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  1. I was there...and it was really full. But obviously wasn't loud. Most of the crowd were kids, and the die-hards were standing in the long lines for $1 hot dogs and sodas. If they had scored one or two in the first or maybe even the second the crowd would have had something to cheer about.

  2. What I don't get is the three stars from the Philly game.

    1. Lupul - 3g-3a-6p

    2. Richards - 0g-3a-3p

    3. Crosby - 0g-2a-2p

    What about Umberger with 3g-2a-5p. I mean really. Richards maybe, but Crosby doesn't even score and its worth more than a hat trick and two assists? Rob Parent Del. Co Daily Times: you truly are an idiot.

  3. We can keep it in mind and make a list. We can even make a thread for Calls Against Us. But I hardly think every one merits a thread. And I saw so much in the GDT anyway.

  4. Very nice. The only thing I'd do is switch it up so that Pheonix was still in the Pacific, there are some rivalries there.

    But otherwise, I find no issues, and I quite like it. I'd really like that system over the current one, or maybe even over pre-Lockout sheduling.

  5. Well in the past I had problems with numerous games in which the 360 froze or would show an error message for certain games. After a few bouts calling in I eventually got it replaced. I would just send it in, they'll probably send you a new one no questions asked.

  6. Okay, my one friend is personally opposed to the concept of Guitar Hero/Rock Band. This has been my logic against him.

    Not everyone has the talent to be in a real band. Not everyone has the time, friends or money. Or the patience. But everyone can pick this game up and have fun playing it. It's a really entertaining game no matter how you slice it, and just because it's a "simulation," aren't a lot of good video games? Sports games, racing games, adventure games are all included. It's really fun, it's something different and it's another step toward the inevitable virtual reality type of games to come in the next decade or so.

    So that's my two cents.

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