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  1. Well the Flyers are a good team, and, so far, the Devils are not a good team, so a 3-0 score doesn't surprise me. I only just watched the highlights this morning as I'm in Europe for the year, so I couldn't see the whole game but it looked like it was a really badly-played defensive game. Marty had a good night, but the Devils seemed to be on the backcheck all night and even when they were they weren't really on the puck. Looks like there's not much chemistry on D and they need some more communication. I think it'll be interesting to see how Pete DeBoer is able to work with them this year.

  2. my only concern is that he'll be too nice. Patty let some toughness show last season so ...

    I always get the feeling Stevens when he was in a groove - say on ice or just a hockey groove - I kind of get the feeling he says stuff by accident. I kind of think he actually might have that fast thinking mind when it comes to hockey in any event and maybe out of force of habit dealing with brothers and stuff --- I just wonder if he didn't say some fast true comments that are pretty hurtful and may have seemed uncalled for... he just seems like he passes fast harsh judgements - that bite, you know - that have teeth.

    Because he throws them away - Like if a chubby person grabbed a candy he'd blurt out "That's why you're such a fatass" and kind have a non-malicious air maybe even deliver it with a friendly chuckle - and be kind of going so fast that you didn't even get to react and call him a fvcker because it just hit you out of the blue - and if you react too late you look like an idiot. I mean -- I may be wrong.

    but what I AM saying -- is that those little truths -- that make you hate the messenger.... they're kind of valuable. And you sort of need to hear them. NOT from a pot-stirring Holik who slowly says it and already has his defence ready... but from a nice smart guy you respect and means nothing by it -- he's just has this thoughtless arrogant a$$hole way of blurting out what he sees. It's a verbal open ice hit and the deliverer doesn't know better -- he thinks it's part of the game.

    I know it's a flaw but if it's true it accomplished something really valuable that no one can replicate. It doesn't get you any Norris trophy <_< but a good captain needs to find a way to say that stuff.

    or not. :saddevil: teh truth of the matter really is that I'm that way. I can't tell you how many things I've done or said. I mean you all see it here. and I never want to take it back because it's true -- but it's out of line... :saddevil: but in a team situation, :noclue: Phaa never mind I guess --

    I just don't want bullsh!t diplomacy or unfocussed righteousness that Langenbrunner had going on -- everyone may have been happy but it was not effective leadership.

    Yeah Zach is not as "intense" a person as Stevens for example, or even Patty. He's more of a stoic sort of leader, hence why he won't be changing much in his actual actions or anything. He leads by example and all that, but I also think that literally being made leader of the team as opposed to the past where he's be a sort of figural leader will really help him along, maybe make him realize the intensity.

    It's there--he's gotten into fights before and when somebody pisses him off he lets them have it all game, but unfortunately he's prone to just taking it all game from some oaf like Steve Ott and then not really let it affect him other than stepping up his game (speed, passing, etc.). I think it's just a game of wait and see. It's not so clear how it's going to affect him on the ice, or if it will at all. I'm looking forward to it though!

  3. I'm really happy about this. I'm not at all worried about him leaving, so he's the man I want with the C on his chest. I hope he gets right back into the swing of things this season and leads this team to the top of its potential. A leader is one thing we've really needed the last few seasons and with Parise/Kovalchuk at the helm I think this team is starting the upswing again.

  4. Okay, I have a piece of memorabilia and a story that goes with it.

    So, back when I didn't have season tickets and back when we didn't go to Devils games all that often, my family were casual Devils fans and we used to go on trips organized by one of the churches in a town nearby. You'd get real cheap tickets for sending a group and so they just sent a bus from this church on the night of the games. So I decided to have a few friends go with me to a Devils game for my birthday party, this was 2001. I think it was about 5 of us and we had a blast, we got on the camera at the CAA, we were all really happy. The Devils lost, against the Senators (who at the team were just about the best team in hockey), but it didn't bother us so much. So anyway after the game we're going to get back on the bus back to the church and the bus driver (who I didn't know and hadn't talked to) pulls me aside and says that she knows some guys who work with the team and she heard it was my birthday, so she saw what she could do. She hands me a box and I open it up: inside is a mini-stick signed by Patrik Elias :D . I couldn't express how excited I was, all I knew was that the Devils had won the Stanley Cup the previous year and Elias was a rookie but a big part of it. I really treasure that thing, and I still wonder how that stick made its way to me, and who the bus driver was, and if it really was just some crazy chance. Very cool though.

    I also have some pucks and cards signed by some players, but that Elias stick takes the cake.

  5. I really don't think it could go to anyone outside of Parise and Kovalchuk. And I really believe it should be Zach, but I wouldn't be against waiting a few weeks/months to give it to him.

  6. its just an opinion on whether or not you think Josefson is ready to handle 16-18 minutes a game.

