of Paris Je’Tieme instead if you’re looking for relationship insight. Playing at City Cinemas 86th Street and Landmark Sunshine

    Opening This Week – Indie, Art House and Small Screenings

    Crime After Crime – Fascinating documentary about two rookie attorneys who attempt to get a pardon for Debbie Peagler, who has spent twenty five years in prison for the murder of her abusive husband. Critics have said it’s a fascinating and almost cinematic look into municipal justice and offers some strong arguments for hr release. Playing at the IFC Center

    The Perfect Host – Starring David Hyde Pierce, this low budget thriller about a criminal arriving at a dinner party only to find the tables turned and the line between good and evil blurred. Critics have been pretty negative about this one, saying that it’s twenty minutes of intrigue followed by seventy minutes of needless exposition. May be worth a watch on Netflix but totally avoidable this weekend, despite a deliciously over the top performance by Pierce. Showing at Quad Cinema

    My 3 To See

    Super 8 – Still the best received film in wide release, this JJ Abrahms / Spielburg vehicle has been getting mostly positive reviews from everyone who’s seen it.

    A Better Life – This soul touching drama about an immigrant father trying to find a better life for his teenage son has been getting a fine reception from critics and audiences alike

    Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon – Whatever…half of you have probably seen it already, so why fight the masses!

    Confused by the colors? Here’s the guide!

    Green means that reviews are great, the trailer looks great, so this is definitely worth seeing!

    Orange means reviews have been mixed but there’s enough here for me to say, “See It For Yourself”.

  19. Yeah in the crowd and my friend and I saw someone with an ipod or iphone with an attachment and speaking into it in the middle of the crowd over by the hot dog stand. lol was that you? I will check it out later today after work.

    Ha! Yeah, in that case it was probably me! Cooll, hope you enjoy it!

  20. Were you the guy talking into his iPhone with a speaker attachment at the top during the live draft?

    Well, I have a small microphone that pops onto my iPod Classic that I use but I was in the midst of the crowd, not on stage or anything like that. It was a pretty interesting experience and I hope you get a chance to check it out!

  21. And now for something completely different, something related to the Draft Day Party! Below is a live recounting of the Devils Draft Party via my podcast, complete with interviews of fans in attendance, the chaos of the "Line That Never Ended" and actual audio from the announcement with crowd reaction. All wrapped up in a campfire story told to little kids.

    DevsCast 2011 Draft Day Special


  22. Review My Collection #4


    If you’ve been following my reviews with any frequency, you know how I feel about director Zach Snyder. I don’t like him, he has no clue who I am, and personally, I prefer to keep it that way. My main issue with him is that his only motivation for filmmaking is to make things that look “cool”. If you don’t believe me, I recommend listening to the commentary of Watchmen. Why did you choose this shot? Because it looks cool. Why did a woman in pigtails backflip over a semi? Because that looked awesome. In fact, you’ll never hear him talk about character development, plot points or getting the audience emotionally involved in any way. So why does this review not only have a fresh rating but lives on the second level of my DVD shelf? Because, when all is said and done, it’s pretty damn cool.

    300 is the story of King Leonidas, head ass kicker and king of the Spartan people. When a massive Persian army approaches to sack his republic, Leonidas goes against his countries laws and takes three hundred brave soldiers to the Hot Gates, a small valley where the Persian army will be sandwiched into bite size pieces for his men to destroy. There’s also a story of governmental corruption, greed and love sandwiched in there, but all audiences really are there to see is star Gerard Butler’s intimidating computer aided abdominals and people’s heads being lanced off in slow motion. Cornball story aside, Butler and company do an admirable job with the silly story and cliché riddled dialogue, looking as though they are generally enjoying the over the top nature of it all. The battles themselves unfold in video game fashion: first the easily beatable peons, then the archer stage, then the giant beasts, etc, etc. Luckily for us, the battles are generally enjoyable, especially on a big screen with a nice surround sound system. The fighting is all you really come here to see but it’s nice that Snyder allowed us a few moments to catch our breath, even if those moments are trite and mostly pointless.

    300 is what it is, a fairly enjoyable popcorn flick that eschews historical accuracy for computer aided wizardry and pushes aside character development in favor of slow motion limb slicing. While he does make an attempt to create a world we care about, our only attachment to the people and places involved is an archetypical one. Every character in the film fits a precise mold: the Spartan represent freedom from oppression, the Persians represent slavery and Sparta itself is a place where people don’t back down. As a result, the film is easy to follow and easy to like, leaving us open to marvel at the carnage, even if a game of Solitaire would be more intellectually challenging. A pure, unapologetic popcorn movie, 300 succeeds at the meager task presented to it: just kick a whole bunch of ass, give us the barest of stories to latch onto and our imaginations will take care of the rest. While it’s not high cinema, it is campy, bloody fun. And yes, Mr. Snyder, I’ll concede. It’s pretty damn cool.

    **Check out my RT blog entitled "Review My Collection" for the rest of the series!!**

  23. I can think of one reason to contribute to the Cars 2 kitty -- my toddler! He loves ... LOVES ... the first Cars movie. I can't tell you how many Lightning Mcqueen toys we have laying around the house. And Mater too. Actually, I'm a fan of Cars too. It is hard for me to understand how some people consider it to be the weakest of the Pixar films. For instance, I'd watch Cars any day of the week over, let's say, A Bug's Life. ... That being said, the previews for Cars 2 don't excite me as much. But still, it would have to seriously suck badly for me and my boy not to watch it once at least.

