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  1. PL3 Signs with Anaheim. http://ducks.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=650512
  2. While I'm not currently looking to move my Peluso, I would be willing to purchase the Dean if you were so inclined.
  3. Due to the overwhelming response by everyone except the original poster, I have decided that the jersey and gloves will both be up for grabs. $900 for the jersey. $300 for the gloves. Or take the whole set for $1000.
  4. I have Mike's red jersey from the 94-95 season (with a restored nameplate, since the Devils re-issued most of the shirts in those days), as well as a pair of his Devils gloves. Email me if interested.
  5. slimegoat


    I have an old University of Wisconsin stick, a white Sher-Wood 9030 Feather-Glas, stamped "Rafalski 3". Fully taped, and shows a ton of use. Open to offers...
  6. Getting back to the Free Tickets theme, there were a couple guys in suits handing out free tickets in the Brick City bar to anyone that wanted them, around 6pm.
  7. Didn't the Phantoms draw well at the Spectrum? And, that was across the street from the Flyers.
  8. Great photos! Thanks for sharing...
  9. Hopefully, it's good news for Leblond.
  10. Dress the goons. I'll be there.
  11. Great to see Brett Clouthier back in the States. Hopefully, he can stick in the AHL, instead of reporting to Rio Grande Valley of the CHL.
  12. There are a bunch on ebay now, all in the same BIN range.
  13. lids.com has some updated designs like this from 59Fifty. I think the one pictured is a discontinued design. You might want to try a Lids outlet.
  14. It would be better if they didn't talk.
  15. Anyone have any interest in a Leblond Training Camp red from 06-07? #61 from Meigray. $250 + shipping.
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