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  1. http://devils.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=41808

    These are pretty well-done photoshops but man some of the photos are awkward. Greatest hits for me are Crazy Greene, Bug-Eyes Kovalchuk, and Suave Zubrus.

    Overall, though, I like them! Also check out the 30th anniversary logo in the bottom right of each wallpaper, pretty cool! Haven't seen it anywhere before (maybe it's in the arena, I haven't been this season).

  2. Glad I missed the speculation today because I would have been bugging out...But glad that Zajac could be back soon! The sooner he comes back I feel like maybe Zach could get into more of a groove and not only help the team but also maybe his chances of signing...

  3. I know they got in quite an upswing last year but man does missing the playoffs for a season really hurt. For how many years did free agents come to NJ after the trade deadline because we're always competing because we always have a chance for the cup in the playoffs. I know it's only one year but I feel if Zach leaves that season really hurt the team in the long-term.

  4. haha bleacher report is so bad. what horrible logic, 'the lightning and the bruins will surely pass them', well how about the leafs, rangers, and panthers passing them on the way down?

    Early season standings are such a joke, there should be a way to filter stupid articles about the current standings. Like when the Leafs were first in the East.

  5. I really hope he doesn't leave, and if he does, I think it will (unfortunately) be a 100% financial decision. I would hate to think that Lou/Vanderbeek saw more value in Kovalchuk than they do in Parise...but I really hope they can afford to get him to stay.

    If he leaves, though, we need a RW and a goalie.

  6. It would be nice to see a banner raised for Doc. Since the Pru Center expressively belongs to the Devils, they should be able to raise whatever they want, and something to honor Doc is more than appropriate. I hope it's more than just another painting and speech (which I think it will be).

  7. Modern Family

    Parks and Rec

    The Office (because, hell, I've watched 7 seasons so far, I'm riding this thing out until the bloody end)


    How I Met Your Mother (now ex-girlfriend got me into it, and I'm hooked)

    Wilfred (NOONE else I know likes this show, go figure)

    We have very similar taste, I watch a lot of Office and How I Met Your Mother, and the other shows I've seen a bit of and liked but haven't had time to watch everything. And I LOVED Wilfred! I watched like the first 8 episodes or so before I lost access to all TV (studying overseas) but plan to catch up as soon as I'm back!

  8. Just watched the highlights, looks like a really well-played game by the Devils. Of course Quick had great positioning and it made the Devils chances look worse than they were, but it looked like a lot of offense and some good defense (besides a few turnovers at the beginning).

    Also love that Kovy used Zach's shootout move to beat Quick in the shootout.

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