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    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee sublime, 311, bayside, lil wayne & taylor swift. i am sarcastic as fvck. i am very opinionated, and loud. im never satisfied and always extrememly bored. boooooo. Juno.
  1. Books?

    Come Back: A Mother and Daughter's Journey Through Hell and Back - Claire & Mia Fontaine I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell - Tucker Max Happy Endings: Tales of A Meaty Breasted Zilch - Jim Norton I Hate Your Guts - Jim Norton
  2. Michael Jackson Autopsy Results

    McDonalds is making a sandwich after Michael Jackson called the McJackson. 50 year old meat in 6 year old buns
  3. Billy Mays found dead in his Tampa home

    they say celebs die in threes. leave it to billy mays to throw in one extra COMPLETELY FREE!
  4. Thanks, Brent.

    big ol' fvck you Mr. S
  5. Report: Sutter Stepping Down

  6. Martin Brodeur!

    we're not worthyyyyyyyyy
  7. Separated at Birth: NHL Style

    YES!! I think its the mouth
  8. Separated at Birth: NHL Style

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA @ Ovechkin....Alex may not be a looker but DAMN. They look nothing alike lol
  9. GDT: NJ @ CAR - ECQF Game 4 - 7:30 MSG+

    so0o0o0o0o0o0o0o dreamy LETS GO DEVILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. amazing GDT. soooo funny.
  10. GDT: 4/12/2009 Devils vs Hurricanes 7:30PM

    zz pops line looks great
  11. GDT: 4/12/2009 Devils vs Hurricanes 7:30PM

  12. Pictures.

  13. Pictures.

    So Im at work way bored and I came across this website makemebabies.com So I made me some babies lol Me & Brent Sutter....its a boy Me & Sutter again...girl Me and Zach...girl Me & Gomez...boy me & Gomez...girl Me & Holik...boy lmao...me and lou ...boy
  14. Random Thoughts & Stuff

    lucky i work until 430
  15. Random Thoughts & Stuff

    aweeee she sounds like my nana! she calls me up at least once a day, just to see how my days going, if im coming over, and to be nosey and ask me questions