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  1. Ugh, if the end results are two first rounders at 21 and 24 or something like that, it definitely stings when the "best case" scenario outcomes are considered. First, it'll make the Hall trade look worse (unless ARZ somehow re-signs him and wins a round in the playoffs). Second, while still looking on the bright side, two low-end 1st rounders can still help the Devils' prospect pool since NJ doesn't have a 2nd rounder this year, and those two 1sts could be packaged to move up... or result in moving down from one of those spots... still have options that could yield positive outcomes.
  2. Dating former New Jersey Devils great Kurtis Gabriel.
  3. Related -- CR, you likely already saw this -- I completely forgot Alfredsson didn't spend his entire career with the Senators. Totally blanked on his non-OTT season to end his career. Without looking it up, anyone else remember him playing on that other team? HockeyDB has confirmed it's true, but I don't have any memories (or highlights in my brain) from that season. Kinda like Modano's last season... though I remember that, and Alfredsson fared better.
  4. Iginla = first ballot HOFer. I love Elias. Maybe my all-time favorite Devils player. I went out and bought a new Elias jersey when he re-upped with the Devils instead of the Rangers, complete with the captain's C on the shoulder. I have a hard time arguing for his inclusion into the HOF at this point, though. I completely understand the arguments in favor of putting him in (look at the system in which he played, look at the roles he was tasked with handling, etc.) but I just don't think he had enough "dominant" seasons where he popped off the page/screen to make him stick out to non-Devil
  5. I just posted this in another thread, deleted it, and moved it here -- it's a better fit. For whatever it's worth, a friend of mine rubbed elbows with someone in Devils management about a week ago. When talk of the draft came up, my friend was told, "We'll take the Russian kid." (And please, resist the temptation to assassinate my character for posting a rumor. Yep, it's second-hand that I'm hearing this... yep, I trust my friend really was told this (he sent me a photo of the guy he spoke with)... but I ain't Ecklund, throwing sh*t at the wall to see what sticks. Maybe the De
  6. I'm late to this party, so my apologies if my thoughts have previously been expressed. I do think the Devils could use another reliable D-man. Lovejoy plays well in spurts, Santini seems shell-shocked. Fingers crossed the answer is Mirco Mueller returning from injury. If it is, then yeah, they're pretty well set. If it's not - and Greene struggles - I'd like to see the Devils take a run at Hjalmarsson if Arizona is willing to move him. Cap hit right around $4m, signed for another year and could provide some additional stability on the back end. 2nd line center, please and thank you..
  7. That's how it may go down in the annals of Devils history, but signing Cammalleri was a big deal when it happened. People were excited the Devils were willing to bring in a bonafide goal scorer, though the term was worrisome - and hey, look at that, the term ended up being something of a problem. He nearly hit 30 goals in his first season and was about a point per game in the second season... but injuries kept popping up and this last year he just didn't look like the Cammalleri of the previous seasons. He shanked one-timers, passed on good scoring opportunities, and just wasn't the kind
  8. Bingo. Regarding trades: stockpiling picks. Ain't the worst approach for this organization... I just hope Shero isn't approaching this like some approach fantasy sports: trying to swap multiple assets for a single better asset. "Hey, I really want to get one good player, and so I'm going to trade you two mediocre players instead... see, we both win! You get depth, I get the better overall player!" Only works with really desperate GMs who can't see the writing on the wall. And dammit, I want to see this team be consistently competitive next season. If they could resemble
  9. Not exactly a detailed write-up for each club, nor even completely accurate - John Hynes came from the Albany Devils, eh? Interesting that their ranking criteria is not only the strength of prospects, but stability of AHL franchise and physical proximity to the NHL team. http://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/1064617-ranking-the-30-nhl-farm-systems For comparison, Bleacher Report's post-2016-draft write-up in June had the Devils at 13th. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2647891-nhl-draft-2016-results-re-ranking-every-teams-prospect-pool/page/19
  10. Flames have depth on defense, so unless they're moving a contract back to NJ (Smid?), I don't see how Severson would be the lynchpin. Aside from the untouchables in Calgary, I'm not interested in many of their roster players. Shinkaruk would be a worthwhile gamble, maybe Joe Colborne if the Devils wanted some scoring touch on a depth line. Maybe the Devils are willing to take Mason Raymond's contract in exchange for a pick.
  11. http://www.mynhldraft.com/2016/NHL-Draft-Profiles/Michael-McLeod http://www.allaboutthejersey.com/2016/6/17/11862600/-speed-at-both-ends-michael-mcleod-2016-nhl-draft-prospect-profile --> Essentially his take was "Not a bad pick, unless Jost, Brown, Keller, Dubois, or Nylander are available." Well, Devils scouting department clearly didn't have faith in Brown, so they picked up a free 3rd rounder and snagged this kid.
  12. Not surprising. This means Devils really wanted Jost, too, eh?
  13. If Devils draft Chychrun, he's a defender with different dimensions than most in the system in that he has offensive upside - or have I misread that scouting report? If that's what he can potentially provide, I'm fine with Devils drafting him. Right now there's Larsson (whose offense hasn't blossomed), Severson (work in progress), Merrill (yikes), Santini (defensive d-man)... a dangerous PP-capable defenseman would be just fine.
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