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  1. Bit of a risky term length but I wouldn't necessarily call it an "overpay". Even if he isn't playing like a star 5-6 years from now, the cap going up and other factors will make the AAV not seem as "egregious" as some on twitter would say it does at the moment.
  2. Terence and Philip were well-spoken at least
  3. fans of Canadian NHL teams on twitter/instagram comments are absolutely losing their sh!t about VGK winning the Cup. Saying how terrible it is for the league overall and how Bettman and upper MGMT are sacrificing the sanctity of the game in order to make money and artificially pump-up their expansion teams.
  4. Projected to be 101F and sunny on saturday in Vegas lol
  5. the Hustler club offered all the Knights players free lapdances for life if they win the cup
  6. I "learned" how to swim at 3 years old by my father putting me in a life jacket and tossing me off the dock into the lagoon my grandparents used to live on. I love swimming in a pool now but for some reason I hate the ocean, go figure.
  7. That's gonna be a story for the ages if we wind up striking gold on this pick
  8. "the obvious answer is Mackenzie Blackwood"
  9. There was such a long wait between series that I think a majority of the sports world doesn't even realize hockey is still happening
  10. Not a chance Bettman even begins to give a sh!t about that
  11. I really hope this is a new beginning of that late 1990s- early 2000's streak of Ranger irrelevance. IIRC they missed the playoffs for 8 seasons in a row and then we swept them out of the first round in 2006. I need this to happen again, especially now that the Devs could potentially be a threat to everyone for the next decade
  12. Actually when you think about it, winning the Stanley Cup is more rare than climbing mount everest. About 800 people reach the summit every year, only 1 team wins the Cup every year
  13. Are we sure it's not on Twitters end? They haven't been having a great 48 hours
  14. After Round 2 I was pulling for the Stars... It really is impressive how much they've sh!t the bed
  15. I think the novelty is just simply being able to see my NHL team play outdoors in a huge stadium. It's a pretty rare opportunity.
  16. Of course now that I look it up I can't find any stories that line up with my description but AFAIK, Green Boots is farther down from the summit outside of a small alcove on the side of the mountain, and they still haven't positively ID'd the body
  17. One of the bodies near the summit of Everest is a climber who made it to the peak, and went into cardiac arrest 20 mins later on the hike back down
  18. That is insane. 2 games worth of hockey plus one period.
  19. This league is an absolute laughingstock and idiotic decisions like this are why you have morons like Stephen A. Smith saying "Hockey doesn't count" when talking sports. This league will NEVER earn the respect that it should because it's run like a fvcking middle school.
  20. I think with the core we're putting together, we really only need league-average goaltending. I think VV/Schmid are capable of that.
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