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  1. So, do not forget the link if NHL.com does not work, if anyone can find another link.
  2. If you guys find an alternate link, please post it as well if NHL.com Press Room does not work.
  3. No, it does not work, NHL.com will have it, but starting at 2 only.
  4. Hey everyone, I know I will be able to watch the NHL on TSN Free Agent Frenzy on NHL.com at 2 PM on Friday, but it starts at Noon, so I was wondering if anyone knows a good link in the USA since TSN.ca live feed only is available in Canada, I only needed it for 2 hours. If anyone here knows, please pass it along.
  5. So, the Devils look to be close to full health, here is how the lines should be: With Zajac returning: Parise Zajac Tedenby Kovalchuk Henrique Clarkson Zubrus Elias Sykora Sestito Carter Janssen Extras: Palmieri, Boulton With Zajac and Josefson: Parise Zajac Clarkson Kovalchuk Josefson Henrique Zubrus Elias Sykora Tedenby Carter Janssen/Palmieri Extras: Palmieri, Boulton
  6. USC09

    Predict the standings

    East: 1. Penguins 2. Capitals 3. Sabres 4. Bruins 4. Flyers 6. Lightning 7. Devils 8. Rangers 9. Canadiens 10. Panthers 11. Hurricanes 12. Maple Leafs 13. Jets 14. Islanders 15. Senators West: 1. Blackhawks 2. Canucks 3. Sharks 4. Red Wings 5. Kings 6. Predators 7. Ducks 8. Blues 9. Flames 10. Coyotes 11. Wild 12. Avalanche 13. Stars 14. Blue Jackets 15. Oilers
  7. I don't really care, if the Devils lose Parise, they lose him, its how things work in the NHL. Expectations will remain the same, Stanley Cup or bust. If they cannot sign him by trade deadline, Lou might have no choice but to trade him since next years free agent class is weak after him. Lou might have to make an exception to his rule of no negotiating during the season, but the one-year-deal for Parise will put pressure on both Zach and Devils to do some big things this year. Parise has also not proven anything in the playoffs, so it won't be a major catastrophe to lose him, Devils are used to this and even though there is a Salary Cap, Lou's philosophy remains the same.
  8. USC09

    September 15, 2012

    I'd be surprised if there is another lockout in the NHL. The NHL and the NHLPA will learn from football and basketball and try to avoid it at all costs. They simply cannot afford another lockout, because the league can fold from any future work stoppages as it almost did in 2004-2005. Fans will definitely lose interest in the game. Even 1 games missed will be costly. I think the salary cap should stay as is, but the issues that are likely to be discussed are: -Contract Term Limits (Expect League to impose a maximum length on contracts, but current long-term contracts can stay as is. I think 8 years per long-term contracts should be mximum) -Front Loaded Contracts (Expect NHL to construct Maximum Salary on a front loaded contract, for Example Kovy will make $11.8 million is one of the years, expect maybe no more than $8-10 million on any new deal.) -Safety of Players (Further Head Shot and injury evaluation) -Mandatory Visors (Issue will definitely come up due to Malhotra's eye injury.) -Keep Salary Cap Inflator -Olympic Participation in Sochi, Pyeongchang -3rd National TV Broadcast Network (I expect NHL to return to ESPN and have them as the 3rd National TV Broadcast along with NBC/Versus. No way ESPN will wait 10 years for another shot at NHL. Turner Sports will also make a bid. Remember NBA has 3 National Networks in ESPN/ABC/TNT.) -All Star Game format and Draft Rules -NHL/IIHF transfer agreement (NHL will have to try to implement rules so it can be the best league in the world and not have players go to KHL or any other leagues in Europe.) So, I doubt there will be a work stoppage, expect Fehr and Bettman to start negotiations in January on new CBA.
  9. I think DeBoer is a good choice, will inject some fresh energy into Devils. Has potential to be like Bylsma. I think DeBoer is a good choice, will inject some fresh energy into Devils. Has potential to be like Bylsma.
  10. I am pretty sure Lou still does not have a Plan A. And why would you listen to Mark (N)Đ„verson, he exaggerates sh!t. Training Camp opens Friday, September 16th, so the latest a coach can be named is that Thursday, so maybe Lou will wait til then whatever his excuse might be. But if it mean that Parise will be signed to an extension, I will certainly be ok with him stretching the search into late summer. I would not be surprised if Lou is coaching the team, maybe he is not impressed with anyone.
  11. Just to throw it out there: Kovalchuk Zajac Palmieri Rolston Elias Zubrus Parise Josefson Tedenby Henrique Steckel Clarkson Extras: Pelley Fayne Talliner White Volchenkov Greene Larsson Extras: Taormina, Salvador I think Salvador is likely going to be Devils subtraction.
  12. I would not be shocked about Robinson, but Kowalsky has no resume yet, he still has a long way to go to becoming an NHL ready coach. But I doubt it will be either of those. If Hitchcock is brought in to coach Devils, I think at least Robinson stays on as assistant. Oates I think will be assigned to Special Assignment Coach. I think the Head Coach will come from outside the organization.
  13. Well the Devils start their prospects and developmental camp next Monday, so sometime next week it would be fitting for Lou to name a coach. But Lou hired both Sutter and Lemaire on July 13th in 2007 and 2009 respectively, which is next Wednesday, maybe that could be the day and then Lou will say its just a coincidence that happens on the 13th. But I think he should just get the coaching headache out of the way and focus on locking up Parise to an extension already. I think we are very close to knowing who the coach will be, but how close is very close?
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