    To be fair, I never saw a Bug's Life, so I can't compare it to the rest of the Pixar flicks, but I remember enjoying Cars, despite the fact I couldn't reference a single moment from the movie. For me, Pixar movies are always pretty memorable and if it's doesn't stick in my mind, it's not as strong as the others. Still, Cars is entertaining enough but I'm sure you and your son will love Cars 2. Besides, it's always more fun to watch a movie when you're sitting with somebody experiencing unbriddled joy at it! Ahhh, the innocense of youth!! :D

    Be sure to let us know what you think of it!

  24. Opening This Week – Nationwide

    Bad Teacher – Cameron Diaz, Jason Segal and the all of a sudden actor Justin Timberlake star in this potty mouthed comedy about a drugged out teacher just trying to get hers. Diaz plays Elizabeth, a hard drinking, pot smoking teacher whose sole ambition in life is finding herself a sugar daddy so she can ditch her boring teaching career. Aaaanndd, that’s about it. While the character does start to arc towards the end of the film, it happens too late and the person the movie revolves around is just downright annoying and unlikeable. What seemed like a crude and mean-spirited movie in the trailers actually turns out to have more bark and less bite, according to critics. Getting mostly bad reviews from critics, Bad Teacher is a completely avoidable piece of foul mouthed fare.

    Cars 2 (Also showing in 3D and IMAX 3D) – The sequel to what’s widely considered the weakest film in the Pixar library, Cars 2 hits theatres this weekend with even worse reviews than its predecessor. The vocal talents of Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy return as the odd couple Lightning and Mater, finding the two of them wrapped up in a tale of international espionage on their way to an international race. In the first film, Mater was a lovable yet bumbling sidekick but in this installment, finds himself more central to the plot with seriously weak results. When it comes to the shtick of Larry the Cable Guy, less is always more and Cars 2 ups the ante, dumbing down the rest of the feature. Critics have almost unanimously labeled this film as the worst Pixar release ever and while it almost guaranteed to make half a billion dollars, there’s no reason why you should contribute to the kitty.

    Opening This Week – Limited Release

    Conan O’Brian Can’t Stop – Conanites rejoice! The red haired comic is back with a vengeance in this documentary chronicling Conan’s 32 city tour following his firing from the Tonight Show. Half a backstage look and half a look into what makes the comic tick, this doc has been getting mostly good reviews from critics saying when it’s funny, it’s hilarious and when it’s not, it’s eye opening. Definitely must see material for Conan fans everywhere. Playing at Landmark Sunshine

    The Names of Love – French film about a young political activist who gains support for her causes not by pamphlets, speeches or polling but by sleeping with key conservatives. However, one such conservative, a 40-something named Martin, her game turns on its ear. Getting mixed reviews from critics, some enjoyed the dark romantic comedy for its freshness but others found it too smarmy for its own good. Opening at City Cinemas Paris Theatre and Landmark Sunshine

    A Better Life – When I saw the trailer for this one, I kept getting reminded of The Bicycle Thief for some reason and evidently, I’m not too far off. This story about an immigrant father and the lengths he’ll go to give his son the chances he never had looks schmaltzy from the trailer but critics have praised director Chris Weitz for injecting tone and mood into the feature. Getting mostly fine reviews, this film is quiet yet resonating, quite a feat for subject matter that can border on Lifetime melodrama. Showing at Landmark Sunshine

    Opening This Week – Indie, Art House and Small Screenings

    Leap Year – Well reviewed Mexican indie about the sexual relationship between two very different people and the loneliness they share, even in the midst of a passionate affair. Critics have made this the best reviewed film released this weekend, saying it is human, powerful and not just all about the sex. Definitely worth a watch if you enjoy foreign character studies with a libidinous twist. Showing at Cinema Village 12th St

    Passione – The directorial debut from famed character actor John Turturro, Passione is a wild and vibrant tribute to the music and people of Naples. Combing song, dance and a love of Tuscan life, critics have praised this film for its energy, soul and dare I say, passion. Worth seeing for those looking for some vibrant indie fun this weekend. Playing at the Film Forum

    A Love Affair of Sorts – Starring, written and directed by some guy named David Guy Levy, this vanity project sounds a bit like last years Catfish. Filmed almost entirely with a flip style camera, Levy documents a burgeoning love affair, without ever telling the people involved they were actually on camera and part of a film. More of an experiment than a movie and if that was the case, the experiment failed, according to critics. Tedious, boring and self serving, this film will entertain only the man responsible for making it. Playing at the Quad Cinema

    If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front – Journalistic doc about the Earth Liberation Front, a radical Earth friendly group who hides behind its message of saving the planet to foster political power. Critics have been giving this one mostly great reviews, saying it’s a fascinating look into politics and special interests. Showing at the IFC Center

    The Best and the Brightest – Poorly received comedy about a Manhattan couple trying desperately to get their five year old daughter into the finest kindergarten in the city. Playing like a comedy of errors, critics have said that it’s unfortunately more faux pas than funny. Playing at Quad Cinema

    My 3 To See

    Conan O’Brian Can’t Stop – While your enjoyment of the red haired comedian will largely dictate your enjoyment of this documentary, fans will find lots to love in this eye opening feature.

    Leap Year – Sexy, emotional and involving, this Mexican import breathes some powerful drama into the noisy summer scene.

    A Better Life – Despite a premise that screams schmaltz, this quiet yet powerful drama about an immigrant father and son has been getting wide praise from critics and audiences alike.

    Confused by the colors? Here’s the guide!

    Green means that reviews are great, the trailer looks great, so this is definitely worth seeing!

    Orange means reviews have been mixed but there’s enough here for me to say, “See It For Yourself”.

    Red means this film should be avoided at all costs! Run, Devil fans, run!!

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