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  1. While im upset at him leaving, its the BEST situation for us as Devil fans... sorry Zach, you are NOT worth that contract. Best of luck to you. Enjoy being home Whatever, i've moved on... Such is life, can't get crazy about things that are out of your control. While im upset at him leaving, its the BEST situation for us as Devil fans... sorry Zach, you are NOT worth that contract. Best of luck to you. Enjoy being home Whatever, i've moved on... Such is life, can't get crazy about things that are out of your control.
  2. that means we have the rights to Kathryn Tappen...
  3. Don't worry CP. I enjoyed your narrative! I noticed the whole media pushing one team over another all playoffs... Like how the flyers were tired due to the emotion of the first series... , how the rangers were tired because of 2 7 game series... Not cuz the devils played better or they controlled the games... No its never us who are good. Against the kings, it was a giant love feat for them... Just grundle licking all night long...
  4. he took a slight paycut, a good transition period for a new goalie, im not mad about this at all. (3 mil would have been nice, but the cap DID go up, and it doesn't really take money away from other signings) Without marty... what the hell were we gonna do? there were no goalies out there to get via FA worth getting, none of the kids are ready yet... The only thing Lou messed up, was giving us little choice when it comes to goalies in the system. This is a stopgap for now. I'd rather have him retire than go somewhere else... and i'm glad hes back
  5. i really believe that if we lose Parise and Marty... the Devils will be in even more financial trouble than they are in now... People will be giving back their tix because they lost confidence in the Devils org... its gonna be tough... i will always be a Marty fan and thankful for what hes given us, but this will be a real hard kick in all of our nuts if he leaves to somewhere else for money i am hopeful (and optimistic) that we can re-sign BOTH of them... but if not, its going to really be devastating to the fanbase
  6. there MAY be some tix left on louisck.net but i DOUBT it... so happy im going w/ the girl nice! id like to see Maiden someday.. enjoy!
  7. not a Concert Per Say... but I just got tix to see Louis CK in October
  8. i've come to grips with this whole situation... whatever happens, happens, as fans, all we can do is speculate and wait for something to happen. i know its frustrating (cuz we all want him a Devil for life) but i've just given up on reading into rumors or whatever he said to the media (and all the stupid fans of other teams giving lame reasons why Zach will be a *insert favorite team here* The Devils will be The Devils
  9. Never look directly into a potato's eye

  10. sounds like a super awesome great time... enjoy!
  11. Less Than Jake w/ Catch 22.. deciding whether or not to go
  12. Who is Zach Parise and why did he steal my donut?

  13. These videos don't put Zubes/Sykora/Poni and Clarkie in a good light... but its gossip garbage... theres so much context missing from these videos, you can't (and shouldn't) jump to conclusions about cheating or whatever... sure they look drunk and what not ,but damn, if i was on the devils and i lost, id get drunk as hell too. before these videos came out, we never knew nor cared about what the Devils did the second they stepped off the ice and into the world, suddenly, we know their lives and are judging them on 30 seconds of gossip video from one night in Los Angeles whatever... if they wanna go out and party. i hope they had a good time, and they deserve to enjoy themselves.
  14. i'd totally go if i didn't have work... damn you graphic design!
  15. gahh... crappy way to end... im still proud of this team and am looking forward to next year
  16. we saw the best part of that chick in that video/gif...
  17. COME ON DEVILS! WIN TONIGHT! (In Adam Sandler's Voice from Waterboy) YOU CAN DO IT!
  18. wow its all such terrible music (Minus the Metallica and Matt Greens classic rock) im surprised no one listens to Metal... id be the short white guy listening to Shadows Fall and Opeth Zubie is responsible for the horrible music during warmups... oh man, i can't stand that stuff
  19. WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN!!! i WILL NOT BE STREAMING TONIGHT!! or watching the game.. haha so GO DEVILS!!! (i will be checking my iphone every 2 seconds to see whats going on)
  20. im not getting involved in this topic... i just came to say... that this is one hilarious post and you sir deserve 10000000 Internets and several hugs (and maybe some pudding)
  21. from HF someone there called it a "Butterflop" (Butterfly/Flop) also this (from HF again)
  22. haha what can i say, i love my 90s music... channel 34 - Lithium on SiriusXM is pretty much all i listen to you got some good shows comin up too... enjoy!
  23. My concerts for the next few months (So Far) 5/25 - Garbage - Atlantic City 6/18 - Everclear/Sugar Ray/Gin Blossoms/Lit/Marcy Playground - Roseland Ballroom *6/29 - Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger (not sure if i WILL go, but i want to) 8/4 - System of a Down and Deftones - PNC Bank Arts Center ive thought about going to see Shadows Fall and Fear Factory at gramercy theater... but my metal friends are not around and i will die if i go haha
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