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    NJ- Home of the Devils!
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    Devils Hockey!!!! I like Brian Gionta (as you can tell), Marty Brodeur, Scott Gomez, and Sergei Brylin. Hmmm, I also follow baseball (Go Yankees!), and like to write, listen to music, play softball, tennis, volleyball, and basketball, cook, play guitar, and make websites. That's pretty much that's it... boring life, I know ;)

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  1. Gionta14

    GUESS WHO...

    Awesome! Have a good time
  2. I heard it's supposed to go up to 50 degrees in the beginning of the week and be really sunny in North Jersey, so I don't think there's gonna be that much. But who knows, they said we weren't gonna get much this afternoon and we've gotten at least 3 inches already.
  3. Welcome aboard - nice site you have
  4. Well, it's not like the Devs depend on one player to score all the time. Yeah, it stinks that Jamie's out, but they've got other guys who can step it up and contribute. I'd be more worried if we lost a defenseman like Stevens or Nieds.
  5. We got a dusting in Hillsdale last night, then it snowed really hard for a while this morning. Too bad that didn't stick - I want a snow day!
  6. We went on a school trip to a regular-season game in 2000 - and appropriately enough, it wound up being against the Stars B) I thought it was a really good experience. I mean, we were in middle school, but that was my first Devs game and I got hooked from there. It is a good idea.
  7. I would probably give away the tickets for a game in March. I doubt they'd do it that late. And if the season progresses and they haven't done anything for Dano yet, you could always pick up tickets for yourself for that game.
  8. They have to do something - first Vick, now Pennington It's not worth the risk for something that doesn't count for anything. And, I really hope Testaverde will do well. Maybe it can be like last season, where one QB can't do the job (only this year for a different reason) and the other steps up. It would just be the other way around. *crosses fingers*
  9. I saw this already, but I'm still annoyed The Doors are on there! They're my favorite band, and I don't see how you can diss Jim Morrison like that. He was a great musician for the time, and he essentially made the band what they were. I disagree with a lot of the people on the list - ELP shouldn't be #2.
  10. lol looks like Gomer's the party animal Ahh those things are little - I think I'm gonna go blind looking at them haha!
  11. I just registered actually (my name there is xDevzGrrL14x). I'm still in the looking-around stage, but it looks like a cool site
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