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  1. I use to stay in the past and make sure i watched the games. Now, i can sort of watch when I'm home or just follow on twitter or get scores.

    Just sort of passively watching the game is where I'm personally at. I usually watch Hockeystreams on my XboxOne in the top corner while playing Halo or Destiny or something rather than sit and watch a whole game. (Maybe that's just my terrible attention span)

    My family even cut down the amount of attended games due to just time and money and recent success

    and i agree with the rivalries. Playing the Rags/Flyers etc is always fun and i encourage friends to go and see them during those games, but if you're a casual fan, then it may not be exciting.


    I'm sure as the season progresses and things start to matter (whether thats playoffs which wont happen, or gunning for a high pick) a lot of us will come back and watch more intently.


  2. Has anyone tried to get an invite from hockeystreams? I requested one a few days ago but nothing. 

    i put one in awhile ago, never got one... then 2 days ago, i did it again and it worked.


    try again! seriously, its finicky


    Thanks again for all the good times though man, it was great :)


    glad everyone enjoyed it! it was fun times, definitely. 10/10 no ragrets haha

  3. wow i come to this site today and see my name haha and sadly, I will not be returning to the stream


    I wish i could have continued! it was super fun and met some real cool people.


    I don't even have cable anymore haha, so i'm going to gamecenter and a VPN myself.



    There are a ton of streams out there now (hockeystreams is one, plus the "grey area" ones)

  4. You're still the man for running that stream.  Wouldn't have been able to watch the Devils during my first few years college, otherwise.



    Agreed, MP saved me countless times in undergrad. Now I'm a big boy and can afford gamecenter :lol:



    haha thanks a lot, it was fun... unnerving at times when I was out or AT the game and still did the stream from my phone, but glad i could help out fellow Devil fans. 

  5. I don't post on here much (mostly cuz I'm lazy or don't feel like i say anything new/interesting haha) but I DO come on and read threads and what not


    I've met some cool people from here, mostly when I streamed games (sorry that i can't do that anymore, but it was fun while it lasted) and decided to keep it only to this board since HF is... insane, yeah thats it


    anyway, thanks for making this board fun and not overmodding 

  6. Clearly you both don't have your priorities straight haha

    haha seriously, sadly I was going to go TO the game. When my father and I realized it was during the wedding, we emailed the groom and asked if he wanted to go to the Devils opener on the 18th... he just replied "funny"

  7. Also from that same article...

    Asked if he's denying the report, Lamoriello responded loudly.

    "I'm just not even responding to anything anymore today," he said. "I just think it’s incredible the way rumors start. It’s just a disgrace that there is a license to start rumors.

    “It just kills to have people deal with people’s lives like this.”



    Hence me saying... it IS Lou. because, he does what he does. we shall see where this all goes

  8. I would have let that guy who was within two inches of winning score-O be one of them :P


    that guy sat next to me actually. All he wanted was to make the first one, and was thrilled to make the 2nd. The people behind the scenes were PRAYING he didn't get the car haha


    but holy crap that was an embarrassing shootout "attempt" just... blargh  

  9. happy as hell about the win. Was at Streetlight Manifesto and had to keep checking the twitters. I was with my ranger fan friend, he was always booing everytime the devils scored haha. But sucky for us, the rags won too. Oh well.. Love winning against the Pens. Hopefully they can keep this up

  10. i use to have tix in 230 back at the CAA. He use to sit in row 2 or something of that section and would always do the chants. One night, he had a giant bag of M&Ms and was giving it out to fans. He came up to me ( i was maybe 11?) and said "hey, you look like you could use some sugar" and poured me a handful.  Good times at the old barn. 

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