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  1. It's not that Lou's presence makes it difficult, it's just hard to take over a team that's where the Devils are right now.  They are not destitute.  They have a top D pairing and a great goalie.  They have some very good young players.  They just don't have much else.  What the Devils are missing is the one thing that it's almost impossible to fix.  But it's also impossible to step in and say 'We can't fix this'.  Again, it's all going to come down to free agency and whether they trade some of these picks.


    Every time I think about this team with Kovalchuk and Parise I really think we would be not only making the playoffs, but being close to Cup Contenders perennially. You're right, we're missing unfixable things because we're missing the kinds of players we don't have the opportunity to draft. We'd have to suck more for that, but it's tough to say that would even improve the team in the long run.

  2. *Puts on tinfoil cap*


    Been developing a theory. Defensemen dry up in Devils system, they start to heavily draft+develop them. Lou brings young defensemen into NHL as soon as possible, but not immediately, because of veteran situation last few years. He signs as many older forwards as possible to teach these kids (in practice) how to play in an older offensive/defensive system. Knowing the league is changing and that he won't be a part of it soon, Lou tries to inject a young crop of D-men and goaltenders with as much of the work ethic of these older forwards, while essentially writing off the season in a good draft year. Lou retires after the end of next year or so when guys like Larsson, Severson, Merrill, Gelinas are bona-fide NHL top-6.


    All that's really missing is attention to the future of the forward situation in general. Our youth is just not focused in our forward group outside of Zajac and Henrique, and the constant plugging of holes with veteran guys has clearly failed. Just not sure what the plan is there...

  3. Maybe it's just me, but I'd give him another entire season, and hopefully some ice time due to injury or something, but he's still 21, give him until he's like 23 before we throw it away (unless there's a really nice return).

  4. As someone who went to school in Syracuse where the original Dino BBQ is, having one outside Pru Center in Newark is like bringing a part of my personal history into one of my other favorite places. Glad they put one there. Great place to get good beer, great BBQ and fried green tomatoes!

  5. David Poile has said that he's never trading Shea Weber, it would just be dumb to do so.

    One of the only D-men in the league currently you could build a team around. Flyers thought they had him by playing the money game, and they failed. Gotta give up on that. I feel like they'll overpay a free agent or two now.
  6. This is the problem. You make it sound so damn easy and that the Devils could do it if they wanted to.

    I think as much as the shootouts have killed us, consistent goal scoring and general consistency have been the reason we're not in the playoffs. I don't think we've had a single 3-game winning streak this season. 5 wins in 6 games is possible in this league, but it would take some big stepping up, and we just haven't seen it all year.
  7. I don't mind this deal too much. At least we know Ruutu can play in the NHL consistently if he doesn't get injured. The salary is rough but we needed someone to try bolstering our wings, and we'll have space after some players clear this year and the cap goes up. While it's not a blockbuster, at least it's something.

  8. Gonna be sitting near home plate with my family. The angle will probably be pretty low but I'm excited about the experience. Gonna be a great day! I went to the AHL Outdoor Classic in Syracuse a few years ago and it was just a grandstand, but with 21,000+ in the cold you just end up having fun with it no matter what you can see.

  9. I met Tao last year at a Syracuse-Albany game when I was living in Syracuse. Real nice guy, told him I was a big fan and a lot of us were. He seemed pretty happy being the captain down in the AHL. Of course everyone wants to play NHL level but could be much worse.

  10. Very happy about this. Just seems to have worked out really well. And I think it will work out for Harris/Blitzer--the attendance/popularity and arena area are on the up, and they've got a brand new arena. Vanderbeek is happy, the new owners are happy, and fans can be happy we won't have to worry about any more debt reports in the NY Post.

  11. Last year for one game my dad (STH) got an email about 50% off a luxury suite to a game vs. Winnipeg and we basically had a catered party. It was a pretty spectacular experience. Although it was crazy expensive (even half off), we'd still consider doing it once a year or two because of how great it was. I wish they'd sell individual suite tix.

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