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  1. What the fvck happened between Zegras and Stecher??
  2. Really have to start winning these games in regulation. It's dangerous to let teams steal loser points at this part of the season, especially since we play a lot of divisional teams coming up soon. We'd be first in the Metro if Carolina didn't lose so many games in OT.
  3. It's just you. There are plenty of defenders who deserve to sit and Douglas isn't one of them
  4. Still plenty of time for a comeback..... Right? Right guys?
  5. At the end of the day we all know deep down inside that he'll go to the Rangers out of nowhere
  6. I don't think anyone on this board has ever really discussed it but I thought Lou did a decent job his last few years in NJ
  7. Didn't even mention or think about you when making that post but glad you told on yourself
  8. I'm okay (barring a catastrophic collapse) with keeping Lindy until sometime next season, especially if we can make a decent playoff run somehow. Give him 20 ish games next year and if they even appear to stutter, you let Lindy 'retire' on his 'own terms' and let AB take over. Basically just avoid at all costs doing what Vancouver did to Bruce.
  9. Mercer is hands-off for me right now unless its something MAJOR coming back, like blockbuster
  10. Yeah my qualifier was "even just", but VV has far exceeded my expectations. In September I genuinely thought we'd see a 1A 1B situation but Vitek is clearly making that conversation very interesting. I'm very excited about Schmid too.
  11. It's so nice to be able to win games having even just league-average goaltending
  12. "MFitz-is-actually-Taylor-Hall-reveal" is not something I had on my bingo card.
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