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  1. Where you there? If so I could not see how you could think it did not matter.

    I'm pretty sure the crowd had a profound effect on the Devils, something I wish we saw a little more often in a brand new arena. In the beginning, we gave our support, lost it when they couldn't score. But when they finally did, we pushed them through an OT PK and gave it up for them for the shootout. I'm sure we intimidated Miller at least a little bit with our Marty chants. But still, it's not the sort of thing that will happen every night.

  2. You can't run the internet and word at the same time on a PC?

    No of course you can, that's not what I meant. I mean, if all you want to do is run word and firefox at the same time, I prefer PC because its a little more user friendly for those two programs specifically. You can do both on either, but just tends to be simpler on Mac.

  3. What I meant by Macs being easier is this: I'm using a PC and go "Hm, why didn't they do x" and on a Mac I go "I'm glad they did x". It's mostly little things like that. Obviously for games, there is no contest, I tend to plug in a PC mouse and keyboard to play any games that I do have for Mac, as I do for Photoshop as well. All the Mac programs are really good for Mac, and would never work on a PC interface (Dashboard, for example). But the main reason why Mac is better for me: it's smoother to run the two programs I use most, the internet (firefox) and word. The other Mac programs are good additions and make it more fun and user-friendly. Don't get me wrong though, for most other programs, I'd prefer PC, and I use a PC. But I think people have to understand that although Macs are easier, it doesn't make them worse.

    In this way, I think Macs are better for laptops, which most people don't use for games and more complicated programs. But for a desktop computer I'd always prefer a PC.

  4. I got a MacBook Pro last year around this time, my first switch from PC to mac. It takes a bit to get used to the interface. But it's really nice. Really user-friendly, and programs like Mac Mail and Photo Booth make life easier/more fun. If you ever have any questions about Macs you can come to me.

  5. I've been getting into a few, but just recently I got accepted to the honors college at NJIT, and they essentially offered me a full ride (minus board)! So I could get close to the Devils, but since I'm in architecture I wouldn't have much time anyways. But it's an awesome option.

    But congrats, great to hear!

  6. Good win. Not a great game, but a good 3rd period. We couldn't get it together for the first two. And Garon was stopping everything. But as soon as they got that one by, it really started to click. Glad to see us keeping the lead for Christmas. What a nice gift :) . And a nice goal by Maddog at the end. That was fun :D . Rather we not have to wait 5 periods between now and our next goal, but I'll take it.

  7. From what I've seen, the Devils have been getting a lot of bad passes and a lot of bad luck. Luongo hasn't been anything particularly special because nothing particularly special has been put his way. Brodeur hasn't been playing great, and I don't see them coming back in this one without at least one goal this period. Of course hoping for the best.

  8. I was watching Versus Hockey Central and right at the end of the show they flashed they current all-star roster. Didn't catch much except that Martin Brodeur has taken the lead for the East's goalie! He has about 149,000 votes, and that's all I could catch. It didn't show how many Huet or Lundqvist had. But the commentator did make a surprised comment that Brodeur was leading.

    Makes me happy.


  9. 1. Sympathy For the Devil - Rolling Stones

    2. Last Gang in Town - The Clash

    3. Dig for Fire - Pixies

    4. Tie Your Mother Down - Queen

    5. Where the Streets Have No Name - U2

    6. I Just Don't Understand - The Beatles

    7. The World Has Turned And Left Me Here - Weezer

    8. Black Math - The White Stripes

    9. Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd

    10. Polar Opposites - Modest Mouse

    Really strange that I got almost all my favorite bands in there and all different artists. But it makes sense, I have a ton of songs, and a lot of them are concentrated into certain artists. Only unrepresented favorites are Barenaked Ladies, Radiohead and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    Ooh who had Death from Above 1979? They're great, I just forgot about them since they broke up...

  10. In this specific case also, Biron played the previous day in a 6-5 shootout loss, so he probably needed a break. But I can't speak to the overall situation.

    He started out hot this year and has cooled down, and they probably still want to develop Nittymaki into a future starter, so maybe this is the year they start.

  11. Most entertaining game of the year so far. Not exactly a great finish but I'll take it.

    Got screwed by the refs again, of course. Was nice to see the SH goal come on a BS penalty.

    I thought Vishnevsky, Rachunek, and Zubrus played an excellent game. This was like a playoff game, and if that's how those guys will perform in a playoff situation, I'll take it. Rachunek's roughing penalty wasn't great, but I'll take that kind of fire from him every so often.

    Did Rupp ever return? I wonder if they'll call up a forward to replace him.

    Yeah he played tonight, got into a fight n' such. Doesn't play too often but he's there every once and again.

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