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  1. see Sterio, this is why i like you(as well as being a fellow Graphic Designer haha)
  2. Breaking Bad is amazing.. almost caught up to the current episode...
  3. http://www.coolsport.tv/stream17.html for all those looking for a stream (no, not mine, sorry! haha)
  4. thanks for the share! it was a damn good read
  5. not a concert (again) but i get to see Demetri Martin next month @ The Wellmont... going to be awesome
  6. one thing i saw Barch do last night... he actually stood in front of the net and attempted to screen, which was nice
  7. great... now every time i come to the forum, i see this thread, and that damn song plays in my head...
  8. i was hoping this was about something else, so we can all say SOMEBODY LEFT IT OPEN AGAIN????? stupid commercial
  9. i used an Elgato EyeTVHD which fed into my quad core i7 iMac. The video on the screen was captured by Camtwist (30fps screen capture program) which was fed into Adobe's Flash Media Live Encoder and sent off to Justin.tv in H.264 format for best compression v quality. It used a TON of bandwidth and made my iMac really hot (i had 2 fans on the back of it to dissipate the heat) but it worked and was quite reliable. Before that (when it was SD) i had a firewire cable into my iMac and via VLC you could view whatever was on the cable box, then Camtwist and blah blah
  10. Sorry everyone! If I do random games, I'll let everyone know..until them, assume I wont be doing it Life got in the way! Haha
  11. Haha maybe in the future I'll do it for fun randomly, but right now, I'm glad I'm not doing it. Glad everyone enjoyed it though!
  12. it was fun while it lasted but i retired from it after the playoffs (Time, energy, moving, life) im sure there will be other streams online somewhere
  13. hahaha "gomez sweepstakes"
  14. GO TEAM THAT WE LIKE!? thats the Doovals right?
  15. Hockey stick signed by Valeri Zelepukin and my picture with Brodeur from 2000 after the cup win
  16. Down my grandmothers street in Rockaway NY (Beach 141) the top one is the sea wall that was just destroyed, the asphalt was torn off the ground. The bottom was a house on the beac my grandmothers house was ok physically except for the 8 feet of water (about a foot+ still remain) in her basement, her house is about a block into rockaway. Further down toward the boardwalk, its even crazier. Entire sections are just gone...
  17. my apartment has no power, not complaining, just frustrated My parents place (Other side of my town) and my girlfriends place do... so i have places to go. My grandmother, Aunt and Uncle live on Rockaway Beach NY, none of them luckily involved in the fire. Both houses are flooded in the basement and the very bottom of the first floor. They are not sure when they can return to their houses. My grandmother is devastated. Her house is quite old and we're not sure of the damage that has been caused, i wouldn't be surprised if the place had to be leveled due to foundation problems.. This has been nuts, and i feel lucky that all i lost was power and about 25 dollars of food.
  18. Everything tastes like chicken... except chicken, that tastes like pork

  19. no more concerts at the moment... saaaad.. BUT Louis C.K. on October 26th, cannot wait for that
  20. hahahahaha thats ok, ill find some other award to get....
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