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  1. I don't know if The Rock will be filled with fans but it looks like from the webcam that the A/C must be on cause steam is coming out of the machines on the roof. I haven't seen this before. That will be nice to have it cool in there. During that Flyer game I was in 227 row 9 (the last row) and it was HOT!!!!! Let's Go Devils and bury those rags into the dumpster!
  2. When the KC Scouts started playing, there was a rodeo at the Kemper Arena so they had to start playing on a 9 game roadtrip. Where have we heard this before?
  3. That was a great ceremony. I have tears in my eyes. Everybody, WELCOME TO THE ROCK!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Turn on News 12. They are going to be showing the ribbon cutting down at the Rock. Also at 5 they are having a feature called "The Rock Gets Rolling" everything you need to know about The Rock.
  5. Just got my Flex Plan ticket stubs. My account manager said they would be commemorative stubs like the season tickets but they are generic gray Prudential Center stubs. Real ugly! It doesn't really matter though.
  6. I've heard that the ribbon cutting ceremony will be on Monday and Barrack Obama might be there because he is in Newark anyway for a rally or something like that at NJPAC. Also if you look at the webcam from the top of 744 Broad, you can see that the LED screen is on facing Mulberry Street because the light is changing on the street.
  7. Did anybody catch that Rock Preview? I was getting a drink and I caught the tail end. Was it a brief thing or a full length tour? What did they show? Very exciting game so far. Hopefully we can make something happen on this power play!
  8. I'm in a tough situtation... I was invited to both events and I want to go to the Sunday one but I want to be in there on the earliest day as possible which is Sat. What should I do?? But I can only go to one and I would be harder for me to go on Sat because of my schedule.
  9. I guess they're gonna give us partial plan holders Dixie Cups!
  10. My account manager said that there will be a new goal song written by a band from Hoboken who wrote the song specifically for the Devils.
  11. Mike, I am a partial plan holder (flex plan) and I got an email, put my name, account number (it's on your invoice), and number of people attending and it said that it went through so I hope it works! Also I don't see why they would entice me by sending me an invitation to something I'm not invited to. You should get an email from them soon and please say when you do so I know that it isn't a fluke that i got one. Here is the link to register from my email! Open House Registration Form
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