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  1. Missing 3 elimination games tonight to watch a YouTuber boxing PPV. I'm not an idiot.... Right?
  2. Problem with that is most Rags fans I see at MSG are wearing suits
  3. @mfitz804 any advice on how to NOT get selected for a grand jury? Virtual selection tomorrow morning
  4. I would die happy if you could compare us to the Oilers again. They're playing hockey tonight.
  5. Erika sucks and looks like a scarecrow had a baby with a Louis Vuitton bag
  6. "Regular Season" Conference Champions so essentially yes
  7. I don't think anyone has an issue with Conference Champions banner, but when you have a banner raising ceremony for it, that's a different story lol
  8. I'm not expecting it, but I would love for the Pens to rally around him and Domingue to go on some nutty Cinderella run
  9. I like how on desktop it still says "suspended" under MB3 lol we should keep that forever
  10. Holy sh!t me and you agree on something. There is no rehabilitation for these animals
  11. Chuck "I'll never touch any championship trophy"
  12. Woohoo! Now we only have a million other things to do! But this is a great start
  13. Yeah people like me and @MB3 (we're about the same age) we're born in the early "millenial" years. I remember growing up without the internet, we didn't get our first home PC until I was 10 years old, I didn't get my first cell phone until I was 16. The younger millenials and gen-z'ers are MUCH more easily offended, and like you said; they all want instant gratification because that's all they've known their whole lives. If I wanted to know something as a kid, I had to open a fvcking encyclopedia and hope their was an article about it, nowadays kids can prove their parents wrong with a 3-second Google search. They have it so easy lol. edit: I think I'm entering the "old man yells at cloud" stage of my life early
  14. I think this might be a generational thing as I am one of the "younger" ones here at 31 and I do not believe I have EVER reported a post lol. I can't imagine being that thin-skinned on a message board.
  15. How else are they supposed to compete with the NFL who has repeatedly made it clear that drug use and domestic violence is A-OK?
  16. I don't know why this irks me so much, but it does. Who in their right mind gets upset about extra hockey, especially when your only job is to write up articles about said sport? Wouldn't you want more fodder to spin your horsesh1t? Screams lazy to me.
  17. Quick had some "back-in-his-prime" moments tonight
  18. Only a few hours left to register, and dont forget- you can assign your bracket to other Prize leagues too, I'm signed up to win a Rangers sweater, that would be hilarious to win and then huck it on ebay.
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