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  1. Fully convinced Tampa is somehow laundering money
  2. Not quite a fre agent move but posting here
  3. Can we stop posting unverified Twitter reply guys as actual sources even if they turn out correct?
  4. Good morning y'all, happy Johnny Hockey day
  5. I don't believe you. @moustic please verify
  6. What did the sign say? "ACME Razorblade and Barbed Wire Factory Ahead"?
  7. Will throw some money this week once I figure out what's going on with my identity crisis, someone somehow hacked into my Verizon account and used our lines to get FOUR iphone 13s and also somehow hacked my Venmo, needless to say I'm not having a great week
  8. Add a jar of mayo and couple of pairs of fake Jimmy Choos and we might be parading down Mulberry & Edison next June boys!
  9. I thought that was Daneyko's pet name for his wife?
  10. Not a snowballs chance in hell that's an actual quote
  11. "If I'm wrong I'll donate $100 to the site only after the alleged 9 years it will take for him to get to NHL level as I have been claiming all night"
  12. I can't with y'all. I'm done for the night. How about this: someone quote me for their signature so in a few years when Nemec turns into an absolute stud unicorn D-Man I can be the grumpy 40-50-something year old coming here to ragepost like I'm a 23 year old on steroids, yelling about how I was right all along and how you're all idiots for wanting GM Patrik Elias to pick a D-Man in the 2030 draft
  13. Yeah that's normally how drafts go for 100% of teams you absolute dingus lmao
  14. Which D-Man are you going after in FA then?
  15. Without a doubt unless a big name trade was in the mix
  16. Yeah man, an organization with Dougie Hamilton as their only solid D-Man UNIVERALLY fvcked up by picking a top-5 D pick, totally
  17. Where in the fvck do you get this idea that you're some kind of soothsayer? Honestly?
  18. I was just referring to your last hissy fit
  19. I'll bet $50 you have your annual meltdown and run back to Reddit before the season even starts
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