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  1. I thought New Super Mario Bros was pretty good. And No More Heroes 2 looks promising. What defines a hardcore gamer? I spend hours every day playing Harvest Moon on Wii (and naming all of my farm animals after Devils players and announcers - my goat is named Stan), collecting every item, viewing every event, raising the friendship levels of every damn villager, and running a profitable operation, but am still somehow less "hardcore" than the guys at work who play Uncharted 2 on easy (and only easy).
  2. Staying home and excitement might be part of it, but it could be too that they're counting DVR viewings.
  3. karupin

    Nintendo DS

    I had a fat DS and now have the crimson DS lite. It's awesome, well worth the investment. There's a good selection of games, but anyway I'd recommend screen protectors (at least for the touch screen) and a case. In terms of games, Professor Layton is really fun if you like puzzles. I'm playing Rune Factory 2 now, also fun if you like HM type games. The World Ends With You, Ninjatown, Cooking Mama are all good. Rhythm Heaven should be good too. I love RPGs, and the DS certainly had a lot of those.
  4. If I were a subscriber, I'd reply to that stupid comment from that Rangers fan. King Henrik indeed. And we're the one's with the inferiority complex Well, at least they take notice. Better than nothing. The Devils simply have to win the Cup this year so we can have our parade in a city.
  5. I'd pick Parise too, but Ovechkin's not horrible.
  6. I got an email from Stoesz's old team's beat writer. Apparently, Myles will be in Lowell first before going to Trenton. I thought that was weird, but maybe this is why.
  7. I heard that he didn't like his coach much. And over the summer the ECHL team signed a guy that basically is an enforcer type with more skill.
  8. Apparently he (Stoesz) requested a trade.
  9. http://www.siouxshop.com/zajac-devils-tee-pr-18738.html Try that.
  10. I think the PP. Devils had a bunch of them tonight, after being shafted the last seven games or so.
  11. You know, I was thinking about it...I think it was last year, when Mike Rupp had been scratched for a while, he went to Sutter and talked to him about it, basically saying that he wasn't happy and wanted to play. And a few games later (coincidentally or otherwise) Rupp got in a game. TG says Pando said he hadn't talked to Sutter since the first day he was scratched. I wonder if that would help Pando's cause more, showing Sutter that he's hungry and working harder, not sulking. And honestly, I would hope that Pando had seen it coming. Sutter was rotating Shanahan for Rupp and Pando in practice
  12. Actually, that happened to me last year. You should call to confirm, but just make the changes on your invoice (in ink) and pay them the difference. Also include a letter explaining that you want two tickets, not three, and have adjusted your payment accordingly. That's what I did and it worked out fine.
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