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  1. Let him keep trying because he's going to start turning those into highlight reel moments
  2. No points yet but Tatar is looking to prove you wrong in these first 5 minutes
  3. Feeling like this is gonna be another embarrassing loss after the bright spot on Tuesday
  4. I met him at a concert at PNC a few years back and someone actually tried to fist bump him. I'm sure it was just muscle memory for the poor guy but goddamn was that an awkward moment.
  5. You do realize the social media coordinator has no control on how the team performs, correct?
  6. Ask him why he can't keep a fvcking line together for more than 8 seconds
  7. Won't be watching another game until Muff is fired. Not worth my anxiety.
  8. While we're on nostalgic ska-posting, probably gonna catch some flak for posting RBF, but here's to tomorrow; "Sell Out" either referring to the sold out crowd at The Rock -or the board ads malfunctioning once again.
  9. Luke with his first of the season for Mich
  10. I've heard of that lol I guess they don't have a recreational license yet, so they probably sell a box of regular old cookies for $200 and then "gift" you weed for "free".
  11. Love me some Hot D. Its bigger, better, and uncut.
  12. Hot D has done more in the first 8 episodes than D&D did in their last 3 seasons combined. It is absolutely phenomenal.
  13. I've already mentally accepted the fact that Ruff will still be here come January whether we're .500 or not
  14. That's Ruff's modus operandi, shuffle lines so the team can never build any chemistry, let alone an identity. As bad as they may turn out this year, it took Tortarella about 20 minutes to set the tone for his team
  15. Ruff finally dozed off so the assistants can get to work
  16. That's goal IV going past the guy who's scared of IV's
  17. Funnily enough, that's the exact Pantone catalogue name of the Flyers orange
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