    I know Parise and Zajac have been together forever, but have Parise and Elias ever been on a line? I'm obviously thinking about when Zajac comes back

    I want to say I recall Zubrus playing with Elias and Parise but I'm not totally sure. I think it worked well, but at that point it was a lot of "putting all your eggs in one basket". At this point I think it could work, it just really leaves us with a huge problem at 2nd line center if Josefson can't play the minutes.

  7. I dont think its that easy. Is the Barclay's Center even up to the NHL rule? Theres a rule on arenas, or at least was. Its whats prevented Seattle from getting a team (amongst many other things).

    From what I've read, it's not designed for hockey. Even if there is enough space for a playing surface there would be definite site line issues, much like the arena in Phoenix when the Jets first moved there.

    I've read a few reports. Before the arena was built, they said it wouldn't be fitted for hockey, but after construction now they say it could be done. There's no minimum for seating (or if there is this would be enough). I think site lines could be an issue, because speaking as an architecture student, if it was designed exclusively for basketball, it wasn't designed for hockey, and that can make a severe difference. Whether it's the difference of not having NHL hockey there, I guess we'll see.

  8. I really think they should try Brooklyn. It'll be small (about 14,500), but their fanbase is small at the moment. It's easily accessible by LIRR and by subway, and maybe they could grab some fans in Brooklyn that they wouldn't otherwise have. I think it's a better option than having a new arena built. Getting the Nets to agree is another story though...

  9. I don't hate these, they went back to retro for their primary and away and now they have a more modern, clean but still edgy jersey. I think it's a step forward, not a step back. Gotta get people in that arena somehow.

  10. I'd argue that the intangibles, a strong supporting cast, is just as important as having the superstars. And then I'd point to the Kovalchuk/Hossa years in Atlanta as exhibit A. And then Law and Order would play a "chung chung" and you'd hear a schpeel about the criminal justice system.

    Right, but Elias and Brodeur still serve as that, and still have skill. I don't think Rolston and White contribute to this team as much as their cap space does, especially when it means you can fit some of your top draft picks and you can fit a guy like Kovalchuk. This team could easily have been the same team minus Kovalchuk if Lou hadn't made the trade a couple years ago, and it would be a very different team. We wouldn't be in quite the cap crunch we are, but I don't think we're a worse team because of it. And we gave away relatively little in terms of personnel to get him.

  11. It's like we always have to have buyouts in our capspace...now that Pandolfo and Peters are off, Hunter and White will be on. It's okay, but it seems like ownership is now officially on Lou to make some real cap space so we can afford a real team. And, not for nothing, cups seem to be won by teams with guys like Toews and Kane, Crosby and Malkin, Staal and Ward, Zetterberg and Datsyuk, etc. While the Rolstons and Whites are good for the inevitables, when they're making that much money, a decision has to be made. And this offseason we're making some pretty clear decisions about the direction of this team. Now the biggest payrolls are Zach and Kovy (as well they should be), and soon Brodeur and Elias will either retire or take a big paycut, and the team will shift to its new era. I'm glad Lou is being proactive, especially in seemingly the twilight of his GM career. I don't like the White move on the surface, but I understand it nonetheless.

  12. Ugh all these acquisitions and so few of them are even "utility" Boulton, Veilleux, Janssen, these are the kind of guys I'd rather see at NHL tryouts than signed by the end of July...can't exactly tell where anyone's going to fit in the bottom 6 at this point.

  13. I was so excited at work today, looked on the front page of TSN and saw the news and my boss probably raised his eyebrows as he was looking by...so glad! As far as I'm concerned, if we had had to buy out Rolston, it would've been 500k more cap hit than this is, and we get a return of a player about at Rolston's level. I've been waiting for this trade for a while.

    After reading this thread for a bit I'm in agreement with people that think we're in year 3 of a "retooling" phase. I think we don't really have such a shot at a cup, but we definitely will make the playoffs, and I think we could make it through a round or so. Hopefully the team can develop chemistry under a new coach, a new captain (Zach :pray:) and with the loss of a few older players (Lags, Arnott, Rolston). If we develop Tedenby, Josefson, Taormina, Fayne, Larsson, etc, who all seem to be NHL-ready players at this point, not just guys with "potential" (like Merrill and co.), we can replace the old guard and after Moose is done after this season, we'll be in good shape for the future. I'm very glad we have Greene wrapped up, along with Volchenkov and Tallinder, and I'm looking forward to the team in the future.

    Very funny comment on TSN by a Canucks fan, thought this would be a great trade for both teams:

    NJ gets: Schneider, Ballard, high pick (1st or 2nd)

    VAN gets: Parise, low pick

    Thought it was hilarious. Either Parise is extremely undervalued in the league or the Canucks are high on their backups. Just imagine subbing Ovechkin/Crosby/Stamkos into that deal...not even close.

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